Black Hunter Takedown 64″ Recurve Bow Review: Should You Buy?

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the Black Hunter Takedown Recurve Bow Set, also known as GLURAK Wooden Takedown Recurve Bow. 

This right-handed archery tool, with its ergonomic design and competitive price point, is garnering attention in the world of outdoor sports and training. 

In this review, we will be delving into the key features, performance, and overall value of this recurve bow.

Our discussion will include an analysis of the bow's specifications such as its overall length, draw length, brace height, and draw weights. 

We'll also explore the benefits of its takedown feature, which allows for customizable weight adjustments, and provide recommendations for optimal use and maintenance. 

Finally, we'll consider its versatility for a variety of uses, from target shooting and hunting, to both indoor and outdoor archery shooting.

Whether you are an archery enthusiast looking for a new bow or a beginner just stepping into this fascinating world, stay tuned as we unveil the strengths and potential shortcomings of the Black Hunter Recurve.


  • Overall Bow length: 64″
  • Draw length: 30″
  • Brace Height: 7.08″ -7.87″
  • Hand Orientation: Right-handed
  • Draw weights: 25-50lbs
  • Takedown feature: Allows you to change your bow limb to increase or decrease the weight for your practice.
  • Suggested care: Removing the bow string after each use to protect the limbs from twisting.
  • Uses: Target shooting, hunting, recreational sports, indoor and outdoor archery shooting​.

Special Features:

  • Ergonomic & Unique Design: The riser is designed with rounded edges and a fine finished wooden handle, making it very comfortable to hold.
  • Replaceable Limbs: You can increase or decrease your draw weight by only purchasing a new set of limbs. The limb bolts are cleanly designed for quick changing of limbs.
  • Material: The limbs are made with a bamboo core, which offers the best toughness and power for the bow.
  • Draw Length: 28 inches. Perfect for hunting or target practice.
  • The bow has 2 high-elastic fiberglass limbs that are fixed with sturdy screws.
  • The bow is available in various weights ranging from 30lbs to 60lbs and comes with a bowstring​​.

Included Accessories:

The bow set includes the following accessories:

  • Riser
  • Limbs
  • Bezel Takedown Kit
  • Arrow Rest
  • A 16 Strand 57 Inch Factory String​​.

My Personal Experience

As an avid hunter with years of experience under my belt, my first encounter with the Black Hunter Recurve was both a surprise and a delight. 

I was introduced to it by a fellow hunter during a deer hunting trip in the thick woods of Montana. 

The first thing that caught my eye was its sleek design and the natural appeal of the wooden handle.

One morning, as the sun was just beginning to peek through the trees, I had the opportunity to take it for a spin. 

I was impressed by the bow's balance and the smoothness of its draw cycle. 

The ergonomically designed wooden handle fit comfortably in my hand, allowing me to maintain a stable grip even in the cool early morning air.

What truly set this bow apart, however, was the takedown feature. 

Being able to adjust the draw weight on the fly was a game-changer. 

As the day wore on and fatigue started to creep in, I was able to decrease the draw weight, making it easier to maintain accuracy during those critical moments. 

I appreciated the flexibility this offered, allowing me to adapt to the situation and keep hunting effectively throughout the day.

The other standout feature was the replaceable limbs. 

During our hunting trip, an unfortunate accident led to one of the limbs getting damaged. 

With a conventional bow, this would have been a day-ender. 

But with the Black Hunter Recurve, I was able to replace the limb and get back to the hunt in no time. 

This is a feature that, as a hunter who often finds himself in the thick of the wilderness, I greatly appreciate.

Lastly, the versatility of this bow should not go unmentioned. 

From target shooting at the range to tracking a deer through the underbrush, the Black Hunter Recurve handled admirably. 

Its performance, adaptability, and durability truly set it apart as a bow that can cater to the diverse demands of hunting.

Overall, the Black Hunter Recurve has become a trusted companion on my hunting trips. 

