CenterPoint Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow Review: Worth a Buy?

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the CenterPoint Archery ABY1721 Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow, affectionately known as “Elkhorn.” This sleek, black bow has carved a niche for itself in the world of archery, particularly among the younger enthusiasts, and it's time we take a closer look.

In the following discussion, we'll be exploring the Elkhorn in depth. 

We'll scrutinize its design and build quality, delve into its features, and evaluate its performance. 

We'll also discuss its affordability, given its price point of $48.72. 

By the end, we aim to provide a rounded perspective on whether the Elkhorn delivers value for its cost, and why it might be the right choice for the budding young archer.

So, whether you're a curious parent considering this bow for your child, a novice archer trying to understand if this is the right equipment to start your journey, or an experienced bowman interested in the latest gear, this review should provide the insights you're looking for. 

Let's embark on this journey together and unravel the story of the Elkhorn.


  • SKU: ABY1721
  • Axle to Axle: 33 inches
  • Brace Height: 8.0 inches
  • Material: Composite
  • Product Weight: 3.3 lbs​

The Elkhorn has a maximum draw weight of 15 pounds and a 26-inch draw length, making it accessible for most young archers. 

The 8-inch brace height and 33-inches axle-to-axle measurement ensure a comfortable and controlled shooting experience. 

In addition, it boasts a 65% let-off, which means the bow holds 65% of the draw weight once it's fully drawn. 

This makes the bow easier to hold at full draw, helping young archers maintain steady aiming without tiring out too quickly​.

Included with the bow itself are two 26-inch fiberglass arrows, a two-piece quiver, an adjustable pin sight, armguard, and finger tabs. 

These accessories are a great bonus as they provide everything a young archer needs to start practicing right away.

The fiberglass arrows are durable and designed to withstand repeated use, while the quiver provides a safe and convenient way to carry these arrows. 

The adjustable pin sight aids in aiming and can be adjusted to suit the individual archer's needs. 

Meanwhile, the included armguard and finger tabs provide additional safety and comfort during shooting sessions​1​.

Overall, the Elkhorn offers a robust package of features and accessories that enhance the archery experience for young enthusiasts. 

It is a great starting point for those looking to take up the sport, and its specifications and ease of use make it an excellent value-for-money option in its category.

My Personal Experience

As a father, I have had the pleasure of introducing my son to the world of archery using the Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow. 

I still remember the day we unpacked the box and saw the sleek, black bow for the first time. 

My son's eyes lit up with excitement, and I knew then that we had made the right choice.

The first thing I noticed about the Elkhorn was its impressive build quality. 

Despite its affordable price tag, there was nothing ‘cheap' about it. 

The composite material felt sturdy in our hands, and the bow itself had a comforting weight to it that suggested durability.

The Elkhorn was the perfect size for my son. 

At first, I was slightly concerned about the 15-pound draw weight, fearing it might be a little too heavy for him. 

But thanks to the 65% let-off, my son was able to draw the bowstring comfortably, and I could see his confidence growing with each arrow he shot.

I remember one particular weekend when we went camping. 

We took the Elkhorn with us, and it quickly became the star of the trip. 

I taught my son how to adjust the pin sight, and it was heartwarming to see his excitement as his accuracy improved. 

The armguard and finger tabs that came with the bow were also a godsend. 

They provided the necessary protection, and my son could practice for longer periods without discomfort.

But what really touched me about the Elkhorn was the bond it helped build between my son and me. 

With each practice session, I saw my son developing patience, focus, and discipline – values that are crucial not only in archery but in life as well. 

And every time he would hit the target or improve his aim, the look of joy and achievement on his face was priceless.

The Elkhorn is not just a bow; it's an experience, a tool that helped me impart some life lessons to my child while also having a lot of fun. 

It's a journey we embarked on together, and I wouldn't trade those moments for anything. 

And knowing that we have a quality piece of equipment that will grow with my son and continue to challenge him as he improves is incredibly reassuring.

To this day, my son's Elkhorn sits proudly in his room. 

Each scratch and mark on it is a testament to the hours he has spent practicing and the progress he has made. 

As a father, seeing the dedication and joy that the Elkhorn has brought into my son's life, I can wholeheartedly recommend it to other parents looking to introduce their children to the sport of archery.

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $48.72, the Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow offers exceptional value for money, especially when you consider what you're getting in return. 

It's not just a compound bow; it's a complete archery kit designed for young, budding archers.

The Elkhorn is designed with quality materials that provide a reassuring sense of durability, making it a reliable choice for regular use. 

Moreover, the bow's specifications are well-balanced, with a draw weight, draw length, and axle-to-axle length that are specifically designed to suit younger or smaller-framed archers. 

The 65% let-off is another feature that justifies the price, making the bow easier to handle and promoting steady aim and improved accuracy.

Then, there are the extras – the two 26-inch fiberglass arrows, a two-piece quiver, an adjustable pin sight, armguard, and finger tabs. 

