BearX Intense Crossbow Review: Should You Buy?

BearX Intense Crossbow Review: Should You Buy?

In the world of hunting and archery, the quest for the perfect crossbow can be a thrilling yet daunting task. With countless options on the market, it can be difficult to narrow down which one is truly worth your hard-earned money.

Fear not, fellow enthusiasts, for I have had the pleasure of putting the BearX Intense Crossbow to the test, and I can confidently say that it is a game changer.

This remarkable piece of equipment delivers an experience that combines power, precision, and safety in a sleek, compact design, making it the ideal choice for seasoned hunters and beginners alike.

In this review, I'll share my personal experience with the BearX Intense Crossbow and provide you with an in-depth look at its features, so you can determine whether this crossbow is the perfect fit for your hunting adventures.

Stay tuned, and let's delve into the world of BearX Intense Crossbow!


  • Price: $330.69
  • Brand and Model: BearX Intense Crossbow
  • Overall Amazon Rating: 4.5
  • Number of Reviews: 158
  • SPEED: 400 FPS (Feet Per Second)
  • DIMENSIONS: 10” wide cocked and 14” wide uncocked
  • Weight: 8 lbs

Compact, Lethal Performance:

The BearX Intense Crossbow is designed to offer exceptional power and accuracy in a compact platform. With its narrow dimensions, measuring just 10” wide when cocked and 14” wide when uncocked, it provides an incredible balance between size and functionality. This compact design makes it easier to maneuver in tight spaces or when stalking prey, without compromising on performance.

Hard-Hitting Power:

At the heart of this crossbow is its 12.7” power stroke, which allows it to deliver a staggering 400 feet per second of arrow velocity. With such speed and a draw weight of 185 lbs, the BearX Intense Crossbow ensures that you can take down your target with both precision and force. Its raw power makes it an ideal choice for hunters looking to make clean, ethical shots.

Safety Features:

Safety is always a priority when it comes to handling any type of weapon, and the BearX Intense Crossbow is no exception. This crossbow is equipped with an anti-dry fire mechanism, which helps prevent dry firing and ensures that your crossbow remains in optimal condition while protecting both you and your equipment from potential harm.

Included Accessories:

The BearX Intense Crossbow comes as a ready-to-hunt package, complete with all the necessary accessories to get you started on your next hunting adventure. The package includes:

  • 3 Bear X TrueX arrows
  • Illuminated scope
  • 4-arrow quiver
  • Cocking rope
  • Rail lube / string wax

With these accessories, you can hit the ground running, confident in the knowledge that you have everything you need for a successful hunt. The inclusion of these extras also adds to the overall value of the BearX Intense Crossbow package, making it an even more attractive option for hunters of all skill levels.

My Personal Experience

I remember the first time I took the BearX Intense Crossbow out for a hunting trip.

My friends and I were headed to a hunting reserve, known for its dense vegetation and challenging terrain.

It was the perfect opportunity to see how well the BearX Intense Crossbow would perform under real-world conditions.

Upon arrival, we quickly set up camp and wasted no time getting to our hunting spots.

I eagerly assembled the crossbow, and it was immediately apparent that the compact design would be a significant advantage in the field.

As I navigated through the underbrush, I noticed how easy it was to maneuver the crossbow in tight spaces without getting snagged on branches or brush.

Not long into the hunt, I spotted a beautiful eight-point buck about 45 yards away.

I carefully lined up my shot using the illuminated scope, which provided excellent visibility even in the low-light conditions of the early morning.

I took a deep breath, steadied my aim, and squeezed the trigger.

The arrow flew with a swift, near-silent hiss, finding its mark with impressive accuracy. The buck barely took a few steps before dropping to the ground. As I approached my prize, I couldn't help but marvel at the clean, ethical shot made possible by the BearX Intense Crossbow's hard-hitting power and precision.

Later that evening, as we gathered around the campfire, my friends were eager to hear about my experience with the new crossbow.

I excitedly shared the details of the hunt, and they were all impressed by the performance of the BearX Intense Crossbow.

In fact, two of my friends decided to purchase their own after trying mine out during some target practice the following day.

Since that first successful hunting trip, the BearX Intense Crossbow has become my go-to choice for all my hunting adventures.

Its compact size, lethal performance, and excellent safety features have consistently provided a reliable and enjoyable experience, making each hunting trip memorable and rewarding.

Price and Value for Money

At a price of $330.69, the BearX Intense Crossbow offers exceptional value for money. When considering the cost of a crossbow, it's crucial to look beyond the initial price tag and evaluate the features, performance, and accessories included with the purchase.

