BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow Review: Should You Buy?

Crossbow hunting has been growing in popularity, and as an avid hunter, I couldn't resist trying out the BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow.

It's been making waves in the hunting community, and I wanted to see firsthand if it lived up to the hype. In this review, I'll share my personal experience and thoughts on this crossbow, and whether it's worth the investment.

Join me as we take a closer look at this powerful and efficient hunting tool that promises to elevate your game and provide you with the ultimate hunting experience.

In the upcoming sections, we'll dive into the features, performance, and overall value of the Whitetail Hunter II, so you can make an informed decision on whether this crossbow is the right fit for your hunting adventures.


  • Price: $399.99
  • Brand and Model: BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II
  • Overall Rating: 4.6 (based on 1141 reviews)
  • Speed (FPS): 350
  • Draw Weight: 160lbs
  • Dimensions: 34.25″L x 18.25″W
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 6.4 lbs
  • Warranty Description: 1 Year

The BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow comes with a range of features and accessories that make it an excellent choice for hunters looking for high performance and convenience. Here's a closer look at some of its standout features:

Included Accessories:

The Whitetail Hunter II comes with a comprehensive hunting accessory package, including a 4x32mm Multi-Reticle Scope, Rope Cocking Device, Lightweight Quiver, two 20″ Headhunter Arrows, and Lube Wax. The fact that it ships mostly assembled is a huge plus, as it saves you time and effort in getting it ready for action.

Trigger Tech:

One of the critical aspects of any crossbow is its trigger system. The Whitetail Hunter II boasts a TriggerTech 3lb zero creep Frictionless Release Technology, which ensures a smooth and crisp trigger pull. This feature is essential for improving accuracy and overall shooting experience.

Single-Bolt Assembly:

The single-bolt assembly is another significant advantage, as it makes the crossbow easy to assemble and disassemble. It's an important factor to consider, especially for hunters who are always on the go and need a crossbow that can be quickly packed and unpacked.

Safety Features:

Safety should never be compromised, and BARNETT has made sure of that with the Whitetail Hunter II. It comes with a Soft Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer, Anti-Dry Fire (ADF) Trigger System, and the aforementioned TriggerTech system. These features work together to ensure a safe and secure shooting experience, preventing accidents and mishaps.

Distinguishing Features:

The Whitetail Hunter II is a high-performance compound crossbow, designed with a RealTree Extra finish and an ultra-compact build. It shoots at an impressive 350 feet per second, making it a powerful and efficient hunting tool. The lightweight design (6.4 lbs) is also a considerable advantage, allowing for more comfortable handling and maneuverability in the field.

In conclusion, the BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow offers a plethora of features and accessories that cater to the needs of both seasoned and novice hunters. Its performance, safety features, and ease of use make it a strong contender in the world of crossbows.

My Personal Experience

Last fall, I had the opportunity to take the BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow on a hunting trip in the beautiful backwoods of Michigan.

It was the perfect chance to put this crossbow to the test, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations.

On the first day, I was eager to see how the Whitetail Hunter II would perform, especially since I've used other crossbows in the past that didn't quite live up to their promises.

As soon as I got to the hunting ground, I assembled the crossbow with ease, thanks to the single-bolt assembly.

It was a refreshing experience, as I didn't have to fumble around with multiple parts and complicated instructions.

As I began my hunt, I immediately noticed how lightweight and compact the Whitetail Hunter II was.

It made trekking through the dense forest much easier, and I didn't feel weighed down or fatigued as I had with other, bulkier crossbows.

The comfort and ease of carrying this crossbow allowed me to focus on my surroundings and my prey.

The moment of truth came when I spotted a beautiful whitetail deer grazing about 40 yards away. I carefully took aim using the 4x32mm Multi-Reticle Scope that came with the crossbow. To my delight, the scope provided a clear and precise view of my target, and I felt confident in my shot. As I pulled the trigger, I was amazed by the smoothness and crispness of the TriggerTech system. It allowed for a clean release, and I could immediately see the difference it made in my accuracy.

The arrow flew with incredible speed, hitting the deer right in the vital zone.

I was genuinely impressed by the Whitetail Hunter II's power and precision. Throughout the trip, I took several other successful shots with the crossbow, each one reaffirming my initial impression of its outstanding performance.

One other notable experience I had with the Whitetail Hunter II was when I accidentally tripped and dropped the crossbow on a rocky terrain.

I was worried that it might have sustained some damage, but to my surprise, it remained perfectly intact and functional.

This incident showcased the crossbow's durability and ability to withstand the rough conditions of a hunting trip.

Overall, my personal experience with the BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow was nothing short of fantastic.

Its performance, ease of use, and durability made it a reliable companion during my hunting trip.

I have no doubt that it will continue to impress me on future excursions, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any hunter looking for a top-quality crossbow.

The Price and Value for Money

At a price of $399.99, the BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow offers great value for money.

When evaluating a crossbow's worth, it's essential to consider the performance, durability, ease of use, and included accessories, all of which contribute to the overall experience and satisfaction of the user.

