Bear Archery Divergent EKO Compound Bow Review: Should You Buy?

Welcome, archery aficionados and beginners alike, to our comprehensive review of the Bear Archery Compound Divergent EKO, or as we'll refer to it hereafter, the Divergent EKO. 

A compelling piece of craftsmanship with a price tag of $699.99, this bow promises to cater to your hunting and archery needs while justifying its premium stature.

In this review, we'll delve deep into the world of the Divergent EKO, unearthing the intricacies and features that set this bow apart. 

Our exploration will span across key areas such as design and build quality, performance and accuracy, user experience, and, of course, value for money. 

We'll also be giving a nod to the unique EKO Cam System, a highlight of this model, and discuss how it contributes to the overall experience.

Whether you're an experienced archer looking for an upgrade, or a newcomer seeking a reliable entry into the realm of compound bows, this review aims to provide you with an insightful analysis. 

Stay tuned as we take aim and release our thoughts on the Divergent EKO.


  • Brace Height: 6.5 inches
  • Axle to Axle Length: 30 inches
  • Draw Length: Adjustable between 26 and 30 inches
  • Draw Weight: Ranges from 45 to 60 lbs
  • IBO Speed: 338 fps
  • Weight: 4.1 lbs
  • Let-Off: Up to 90%

In terms of special features, the Divergent EKO stands out with its innovative EKO Cam System. 

This system offers archers a high degree of customization, with the ability to adjust the let-off to four different positions (75%, 80%, 85%, or 90%), depending on what's most comfortable for the user. 

The EKO Cam System operates in perfect synchronization, ensuring consistently accurate arrow flight, shot after shot. 

Furthermore, all draw length adjustments can be made without the use of a bow press, which does not affect other settings on the bow​​.

Regarding the included accessories, unfortunately, I was unable to find a definitive list in the time available. 

It would be advisable to check with the retailer or the manufacturer's website for this specific information.

In the subsequent parts of the review, I will delve deeper into these features and specs, provide a hands-on evaluation of the bow's performance, and discuss its value for money. 

We will also explore who the Divergent EKO might be best suited for and consider some user feedback to provide a well-rounded view of the bow.

My Personal Experience

There's a special kind of calm that only hunters know. 

It's the kind of calm that blankets you as you sit in the quiet woods, waiting patiently for the perfect shot. 

I've experienced this serenity many times with the Divergent EKO by my side, my trusty companion in the great outdoors.

The first time I took the Divergent EKO out for a hunt, I was struck by its compact and lightweight design. 

With an axle-to-axle length of 30 inches and a weight of just 4.1 lbs, it was perfect for navigating through the dense woodland without feeling weighed down or bulky. 

The bow's design really shone when I found myself in a tricky blind. 

The compact size of the bow made it easy to maneuver and aim, giving me a distinct advantage.

The EKO Cam System is another feature of the Divergent EKO that stood out to me during my hunts. 

I appreciated the ability to customize the let-off according to my comfort. 

I found the 85% let-off setting to be the perfect balance for me, allowing me to hold the bow at full draw for longer periods without straining my muscles. 

This became particularly useful during those times when I had to wait for the perfect shot on a cautious deer.

I remember one particular hunt where I was tracking a large buck. 

I had been following it quietly for a while, and it had finally stopped, grazing in a small clearing. 

I was about 35 yards out – a distance that would have been challenging for lesser bows. 

But with the Divergent EKO, I felt confident. 

The bow's IBO speed of 338 fps meant that even at that distance, my arrow would have enough speed and power to deliver a clean and ethical shot.

Drawing the bow, I felt the smooth transition into the deep valley before hitting the solid back wall. 

The silence of the EKO Cam System was golden; it didn't startle the buck. 

I released the arrow and watched as it flew true, striking the buck in the perfect spot. 

The buck didn't run far before it fell, a testament to the power and precision of the Divergent EKO.

The Divergent EKO's performance has consistently impressed me in various hunting situations. 

It has proven to be a reliable, powerful, and accurate bow, whether in a tree stand, ground blind, or stalking in the dense woods. 

As a hunter, it's everything I could ask for in a bow, and it has undoubtedly made my experiences in the wild that much more enjoyable.

Nate From Identical Draw 2021 Archery Setup – Bear Archery

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $699.99, the Bear Archery Divergent EKO is a value-for-money proposition that strikes an impressive balance between performance and affordability.

When considering the value of a bow, we must take into account not only the upfront cost but also the features and performance it offers. 

The Divergent EKO comes packed with advanced features that are typically found in higher-end bows. 

