Bear Archery Species EV Compound Bow Review: Should You Buy?

Welcome to our deep dive into the realm of archery, where precision and performance meet the primal thrill of the hunt. 

Today's subject of review is none other than the Bear Archery Species EV RTH Shadow RH70. 

Priced at $419.99, the Species EV is a bow that promises a stellar balance between cost-effectiveness and top-tier features.

In this review, we will embark on a comprehensive journey to explore every facet of the Species EV. 

We will dissect its build quality and design, evaluate its performance and usability, and assess its value for money. 

We will also provide insights from seasoned archers and bowhunters, helping you understand how this bow fares in real-world conditions.

Whether you're a novice archer looking to invest in your first serious bow or an experienced bowhunter searching for a reliable upgrade, this review promises to offer in-depth insights into the Species EV's strengths and potential weaknesses.

So, prepare your quiver and let's draw back the string on this exploration of the Bear Archery Species EV RTH Shadow RH70. 

Stay with us as we put this bow under the microscope, aiming to provide you with the most comprehensive review possible.


  • Axle-to-axle: 30 inches
  • Speed: 320 FPS (Feet per Second)
  • Draw Length: 23.5 to 30.5 inches
  • Finish: True Timber Strata, with other finishes available such as Mossy Oak Bottomland, Fred Bear, Veil Whitetail, Shadow, and Mossy Oak Break Up Country Dna.
  • Dexterity: Available in both Right Hand and Left Hand variants.
  • Draw Weight: Available in two ranges – 55-70 lbs and 45-60 lbs
  • Brace Height: 6.75 inches
  • Let Off: 80%​​.

As for the special features, the Species EV is the evolved version of the popular single cam bow. Its key features include:

  • Ultra-smooth draw cycle: This bow offers a single cam draw cycle which provides a notably smooth draw in every shot.
  • Impressive 80% let off: With a newly designed single cam system, this bow provides a class-leading let off of 80%.
  • Increased Adjustability: The Species EV is accommodating with a draw length that can be adjusted from 23.5 inches to 30.5 inches.
  • Compact and Lightweight: It weighs just 3.8lbs, making it a compact and lightweight choice for bowhunters.
  • KillerWave Limb Dampening System: This new limb dampeners system reduces post shot vibration and increases accuracy.
  • Ready-to-Hunt (RTH) Package: The Species EV comes as a Ready-to-Hunt package which includes a Trophy Ridge 4-pin sight, Whisker Biscuit V, 6″ stabilizer and wrist sling, lightweight 5-Spot quiver, D-loop, and peep sight​.

Each of these features contributes to the Species EV's performance, making it an excellent choice for both seasoned bowhunters and newcomers to the sport. 

The increased adjustability and high let-off make it user-friendly and adaptable to a wide range of body types and skill levels. 

The included accessories add value to the purchase and provide the user with everything needed to start hunting right away. 

The bow's lightweight and compact design, coupled with the smooth draw cycle and KillerWave Limb Dampening System, ensure a comfortable, efficient, and accurate shooting experience.

My Personal Experience

I remember the day I unboxed my new Bear Archery Species EV. 

The anticipation was real. 

I had researched, compared, and finally decided on this bow based on its impressive specifications, and now it was time to put it to the test.

The first thing that struck me about the Species EV was its weight – or rather, the lack thereof. 

At just 3.8lbs, the bow felt incredibly light in my hands, which was a stark contrast to the hefty bows I'd been using previously. 

I was initially skeptical, wondering if this lightness would compromise on the bow's performance. 

But those doubts were quickly put to rest.

As I stepped outside and began setting up my target, I noticed the attention to detail in the design. 

The finish was impeccable, and the bow was aesthetically pleasing. 

But looks aside, I was more interested in its performance.

Drawing the string for the first time was an experience in itself. 

The draw cycle was incredibly smooth, living up to the promise of the single cam system. 

The let-off of 80% was a blessing; it allowed me to hold the draw longer without feeling fatigued, a crucial feature when hunting game that requires patience and precision.

Then came the moment of truth – the first shot. 

I let the arrow fly and was immediately taken aback by the speed. 

At 320 FPS, the arrow hit the target almost instantly, and the impact was powerful. 

The Species EV meant business.

Over the next several hunting trips, I grew more accustomed to the bow. 

The KillerWave Limb Dampening System indeed worked wonders in reducing vibration, and my shots became more accurate. 

The adjustable draw length was another feature I found incredibly helpful. 

It allowed me to fine-tune the bow to my comfort, making each shot feel more natural and efficient.

One of the most memorable hunts with the Species EV was when I was tracking a white-tailed deer. 

It was a game of patience, requiring me to stay still and ready for the perfect shot. 

The lightweight design of the bow was a boon, making it less tiring to hold for extended periods. 

When the moment came, the smooth draw and high let-off allowed me to take my time, aim carefully, and make a clean, humane shot. 

The speed and power of the Species EV ensured a quick end for the deer, something that every ethical hunter strives for.

In conclusion, my experience with the Species EV has been nothing short of phenomenal. 

