Bear Archery Apprentice Bow Set Review: Should You Buy?

In the intricate world of archery, finding the right bow can often be as challenging as hitting the bullseye. 

Whether you're a seasoned archer or a beginner stepping into the realm of this age-old sport, the equipment you use significantly impacts your performance. 

That's why, in our quest to help archers find their perfect match, today we're putting the spotlight on a highly affordable, yet surprisingly versatile bow – the Bear Archery Apprentice Bow Set.

Retailing at a modest $34.99, the Apprentice might seem unassuming at first glance. 

However, as we delve into the depths of its design, performance, and value, you may find that it holds more than a few surprises. 

In this review, we'll be discussing the Apprentice's key features, usability, and overall performance, comparing it to other bows in its price range, and sharing insights from the archery community. 

Get ready to draw back the string as we take aim at what makes the Apprentice a potential game-changer in the world of affordable archery gear.


  • SKU: AYS6001GR
  • Price: $34.99
  • Draw Length: Up to 24″
  • Color: Available in Flo Green and Flo Orange
  • Dexterity: Right Hand
  • Draw Weight: Up to 13.5 lbs.

This bow set comes “Ready to Shoot,” meaning it includes all the necessary accessories for a beginner to start practicing archery right away. 

The set comes with two Safetyglass™ arrows, finger rollers, and an arrow rest. 

The Apprentice is designed specifically for youth, with features that accommodate their needs. 

It has a draw weight up to 13.5 lbs and a draw length range of up to 24 inches​.

The Apprentice is a 27” axle-to-axle right-handed bow that features durable composite limbs. 

This construction ensures that the bow can withstand the rigors of learning and practicing archery, providing a reliable tool for beginners to hone their skills​.

The design and features of the Apprentice make it an excellent choice for introducing children to the sport of archery. 

The recommended age range for this bow set is 4 to 7 years old, making it an ideal gift for young children showing interest in archery​​.

My Personal Experience

As a father, my journey with the Bear Archery Apprentice Bow Set, or simply the ‘Apprentice,' is one filled with joy, bonding, and life lessons. 

My daughter, at the tender age of five, had shown an interest in archery after seeing it in a movie. 

I wanted to encourage this curiosity and looked for a beginner-friendly bow that would be suitable for her. 

When I found the Apprentice, it checked all the boxes – it was designed for children, had a low draw weight, and came in vibrant colors.

From the moment the package arrived, I could see my daughter's excitement. 

The brightly colored Flo Orange bow she had chosen was appealing to her, and she was eager to start shooting arrows. 

The first thing I noticed was the bow's quality. 

Despite its low price, the Apprentice didn't feel cheap or flimsy. 

The composite limbs were sturdy and seemed capable of withstanding the enthusiastic, if a little clumsy, handling of a five-year-old.

The bow came ‘Ready to Shoot,' which was perfect for us. 

It included finger rollers, an arrow rest, and two Safetyglass™ arrows. 

This meant that we could start her archery journey right away, and we didn't need to make any additional purchases, which I appreciated as a parent.

Our first few archery sessions were in the backyard, with a makeshift target. 

She struggled initially, as expected. 

The concept of pulling the string back and aiming was new to her. 

However, with the Apprentice's manageable draw weight, she was able to get the hang of it relatively quickly. 

I watched as her little arms pulled the string back, her brow furrowing in concentration. 

Every time an arrow hit the target, no matter where, her face would light up with a bright smile.

Over time, she improved. 

I noticed her form becoming more steady, her aim more accurate. 

And throughout this process, the Apprentice endured. 

It seemed to grow with her, adjusting to her increasing strength and improving technique. 

The 24-inch draw length was just right for her, and the 13.5 lbs draw weight pushed her, but not too much. 

It was as if the Apprentice was made with her in mind.

As a father, the Apprentice provided me with the opportunity to bond with my daughter. 

Those afternoons we spent together, shooting arrows and laughing, are memories I will cherish forever. 

Not only did she learn about archery, but we also talked about patience, focus, and determination. 

The Apprentice was more than just a bow; it became a tool for teaching life lessons.

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Price and Value for Money

One of the most attractive aspects of the Bear Archery Apprentice Bow Set, or the Apprentice, is undeniably its price. 

At just $34.99, it is incredibly affordable, especially considering the features it offers and the quality it promises. 

Many beginner-level bows on the market can reach prices well into the hundreds, making the Apprentice's price point quite remarkable.

When you consider the value for money, the Apprentice stands out even further. 

For a modest price, you get a bow that is not only functional but also durable and versatile. 

The bow is tailored for beginners, particularly young children, with a low draw weight and a manageable draw length. 

It's designed to accommodate the needs of a child just starting their archery journey, making it an excellent investment for parents looking to introduce their children to the sport.

Furthermore, the bow set comes ‘Ready to Shoot,' meaning it includes everything a beginner needs to start practicing archery right away. 