It combines the traditional charm of a recurve bow with modern innovations that enhance its functionality and user experience. 

Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a beginner looking to delve into the world of archery hunting, this bow is a worthy consideration.

Blackhunter Recurve Bow Review - YouTube

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $84.89, the Black Hunter Recurve offers a compelling blend of quality, performance, and versatility, making it a strong contender in the value-for-money category.

When it comes to archery equipment, it's important to consider not just the upfront cost, but the ongoing expenses as well. 

With its replaceable limbs, the Black Hunter Recurve allows users to adjust draw weight according to their evolving skill and strength levels, without having to invest in a completely new bow. 

This feature not only provides flexibility but also makes the bow a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Another aspect that enhances the value proposition of this recurve bow is its durability. 

The limbs are made with a bamboo core and high-elastic fiberglass, materials renowned for their toughness and resilience. 

This gives users the confidence that their investment will stand the test of time, and withstand the rigors of varied uses, from target shooting to hunting.

Lastly, the bow's ergonomic design, which includes a comfortable wooden handle and rounded edges, contributes to a superior user experience. 

Comfort is an essential factor in archery, and the fact that the Black Hunter Recurve delivers on this front is a testament to the value it offers for its price.

In conclusion, considering its features, adaptability, durability, and user-friendly design, the Black Hunter Recurve presents a high value-for-money quotient. 

It's a worthy investment for both beginners making their first foray into the world of archery and seasoned archers looking for a reliable and versatile recurve bow.

The Drawbacks

While the Black Hunter Recurve has a lot going for it, no product is without its drawbacks. 

One aspect that some users might find challenging, especially beginners, is the initial setup. 

Assembling the bow and stringing it requires a certain level of familiarity with bows, and the instructions provided could be more detailed to help ease this process.

I recall my own experience when I first got my hands on the Black Hunter Recurve. 

I was eager to test it out at the local archery range, but found myself spending a bit more time than anticipated on the assembly. 

As an experienced archer, I was able to navigate the process, but I could see how a newcomer to the sport might find it somewhat daunting.

Additionally, while the bow's design is quite comfortable overall, it might take some time for users to get accustomed to the grip, especially during longer practice sessions. 

I remember during one of my initial uses of the bow, I felt a bit of strain on my hand after a few hours of continuous use. 

However, this was a minor issue and with time and regular use, I became more accustomed to the grip and it's no longer a concern.

Despite these minor drawbacks, they don't overshadow the numerous strengths of the Black Hunter Recurve. 

The initial setup becomes much smoother with experience, and the comfort of the grip improves with use. 

It's important to keep in mind that every archer's experience with a bow is unique, and what may be a drawback for one person could be a non-issue for another.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

After taking into account all aspects of the Black Hunter Recurve – its features, performance, price, and minor drawbacks – the verdict is overwhelmingly positive. 

This bow offers a compelling package of quality, versatility, and value that's hard to ignore, whether you're a seasoned archer or a beginner looking to make your mark in the world of archery.

The adjustable draw weight, made possible by its replaceable limbs, is an exceptional feature that not only allows for customization but also saves you the cost of purchasing a new bow as your skills and strength evolve. 

The durable construction, encompassing a bamboo core and high-elastic fiberglass limbs, ensures that the bow can endure the rigors of varied use.

The minor drawbacks, such as the initial setup and getting used to the grip, are worth noting, but they are also aspects that improve with time and experience. 

Moreover, they're outweighed by the bow's many strengths and the overall user experience it delivers.

As for the price, the Black Hunter Recurve offers significant value for money. 

Priced at $84.89, this bow represents an investment in a product that is designed to last and cater to your archery needs over the long term.

In conclusion, if you're in the market for a reliable, versatile, and cost-effective recurve bow, the Black Hunter Recurve should be high on your list of considerations. 

It delivers on performance, comfort, and durability, all of which are key aspects that contribute to a rewarding archery experience. 

So, should you buy the Black Hunter Recurve? Our review suggests a resounding yes.

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