AMEYXGS Traditional Mongolian Recurve Longbow Review

In the expansive world of archery, the Mongolian Recurve represents a compelling blend of history, design, and affordability. 

Priced at just $49.99, this bow offers an inviting entry point for beginners keen to explore the ancient sport of archery without burning a hole in their pocket. 

But affordability aside, what does this traditional recurve bow bring to the archery table? Is it truly worth your hard-earned money?

In this in-depth review, we will unstring the Mongolian Recurve, assessing its build quality, design, performance, and overall value proposition. 

We will delve into its historical context, reflecting on the significance of its traditional Mongolian roots. 

Furthermore, we will evaluate its suitability for beginners, considering factors like ease of use, safety, and the learning curve it presents. 

By the end of this article, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of whether the Mongolian Recurve is the right choice for your foray into the world of traditional archery. 

Stay tuned as we embark on this exploration together!


  • Brand: AMEYXGS
  • Colour: Brown
  • Item Weight: 500 Grams
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Bow Length: 125cm / 49.2inch
  • Draw Weight: 20lb
  • Package Dimensions: 64.52 x 16.76 x 6.35 cm

Special Features:

  • Nano Resin Material Manufacturing: The Mongolian Recurve is made from lightweight and durable nano resin, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.
  • Detachable Handle: The bow features a removable handle that can be installed and removed at any time, making the bow easy to transport and store.
  • Included Arrows: The package comes with six 30.5-inch fiberglass arrows, each equipped with a 3-inch rubber feather and 100-grain arrow target. These arrows perfectly complement the bow, providing beginners with everything they need to get started.
  • Comfortable Grip: The black leather grip reduces friction on the palm, ensuring a comfortable shooting experience‚Äč‚Äč.

The Mongolian Recurve is a well-rounded, beginner-friendly bow, striking a balance between durability, performance, and comfort. 

Its ambidextrous design makes it suitable for both left- and right-handed archers. 

The bow's lightweight and durable construction, coupled with its detachable handle, ensures easy portability. 

The inclusion of six fiberglass arrows further adds value to this package, providing beginners with a complete set to kickstart their archery journey. 

Lastly, the black leather grip enhances the user's comfort, facilitating longer practice sessions.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into these features, examining their advantages and potential limitations. 

We'll also be discussing user feedback and performance in various scenarios, from backyard target practice to more competitive settings.

My Personal Experience

As an experienced hunter, my first encounter with the Mongolian Recurve was steeped in a mixture of curiosity and skepticism. 

A sub-$50 bow? Could it truly deliver a satisfactory performance in the wild? I decided to take the plunge, and the experience was nothing short of illuminating.

The day it arrived, the bow's lightweight construction was the first thing that caught my attention. 

Weighing in at just 500 grams, the Mongolian Recurve was notably lighter than my other hunting bows. 

This weight reduction was a welcome change, especially for long hunting excursions where every ounce matters.

I remember my first hunt with the Mongolian Recurve vividly. 

It was a crisp, early autumn morning, the kind that invigorates your senses and makes you feel alive. 

As I ventured into the woods, bow in hand, I was immediately struck by the ease of carrying the Mongolian Recurve. 

The detachable handle proved to be a practical feature for transport. 

The bow was easy to assemble and disassemble, a characteristic that was particularly helpful in dense underbrush where a fully strung bow can be cumbersome.

Once in my hunting perch, I strung the bow with anticipation. 

Drawing the string back, I was pleasantly surprised by the 20lb draw weight. 

It was comfortable, not overly strenuous, making it ideal for rapid successive shots. 

The bow's 49.2-inch length seemed optimal, providing a good balance between power and control.

The real test, however, was still to come. 

As a small herd of deer moved into my field of vision, I took aim, the black leather grip of the Mongolian Recurve firm in my hand. 

I released the string, and the fiberglass arrow took flight. 

The shot was clean and the arrow flew straight, demonstrating the Mongolian Recurve's impressive accuracy. 

That day, I bagged my first deer with this budget-friendly bow, an experience that forever shifted my perception of what a low-cost bow could do.

The Mongolian Recurve has since become a regular in my hunting arsenal. 

It's not the most powerful bow I own, but its ease of use, lightweight design, and surprising accuracy make it a reliable companion for my hunting adventures. 

This bow may not be the first choice for experienced hunters looking for high draw weights and customized setups, but for beginners and those looking for a lightweight, affordable option for hunting small to medium game, the Mongolian Recurve is a surprisingly capable choice.