This includes two Safetyglass™ arrows, finger rollers, and an arrow rest​1​. 

Buying these accessories separately can often add up and exceed the cost of the bow itself. 

Therefore, the inclusion of these accessories further enhances the Apprentice's value for money.

Another element to consider is the build quality. 

The Apprentice is a 27” axle-to-axle right-handed bow featuring durable composite limbs​1​. 

This robust construction ensures the bow can withstand the trials and tribulations of a beginner archer's journey, adding to its longevity and therefore, its value.

In summary, the Bear Archery Apprentice Bow Set offers excellent value for money. 

It's an affordable, high-quality option that comes with everything a young archer needs to start practicing. 

The Apprentice is not just a bow; it's a comprehensive archery set that offers great performance at a fraction of the cost of many other beginner bows. 

It's a testament to the idea that getting started in archery doesn't have to break the bank.

What are people saying?

The Bear Archery Apprentice Bow Set, or the Apprentice, has received positive feedback from parents who have purchased it for their children.

Lauren and Richard describe it as a “perfect little starter bow” for kids. 

They appreciate its quality, ease of use, and value for money. 

They expressed surprise at its affordability, considering the quality of the bow, and highlighted that it comes with two arrows​​.

An Amazon customer bought the Apprentice for their 8-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter. 

They found it to be a great tool for teaching the basics of archery, with the foam rollers being particularly useful for beginners. 

The bow has held up well, and their children have been practicing at distances of 10-15 yards. 

While they think their children might soon upgrade to a bow with a heavier draw, they believe the Apprentice has been excellent for gauging their interest in archery. 

They do mention that it would be helpful if the set included more arrows and suggest purchasing additional ones if considering this bow. 

They also note the absence of a sight or the ability to add one, but they don't see this as a significant downside given the bow's introductory nature and price.

The Drawbacks

While the Bear Archery Apprentice Bow Set, or the Apprentice, has a lot going for it, no product is without its drawbacks. 

One aspect that some might consider a limitation is its suitability for older or more advanced children. 

With a maximum draw weight of 13.5 lbs and a draw length of up to 24 inches, the Apprentice is ideal for beginners, particularly young children. 

However, as children grow and their strength increases, they might outgrow the bow and require something more challenging​1​.

Another minor issue, as mentioned by one customer, is that the set includes only two arrows. 

While this is sufficient to get started, anyone looking to practice for extended periods without having to retrieve arrows frequently might find this limiting. 

Purchasing additional arrows is an easy fix, but it's something to consider when budgeting for the bow​.

Finally, the lack of a sight or the ability to add one might be seen as a disadvantage for those looking to refine their shooting accuracy. 

However, given that the Apprentice is primarily an introductory bow, this isn't necessarily a significant downside for its target audience.

On a personal note, I recall an afternoon with my daughter where we faced a small hiccup. 

We were in the backyard, and she was shooting arrows with the Apprentice. 

One of her arrows veered off course and got stuck in a tree. 

We spent a good part of that afternoon trying to retrieve it. 

It wasn't a major issue, but it did serve as a reminder to consider the environment when setting up your archery range and perhaps investing in a few extra arrows. 

Despite this minor incident, our overall experience with the Apprentice remained positive.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

In conclusion, the Bear Archery Apprentice Bow Set, or the Apprentice, is a worthwhile investment for those looking to introduce their children to the sport of archery. 

It's a high-quality, user-friendly, and durable bow set designed with the needs of young beginners in mind.

The price point of $34.99 makes it an affordable option compared to many other beginner bows on the market. 

Plus, the fact that it comes ‘Ready to Shoot' with all necessary accessories, including two Safetyglass™ arrows, finger rollers, and an arrow rest, adds significant value to the purchase​1​.

The build quality of the Apprentice is also impressive. 

The 27” axle-to-axle right-handed bow features durable composite limbs, ensuring that it can endure the rigors of a beginner's journey in learning and practicing archery​1​.

While it does have a few minor drawbacks, such as the limited number of arrows included and the absence of a sight, these are far from deal-breakers. 

They can be easily addressed with a small additional investment and are relatively minor considering the bow's overall quality, design, and affordability.

Moreover, the positive feedback from parents, including myself, speaks volumes about its appeal. 

From the joy it brings to young children to the valuable bonding moments it provides for families, the Apprentice has proven to be more than just a bow – it's a tool for creating memorable experiences and instilling valuable lessons in patience, focus, and determination.

So, should you buy the Bear Archery Apprentice Bow Set? If you're a parent seeking an affordable, high-quality, and beginner-friendly archery set for your child, then the answer is a resounding yes. 

The Apprentice offers excellent value for money, promising not just a product, but an enriching experience for young archers. 

Despite its minor drawbacks, its strengths far outweigh them, making it a highly recommended purchase for those embarking on their archery journey.

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