In terms of performance, the BearX Intense Crossbow delivers exceptional speed and power, with a 400 FPS velocity and 185 lbs of draw weight.

This level of performance is comparable to crossbows in much higher price ranges, making the BearX Intense Crossbow a competitively priced option without sacrificing quality or capability.

The compact design is another factor that adds value to the BearX Intense Crossbow.

Its narrow dimensions make it easy to handle and maneuver in various hunting environments, which can make a significant difference in the overall hunting experience.

This feature alone sets the BearX Intense Crossbow apart from many other models in its price range.

Furthermore, the safety features, such as the anti-dry fire mechanism, not only protect the user and the equipment but also contribute to the longevity and reliability of the crossbow.

This means that your investment in the BearX Intense Crossbow is likely to pay off over time, as you'll be able to enjoy its performance for many hunting seasons to come.

Finally, the ready-to-hunt package, which includes essential accessories such as Bear X TrueX arrows, an illuminated scope, a 4-arrow quiver, a cocking rope, and rail lube/string wax, offers even more value. These extras, when purchased separately, could easily add up to a significant amount, making the BearX Intense Crossbow an even more attractive option for those looking for a comprehensive, high-quality hunting solution without breaking the bank.

Considering all these factors, the BearX Intense Crossbow provides excellent value for money, offering top-notch performance, safety features, and accessories at an accessible price point. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a beginner looking to invest in your first crossbow, the BearX Intense Crossbow is a well-rounded, budget-friendly option that doesn't compromise on quality or functionality.

The Drawbacks

While the BearX Intense Crossbow offers numerous benefits, it is important to address a few drawbacks that I have encountered during my time with this crossbow.

One minor issue I experienced involved the weight of the crossbow. At 8 lbs, it can feel a bit heavier than some other models on the market, especially after a long day of hunting. I recall a specific hunting trip when I had been out in the field for several hours, and my arms began to tire from carrying the crossbow. While the weight may not be a deal-breaker, it is something to consider if you prefer a lighter crossbow or plan on carrying it for extended periods.

Another potential drawback is the draw weight of 185 lbs. For some users, especially those with less upper body strength or experience with crossbows, this draw weight may prove challenging to manage. It's worth noting that using the included cocking rope can significantly reduce the effort required to cock the crossbow, but it may still be difficult for some individuals.

Lastly, the BearX Intense Crossbow is not the quietest option available. While its noise level is not excessively loud, there are quieter models on the market. Depending on your hunting environment and the sensitivity of your prey, this could be a minor concern. However, in my personal experience, the noise level has not significantly impacted my hunting success.

Despite these drawbacks, the overall performance, value for money, and included accessories still make the BearX Intense Crossbow a strong contender in its price range. As with any piece of hunting equipment, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons to determine if the BearX Intense Crossbow is the right fit for your needs and preferences.

What are people saying?

Many Amazon customers have shared positive experiences with the BearX Intense Crossbow, praising various aspects of its performance and value. Here are a few highlights:

Jonathon O mentioned how easy it was to assemble the crossbow, and he appreciated its speed and accuracy.

He considers it the best budget-friendly crossbow he has owned and also commended its trigger pull.

Jason found the BearX Intense Crossbow to be powerful and highly accurate. He took some time to adjust to the scope but ultimately found it to work exceptionally well.

He emphasized the need for a strong target due to the crossbow's immense power and recommended it for big game hunting, especially in comparison to less powerful crossbows he had previously used.

These reviews, among many others, showcase the satisfaction of customers who have chosen the BearX Intense Crossbow, highlighting its performance, accuracy, and value for money.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

In conclusion, the BearX Intense Crossbow stands out as an excellent choice for both seasoned hunters and beginners seeking a powerful, accurate, and budget-friendly crossbow.

With its compact design, hard-hitting performance, safety features, and a ready-to-hunt package, it offers an impressive value for money that is difficult to match in its price range.

While there are a few minor drawbacks, such as the weight and the draw weight, these issues can be managed with proper preparation and may not be significant enough to outweigh the numerous benefits the crossbow provides.

Additionally, the positive reviews from Amazon customers further support the claim that the BearX Intense Crossbow is a top-performing option in its category.

If you are in the market for a new crossbow that delivers powerful performance, precision, and safety without breaking the bank, the BearX Intense Crossbow should be at the top of your list.

Its combination of features, accessories, and overall value make it a solid investment that will elevate your hunting experience and help you achieve your goals in the field.

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