Axe AX405 Crossbow Review: Should You Buy?

Axe AX405 Crossbow Review: Should You Buy?

Crossbows have always held an allure for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and sportsmen alike.

They offer a unique blend of traditional and modern technology, creating an archery experience that blends the thrill of the hunt with the precision of cutting-edge design.

One crossbow that embodies this fusion exceptionally well is the Axe AX405.

Retailing at $999.99, this crossbow is a testament to performance, efficiency, and ease of use.

It's not just a bow—it's a statement for those who take their crossbow hunting seriously, a testament to the future of outdoor sportsmanship.

Crafted by Axe, the AX405 is a sleek and compact crossbow that promises an unparalleled hunting experience.

It exhibits a range of features that have been designed to take your hunting game to the next level, combining power, precision, and an impressive ease of handling.

As we delve into the intricacies of the AX405, we'll explore how this crossbow masters the balance between power and maneuverability, elevates the standard of safety in the market, and provides exceptional visibility with a multi-range reticle scope.

Prepare to embark on a journey that revisits the age-old sport of archery, but with a modern, high-tech spin that could only be provided by the Axe AX405.


  • Brand and Model: Axe AX405
  • Price: $999.99
  • Speed: 400 FPS
  • Draw Weight: 210lb
  • Weight: 9.7 lbs. (Without Scope)
  • Highly efficient cam system: Eliminates cam-lean and limb torque for enhanced accuracy
  • Shoot-through riser and full-capture front roller rest: Reduces friction
  • Trigger system: 3.7-lb., zero-creep, 2-stage sliding trigger system with automatic safety
  • Adjustable features: Adjustable butt stock and adjustable cheek comb
  • Integrated cocking system: With safe decocking feature
  • Built-in crank handle

Included: ‎AXE 405 Crossbow with 3 bolts and Optic

The Axe AX405 is a powerhouse, with its powerful limbs and advanced cam system that launch arrows at an astounding speed of 405 fps.

The high draw weight of 210lb coupled with a highly efficient cam system, ensure the elimination of cam-lean and limb torque, thus enhancing the overall accuracy of your shots.

The crossbow's compact and maneuverable design, measuring just 10″ from axle-to-axle when cocked, makes it incredibly easy to handle, even in the tightest of hunting environments.

The friction-reducing shoot-through riser and full-capture front roller rest further increase the bow's efficiency and accuracy.

The 3.7-lb., zero-creep, 2-stage sliding trigger system with automatic safety guarantees a smooth, consistent release every time.

It's worth noting that the AX405 boasts the safest trigger on the market, a paramount consideration when selecting a crossbow.

Moreover, the integrated cocking system with a safe decocking feature adds an extra layer of safety and convenience.

The built-in crank handle simplifies the cocking and uncocking process, making the AX405 user-friendly even for those new to crossbow hunting.

The adjustable butt stock and cheek comb allow you to customize the crossbow to your comfort, ensuring your hunting experience is as comfortable as it is effective.

The collapsible/adjustable foot peg is another feature designed to enhance user comfort and ease of use.

Lastly, the multi-range reticle scope is a game-changer. It offers markings for 20-100 yards in 10-yard increments, providing a clear, wide field of view.

The scope is both fog- and shock-proof, further enhancing your hunting capabilities in a variety of weather conditions.

The option to turn on either red or green illumination points provides flexibility when hunting during different lighting conditions.

My Personal Experience

As an avid crossbow enthusiast, my experience with the Axe AX405 has been nothing short of remarkable.

This is not just another hunting tool. This crossbow feels like an extension of your body, a true companion for the wilderness.

I remember one crisp, fall morning during deer season. I had been tracking a particular buck for a few hours.

The AX405 was comfortable to carry, its compact and lightweight design allowing me to move swiftly and silently through the dense underbrush.

The adjustable butt stock and cheek comb were tailored to my comfort, making the long hours of waiting far more bearable than with other crossbows I've used.

Finally, I spotted my quarry through a break in the trees. The buck was about 60 yards away—well within range of the AX405.

I raised the crossbow, and thanks to the adjustable foot peg, I was able to steady myself against the trunk of a nearby tree.

The multi-range reticle scope came into play here, providing a clear, wide field of view.

The markings for the 60-yard distance were perfectly accurate, and I could see the buck with astounding clarity, the red illumination point marking my target.

The scope being both fog- and shock-proof was a blessing in the early morning mist.

Drawing the bow was an effortless task, thanks to the built-in crank handle.

It was smooth and quiet, a feature that I believe played a significant role in not alerting the deer to my presence.

As I prepared to release the bolt, I was impressed by the zero-creep trigger. The 2-stage sliding system provided a level of control I hadn't experienced before.

Upon release, the bolt flew true and fast, hitting the target with precision. The buck dropped almost instantly—an ethical kill that is always my aim when hunting.

The power and accuracy of the AX405 were truly remarkable.

As I approached my quarry, I couldn't help but appreciate the advanced technology and design of the Axe AX405.

It had proven itself as a reliable, powerful, and accurate crossbow.

Field Tested: Axe AX405 Crossbow - Petersen's Bowhunting

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $999.99, the Axe AX405 might initially seem like a significant investment, especially when compared to other crossbows in the market.