In terms of performance, the Whitetail Hunter II boasts impressive speed, shooting at 350 feet per second.

This makes it an effective and powerful hunting tool that is capable of taking down game with precision and accuracy.

The TriggerTech system, with its 3lb zero creep Frictionless Release Technology, enhances this accuracy and provides a smooth and crisp trigger pull.

Durability-wise, the Whitetail Hunter II proved to be a reliable and robust crossbow, capable of withstanding the rough conditions typically encountered during hunting trips.

Its solid build quality ensures that it will last for a long time, even with regular use.

When it comes to ease of use, the Whitetail Hunter II stands out with its lightweight design (6.4 lbs), single-bolt assembly, and comprehensive hunting accessory package.

These features make it convenient for both seasoned hunters and beginners, as it's easy to assemble, carry, and handle during hunts.

The included accessories further add value to the purchase, as they eliminate the need to buy additional components separately.

With a 4x32mm Multi-Reticle Scope, Rope Cocking Device, Lightweight Quiver, two 20″ Headhunter Arrows, and Lube Wax included, you have everything you need to start hunting right away.

Considering all these factors, the BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow offers excellent value for money. It's a well-rounded crossbow that delivers on performance, durability, and ease of use, without breaking the bank.

For hunters looking for a reliable and efficient hunting tool that won't put a dent in their wallets, the Whitetail Hunter II is a fantastic choice.

The Drawbacks

While the BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow offers excellent value for money and has numerous advantages, it's important to note that it isn't without its drawbacks.

One minor issue I encountered during my hunting trip was the noise produced by the crossbow when shooting.

Although it wasn't excessively loud, it was noticeable enough that it startled the nearby game on a few occasions.

This made it a bit challenging to maintain stealth when trying to take down prey in close proximity.

Additionally, while the 160lbs draw weight is manageable for most adult hunters, some individuals, particularly those new to crossbow hunting or with less upper body strength, may find it a bit challenging to cock the crossbow consistently.

In such cases, using the included Rope Cocking Device can help, but it's still worth considering if you might struggle with the draw weight before purchasing.

Another potential drawback is the limited warranty period of one year. While the Whitetail Hunter II is built with durability in mind, it would have been reassuring to see a longer warranty period to provide more peace of mind to users regarding potential issues that may arise with the crossbow over time.

To be clear, these drawbacks did not significantly impact my overall satisfaction with the Whitetail Hunter II.

However, they are worth considering when deciding whether this crossbow is the right choice for you.

Despite these minor issues, I still believe the BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow offers an excellent balance of performance, convenience, and value for money, making it a solid investment for most hunters.

What are people saying? Amazon Review Highlights

Many users have shared their positive experiences with the BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow on Amazon, highlighting its performance, ease of use, and value for money. Here are a couple of reviews that capture these sentiments:

One user found the crossbow as easy to set up as shown in YouTube videos and was pleased with its performance. As a first-time crossbow owner, they appreciated its accuracy and felt confident that the arrow speed was close to the advertised 350 FPS. They enjoyed shooting release bolts into water jugs and were impressed with the results.

Another customer believed that for a budget crossbow, the Whitetail Hunter II was hard to beat. They highlighted the excellent trigger, consistent accuracy, and sufficient kinetic energy for various types of hunting. They found the crossbow compact, lightweight, and easy to use, particularly in a hunting blind. However, they suggested investing in a dedicated crossbow scope with a speed dial and mentioned the cheap quiver as a minor drawback. Despite these small issues, they were satisfied with the overall performance and recommended waxing the string and rail as instructed in the manual.

While these users praised the Whitetail Hunter II's performance, they also pointed out some minor drawbacks.

Big Tony had issues sighting in the scope but was satisfied with Barnett's customer support and plans to upgrade the scope in the future.

JS also mentioned the cheap quiver and scope limitations, recommending investing in a dedicated crossbow scope with a speed dial, like a Vortex or Hawke. Despite these minor issues, both users were happy with their purchase and found the crossbow to be a great value for the price.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review:

After thoroughly examining the BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow and considering its features, performance, value for money, and user feedback, I believe it's an excellent investment for both seasoned hunters and beginners alike.

The Whitetail Hunter II boasts an impressive speed of 350 FPS, a smooth and accurate TriggerTech system, and a lightweight, compact design. Its ease of assembly, comprehensive accessory package, and safety features further enhance its appeal.

While there are minor drawbacks such as the noise level and the quality of the included scope and quiver, these issues can be mitigated with the use of additional accessories or upgrades.

User reviews, including those from Amazon, consistently highlight the crossbow's accuracy, ease of use, and performance, making it a reliable choice for hunting enthusiasts.

Given its price of $399.99, the Whitetail Hunter II offers great value for money, making it an attractive option for those looking for a high-quality crossbow without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, the BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow is a solid choice for anyone in the market for a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly hunting tool. Its positives far outweigh its minor shortcomings, and it's a worthy investment for those seeking to elevate their hunting experience.

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