Purchasing these accessories separately could easily add up to a substantial cost. 

However, with the Elkhorn, they are included in the package, allowing the young archer to start practicing right out of the box.

The hours of fun, learning, and skill development that the Elkhorn offers far outweigh its cost. 

As a father, I can attest that seeing your child's joy and progress in archery brings a kind of value that can't be measured in dollars and cents.

So, when you look at the total package – the well-constructed bow, the useful accessories, the benefits of usability, and the sheer enjoyment it brings – the Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow is worth every penny. 

It's not only a solid introduction to the world of archery, but also an investment in your child's growth and development.

What are people saying?

“mdbradbury” emphasizes the excellent value of the Elkhorn, even despite its limitations. 

They praised the bow's quality and usability, stating “Can't say enough about this bow at this price point; this is a good, usable bow.” They found the bow's strength suitable for targets up to 30 yards and pointed out the bow's impressive safety features. 

However, they did note that the included arrows were of lower quality and suggested investing in higher-quality arrows for improved accuracy. 

They also commented on the integrated sight bracket, noting that while it was a useful addition, it made adding a multi-pin sight more challenging. 

Despite these minor issues, they concluded that the Elkhorn is “excellent value, even with its limitations, and it can be used as is, or upgraded for a little extra $$ to be pretty competitive/accurate.”

“K. Schrecker” bought the Elkhorn for their teenage sons as a way to encourage them to spend more time outdoors. 

They found the bow to be well-made, easy to shoot, and ready to use straight out of the box. 

They commented, “This is a well-made, easy to shoot and ready to shoot out of the box, target bow for beginners.” They agreed with mdbradbury about the substandard quality of the included arrows and recommended purchasing additional higher-grade arrows. 

They also stressed the importance of safety when using the bow, reminding potential buyers that while archery can be great fun, it should also be treated with the respect it deserves due to its potential for causing serious damage.

These reviews provide valuable insights into the real-world usage of the Elkhorn, highlighting its strengths, potential areas for improvement, and its overall value for money. 

They underscore the bow's appeal for young, budding archers and the joy it can bring when used responsibly.

The Drawbacks

While the Elkhorn has plenty to offer, it is not without its minor shortcomings. 

Like any product, it has a few areas where there's room for improvement.

One such area is the arrows that come with the bow. 

The two 26-inch fiberglass arrows are definitely a good start, but as my son became more skilled, we found that he needed arrows with better flight characteristics to improve his accuracy. 

Therefore, we ended up investing in a separate set of higher-quality arrows after a few months.

In addition, while the composite material of the bow lends itself to durability, it can also feel a bit cold to the touch in cooler weather. 

I remember one chilly fall morning when my son was practicing in the backyard. 

He remarked about the bow feeling a bit cold in his hands. 

It was a minor inconvenience and certainly didn't hamper his enjoyment or performance, but it's worth mentioning for those who might be practicing in colder climates.

Despite these minor issues, they didn't detract from our overall positive experience with the Elkhorn. 

It's important to remember that no product is perfect, and what matters is that the advantages far outweigh these small drawbacks. 

The Elkhorn remains a solid, value-for-money choice for young archers, and its minor imperfections are just opportunities for learning and adaptation in the journey of archery.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

After considering all the details, features, and experiences with the Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow, the conclusion is clear: yes, it is a worthwhile investment for young archers. 

The positives of the Elkhorn far outweigh its minor shortcomings, making it an excellent choice for those looking to introduce their children to the engaging world of archery.

The Elkhorn provides a well-balanced blend of performance, durability, and value for money. 

Its carefully calibrated specifications, such as the up to 15-pound draw weight, 26-inch draw length, and 33-inch axle-to-axle length, are designed to fit the needs of pre-teen, intermediate, or small-framed youth archers. 

The 65% let-off feature allows for ease of draw and steady aiming, contributing to a satisfying and successful archery experience.

In addition to the bow itself, the package includes useful accessories like two 26-inch fiberglass arrows, a two-piece quiver, an adjustable pin sight, armguard, and finger tabs. 

These extras enhance the usability of the bow and offer added convenience and value.

Though the included arrows may not be of the highest quality and the composite material of the bow might feel a bit cold in cooler weather, these minor drawbacks do not detract from the overall appeal of the Elkhorn. 

In fact, they could serve as opportunities for young archers to further improve their skills and adaptability.

Moreover, the positive user reviews offer reassurance about the quality and reliability of the Elkhorn. 

Users have praised the bow's excellent value, usability, and safety features, all of which contribute to an engaging and enjoyable archery experience.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a reliable, value-packed, and user-friendly compound bow for a young archer, the Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow is a choice that's hard to beat. 

Whether it's for learning, practicing, or simply enjoying the art of archery, the Elkhorn stands as a solid investment in your child's growth and development.

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