Price and Value for Money

The Mongolian Recurve is priced at $49.99, a price point that makes it an attractive option for beginners and those on a budget. 

It's understandable to question the quality of a bow this affordable, especially when compared to high-end bows that can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. 

Yet, the Mongolian Recurve holds its own, delivering solid performance and good durability for its price range.

The bow's construction from lightweight and durable nano resin material helps ensure its longevity, while the ambidextrous design offers versatility for all users. 

Features like the detachable handle for ease of transport and a comfortable black leather grip add value to the overall package. 

The inclusion of six 30.5-inch fiberglass arrows is another significant bonus, saving beginners the additional cost of purchasing arrows separately.

In terms of value for money, the Mongolian Recurve shines. 

This bow may not compete with high-end models on the market in terms of power and customization, but it's not trying to. 

Instead, it offers a well-rounded, budget-friendly entry point into the world of archery and hunting, providing all the basic features a novice would need to get started.

Moreover, the Mongolian Recurve's low price point lowers the barrier to entry for those who are interested in trying out archery or hunting but are unsure about making a large initial investment. 

It allows beginners to experience and understand the sport before deciding whether to invest in more advanced, costly equipment.

In summary, the Mongolian Recurve offers excellent value for money, especially for beginners and casual users. 

It delivers a solid performance and comes with all the essential features one would need to embark on their archery or hunting journey, all at a very accessible price.

The Drawbacks

No product is without its drawbacks, and the Mongolian Recurve is no exception. 

While it offers an impressive suite of features for its price, there are a few areas where it falls short, particularly when compared to more expensive, professional-grade bows.

One of the main limitations of the Mongolian Recurve is its draw weight. 

At 20lbs, the draw weight is relatively light, making this bow ideal for beginners and younger users. 

However, for more experienced archers or hunters looking to take down larger game, this might prove insufficient. 

A higher draw weight generally equates to greater arrow velocity and penetration power, which the Mongolian Recurve may lack.

Another area where the bow could improve is customization. 

The Mongolian Recurve doesn't offer much in terms of adjustable draw lengths or weights, a feature that more advanced archers might miss. 

These options can allow users to fine-tune their bows to their specific needs and preferences, enhancing accuracy and comfort.

On a more personal note, I recall an incident during one of my hunting trips. 

It was a particularly chilly morning, and the black leather grip of the Mongolian Recurve, while generally comfortable, felt a bit slick due to the cold. 

This didn't significantly affect my shooting, but it was a minor inconvenience that reminded me of the benefits of high-end grips found in more expensive bows.

These shortcomings, however, don't overshadow the overall value that the Mongolian Recurve provides. 

It's important to remember that this is a budget-friendly bow designed with beginners in mind. 

For someone just starting their archery journey or for those looking for an affordable, lightweight hunting bow, the Mongolian Recurve is a worthy contender, even with its minor flaws.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

Concluding this review, the question stands: should you buy the Mongolian Recurve? The answer depends largely on your specific needs and experience level, but for many, the answer will be a resounding yes.

The Mongolian Recurve offers an impressive suite of features for its price point, making it an excellent value-for-money purchase. 

It's a well-rounded, beginner-friendly bow that strikes a commendable balance between durability, performance, and comfort. 

Its lightweight and durable construction, coupled with a detachable handle, ensures easy portability, while the inclusion of six fiberglass arrows provides beginners with a complete set to kickstart their archery journey. 

The black leather grip enhances comfort, facilitating longer practice sessions.

Yes, the bow does have its limitations. 

The 20lb draw weight may be too light for experienced archers or hunters who need more power. 

Additionally, the lack of customization options and the potential slickness of the grip in cold weather are minor inconveniences. 

However, it's important to keep in mind that this bow is designed and priced as an entry-level product. 

For the target audience, the positives far outweigh these drawbacks.

The Mongolian Recurve is an inviting gateway into the world of traditional archery and hunting. 

If you're a beginner looking for a cost-effective way to dip your toes into the sport, or a casual archer seeking a lightweight, easy-to-use bow, the Mongolian Recurve presents an excellent choice. 

It offers solid performance, decent durability, and a comfortable shooting experience, all at a budget-friendly price.

In the end, the Mongolian Recurve proves that you don't need to break the bank to enjoy the rich, rewarding experience of archery. 

Happy shooting!

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