However, considering its plethora of features, superior build quality, and outstanding performance, I believe that it offers exceptional value for money.

The AX405 is a high-performance crossbow, capable of propelling arrows at a speed of 405 fps, thanks to its powerful limbs and advanced cam system.

This level of power is typically found in crossbows that are priced much higher, making the AX405 stand out for its cost-effective performance.

Moreover, the design and engineering of this crossbow are top-notch.

It's compact and maneuverable, making it a breeze to handle in the field, even in tight spaces.

The AX405's efficient cam system, friction-reducing shoot-through riser, and full-capture front roller rest all contribute to enhancing accuracy—a critical factor in successful hunting.

The AX405 also comes with a number of adjustable features, like the butt stock and cheek comb, which make it customizable to each user's preferences.

This level of personalization, again, is usually found in more expensive models.

Lastly, the inclusion of a multi-range reticle scope is a significant value-add.

This high-quality scope, with its fog- and shock-proof properties and red or green illumination points, could easily cost hundreds of dollars if purchased separately.

In conclusion, while the initial cost of the Axe AX405 might seem steep, the superior performance, safety features, and included accessories make it a worthwhile investment.

For the serious hunter or outdoor enthusiast, the AX405 is not just a crossbow—it's an investment in a tool that can elevate your hunting game to new levels.

It's a testament to the saying that sometimes, you truly do get what you pay for.

The Drawbacks

Despite the many impressive features and benefits of the Axe AX405, it's only fair to acknowledge that no product is without its drawbacks.

While my personal experience with the AX405 has been overwhelmingly positive, there have been a few minor hiccups along the way.

One such instance happened during an extended hunting trip.

I had been using the AX405 extensively throughout the week, and I was incredibly impressed with its performance.

However, I started noticing a slightly louder noise on release.

While it didn't seem to affect the performance or alert the game, it was a noticeable change from the initial, quieter releases.

Another point worth mentioning is the cost of the proprietary super-lightweight bolts required for use with the AX405. They are on the pricier side.

While their performance is top-notch, the cost can add up quickly, especially for those who shoot frequently or who use their crossbow for practice as well as hunting.

Lastly, while the AX405 is reasonably lightweight for a crossbow of its power, carrying it around on long hunting trips can still be a bit of a workout.

However, the weight does contribute to its stability and recoil absorption, so it's a trade-off that most hunters will likely be willing to make.

It's important to note that these drawbacks are relatively minor when compared to the overall performance and features of the AX405.

The noise issue can likely be mitigated with the addition of string stops, and while the bolts are expensive, their quality is evident.

As for the weight, it's a small price to pay for the stability and power that the AX405 offers.

What are people saying?

The Axe AX405 has been garnering praise from users for its safety features, accuracy, and ease of use, among other things. Here are some highlights from the reviews:

Curtis, a seasoned crossbow user, had a lot to say about the AX405.

He commended the safety features, saying, “You can't break your arm if your hand slips off the crank.”

He also noted the crossbow's ease of use, mentioning, “you can unwind the thing with no difficulty.” Curtis was impressed with the accuracy of the AX405, stating that it is “deadly accurate, even at distances of 100 yards.”

He did note a few areas for improvement, such as the slightly loud noise on release and the cost of the proprietary lightweight bolts.

However, Curtis concluded his review by saying, “Overall a great, accurate, and powerful crossbow.”

Christin praised the crossbow's speed, accuracy, and lightweight design.

She found that the two closest pins on the scope were “dead on,” although she had some trouble with the third one, which she attributed to user error rather than a product issue.

Her review concluded positively, reflecting her overall satisfaction with the AX405.

These reviews highlight the AX405's strengths while also shedding light on a few areas for potential improvement.

Overall, the feedback from users suggests that the AX405 is a high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly crossbow that delivers on its promises.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

In conclusion, the Axe AX405 is a standout crossbow that delivers on all fronts. It offers an exceptional blend of power, accuracy, safety, and ease of use.

Its compact and maneuverable design makes it an excellent choice for both seasoned hunters and beginners alike.

The crossbow's ability to launch arrows up to 405 fps, coupled with its advanced cam system and powerful limbs, makes it an excellent tool for hunting.

The built-in crank handle and safe decocking feature add to the ease of use, while the adjustable butt stock and cheek comb allow for a personalized fit, enhancing both comfort and accuracy.

Yes, there are minor drawbacks, such as the slightly louder noise on release and the cost of proprietary bolts.

However, these are minor issues in the grand scheme of things and can be managed or offset by the crossbow's numerous advantages.

The AX405's remarkable performance in the field overshadows these minor hitches.

It's not often that you find a crossbow with such a fine balance of power, precision, and user-friendly design. It's an investment, but one that is sure to pay off in the long run.

In short, whether you're a seasoned hunter looking for an upgrade or a beginner seeking a reliable and efficient crossbow, the Axe AX405 is definitely worth considering.

It stands as a testament to the advancements in crossbow technology, offering a superior hunting experience that's hard to match.

Based on its performance, features, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from users, the Axe AX405 is a purchase that I wholeheartedly recommend.

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