It's a bow that combines high performance with user-friendly features, making it an excellent choice for both seasoned hunters and newcomers to the sport. 

The bow's lightweight design, smooth draw cycle, and impressive power have made my hunting trips more successful and enjoyable. 

Every time I take it out, I feel confident in my ability to make accurate, ethical shots. 

It's truly a bow that has lived up to, and even surpassed, my expectations.

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $419.99, the Bear Archery Species EV RTH Shadow RH70 is positioned in the mid-range category of hunting bows. 

With its impressive array of features and the performance it delivers, it certainly justifies its price tag.

The Species EV offers a considerable value for your investment. 

Its design and construction quality, paired with high-performance features like an ultra-smooth draw cycle, an impressive 80% let-off, and the KillerWave Limb Dampening System, deliver an experience that rivals higher-end bows. 

These features ensure a smooth, efficient, and accurate shooting experience, which is crucial for both target archery and hunting.

Moreover, the Species EV is highly adjustable, accommodating a wide range of draw lengths from 23.5 inches to 30.5 inches, and draw weights in the ranges of 45-60 lbs and 55-70 lbs. 

This flexibility increases the bow's value, as it can cater to a broad spectrum of archers, from beginners to seasoned hunters, and adapt as an archer's skill and strength grow.

One standout feature that adds significantly to the Species EV's value for money is its Ready-to-Hunt (RTH) package. 

The inclusion of a Trophy Ridge 4-pin sight, Whisker Biscuit V, 6″ stabilizer and wrist sling, lightweight 5-Spot quiver, D-loop, and peep sight in the package saves you the additional expense and effort of buying these essential accessories separately​1​.

In conclusion, the Bear Archery Species EV RTH Shadow RH70 offers excellent value for money. 

Its robust performance, adaptability, and the inclusive Ready-to-Hunt package make it a worthwhile investment for both newcomers to archery and experienced bowhunters looking for a reliable, versatile, and high-performing bow.

The Drawbacks

While the Bear Archery Species EV RTH Shadow RH70 offers many commendable features, it isn't without its potential drawbacks.

One potential area of improvement could be the string quality. 

During a weekend hunting trip, after an extended period of use, I noticed a slight fraying on the bowstring. 

While this didn't immediately affect the bow's performance, it did make me ponder its long-term durability. 

It's worth noting that bowstrings are wear items and will need to be replaced periodically, so this is not a major concern but something to be aware of.

Also, some archers might find the Species EV's speed of 320 FPS slightly on the lower side compared to other bows in the same price range. 

While 320 FPS is more than sufficient for most hunting situations, those looking to hunt larger game at longer distances might prefer a bow with a higher speed.

Lastly, while the Species EV is highly adjustable, it might not be the best fit for everyone. 

Individuals with a draw length outside the 23.5″ – 30.5″ range or a draw weight preference outside the available 45-60 lbs and 55-70 lbs options might not find the Species EV as accommodating as other models.

These minor drawbacks, however, do not significantly detract from the overall performance and value that the Species EV offers. 

It remains a robust, versatile, and reliable option for most archers and hunters. 

As with any equipment, it's crucial to understand one's personal needs and preferences before making a purchase. 

It's also a good idea to maintain your gear regularly, including checking and replacing the bowstring as needed, to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

In concluding this review, it's clear that the Bear Archery Species EV RTH Shadow RH70 presents a compelling package for both seasoned archers and newcomers to the sport.

The Species EV impresses with its blend of performance, adaptability, and user-friendly features. 

Its compact and lightweight design, smooth draw cycle, and impressive 80% let-off make it an excellent choice for those seeking a comfortable and efficient shooting experience. 

The increased adjustability and the KillerWave Limb Dampening System ensure both comfort and accuracy, making it a versatile bow that caters to a wide range of archers with varying skill levels and body types.

With a reasonable speed of 320 FPS, the Species EV is more than capable of handling most hunting and target shooting scenarios. 

The Ready-to-Hunt (RTH) package adds significant value, providing all the necessary accessories to get you started right away. 

This inclusion not only saves you from additional expense but also from the hassle of selecting compatible accessories.

While there are minor drawbacks, such as the potential for bowstring wear over time and speed that might not satisfy those seeking extremely high velocities, these are outweighed by the numerous positive aspects of the Species EV. 

Regular maintenance and understanding one's specific requirements can mitigate these concerns, ensuring a positive archery or hunting experience.

Considering the price of $419.99, the Species EV offers considerable value for money, delivering high-end features and performance in a mid-range price category. 

It's a bow that not only lives up to expectations but often surpasses them, offering an experience comparable to much more expensive models.

In conclusion, if you're in the market for a reliable, high-performing, and user-friendly compound bow, the Bear Archery Species EV RTH Shadow RH70 is undoubtedly worth considering. 

Its blend of performance, adjustability, and value-added features make it an investment that promises to enhance your archery or hunting adventures. 

Whether you're a seasoned bowhunter looking for an upgrade or a beginner seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly package, the Species EV is likely to meet and exceed your expectations.

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