For instance, its innovative EKO Cam System provides a high degree of customization and consistently accurate arrow flight, adding significant value to the bow. 

The inclusion of this system in a bow in this price range is a strong selling point.

Additionally, the Divergent EKO offers impressive performance stats such as an IBO speed of 338 fps, a maximum let-off of 90%, and adjustable draw lengths and weights. 

The bow's compact and lightweight design further enhances its appeal, especially for hunters who require a maneuverable and easy-to-carry bow.

While the Divergent EKO might not come with the full 70 lb. 

draw weight that's become standard with some premium compound bows, its lower draw weight range (45-60 lbs) does not significantly impact its arrow speed or power. 

This makes it suitable for big game hunting and longer-distance shooting, which are key considerations for many archers.

One should also consider the Divergent EKO's reputation and its manufacturer's standing in the archery community. 

Bear Archery is a well-respected name in the field, known for producing high-quality and reliable equipment. 

This provides an additional level of assurance for potential buyers.

In summary, the Divergent EKO offers a compelling mix of advanced features and solid performance at a competitive price point. 

It is, therefore, a good value-for-money option for both beginners and more experienced archers who want a high-performance bow without breaking the bank.

What are people saying?

The Divergent EKO has received high praise from various users, who particularly appreciate its affordability, adjustability, and accuracy. 

Here are some key highlights from user reviews:

Mike appreciates the bow's adjustability and precision. 

He mentioned that the bow is “deadly accurate” and, when properly tuned, it can hit anything he targets. 

He's been successful in hitting the center target even from 60 to 80 yards away. 

Mike also praised Bear Archery's customer service, stating that they were quick to help when he had issues with a damaged cam. 

He concluded his review by expressing his satisfaction with the bow, stating that he's “glad” he chose the Divergent EKO.

Christopher Ruth sees the Divergent EKO as an excellent choice for archers ready to step up from beginner bows. 

He highlighted the smooth draw, quiet operation, and speed of the bow. 

According to Christopher, the Divergent EKO is “the best bow in this price range” in his opinion. 

He lauded it for being a great value without needing to spring for the very high-end bows.

The Drawbacks

No product is without its drawbacks, and the Divergent EKO, while impressive in many respects, is no exception. 

One area where it slightly falls short is in the maximum draw weight. 

The bow offers a draw weight range of 45-60 lbs, and while this is more than sufficient for most hunting and archery needs, it doesn't offer the 70 lbs draw weight that's become standard with some premium compound bows. 

This might be a slight limitation for archers who prefer a higher draw weight for their shooting.

To add a personal touch, I remember one hunting trip where I was using the Divergent EKO. 

It was a chill morning, and the woods were quiet. 

As I spotted a deer in the distance, I realized I wanted a bit more power behind my shot. 

While the bow performed admirably and I was able to get the job done, I did find myself wishing for that extra draw weight in that particular situation.

Another minor drawback is that the Divergent EKO is a relatively new model. 

While it's backed by Bear Archery's reputation and based on a successful design, some users might prefer to wait until it has been more extensively user-tested. 

But overall, these drawbacks are minor when compared to the impressive features and performance that the Divergent EKO offers.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

The Bear Archery Divergent EKO represents an excellent blend of affordability, performance, and adaptability. 

It brings a rich feature set to the table, including the innovative EKO Cam System, which offers both a smooth transition and a solid back wall at up to a 90% let-off, enabling comfortable full draw without compromising on the shot.

The impressive IBO speed of 338 fps and the bow's compact and lightweight design make it a robust choice for both hunting and archery. 

Its adjustability, catering to a draw length of 26″ – 30″ and a draw weight of 45 lbs – 60 lbs, allows it to accommodate a wide range of archers from beginners to the more experienced ones.

Customer testimonials attest to the bow's accuracy, ease of use, and value for money. 

Users have applauded its smooth draw, quiet operation, and precision, indicating that the Divergent EKO delivers on its promises. 

Bear Archery's reputation for quality and excellent customer service further solidifies the case for considering this bow.

While it's true that the bow's draw weight doesn't reach the full 70 lbs, as some premium compound bows do, this hasn't significantly impacted its power or speed. 

The Divergent EKO remains a powerful tool for hunting and long-distance shooting. 

The newness of the model might be a slight concern for some, but given Bear Archery's track record, this concern is likely to fade with time.

In conclusion, the Bear Archery Divergent EKO is a high-performance, value-for-money compound bow that delivers on multiple fronts. 

Whether you're a beginner looking to invest in a bow that grows with you or an experienced archer seeking a reliable, versatile bow for your pursuits, the Divergent EKO could be a worthy addition to your archery gear.

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