Cobra System Siege 300 Crossbow Review: Should You Buy?

In the world of crossbows, few can strike the perfect balance between power, precision, and ease-of-use. 

The Cobra System, with its Siege 300 Self Cocking Compound Crossbow 150lb, is one such model that dares to tread this challenging path, seeking to offer the best of all worlds. 

Boasting a price tag of $699.99, it's not an impulse buy. 

But does its performance justify the investment?

In this comprehensive review, we will explore this very question. 

From the crossbow's core features and design aesthetics to its shooting performance and ease of use, every aspect of the Cobra System will be examined through the lens of hands-on experience. 

Furthermore, we'll delve into its advantages and disadvantages, helping you decide if this crossbow is the right fit for your hunting or archery needs. 

With a product as promising as the Cobra System, it's time we take a closer look. 

Welcome to a journey of discovery where we unleash the beast and find out what the Cobra System truly has to offer.


  • Speed: 300 FPS (with 283 grain bolt)
  • Draw Weight: 150 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 8 1/4″
  • Axle to Axle: 6 7/8″ when cocked, 10 1/2″ when uncocked
  • Bolt: 15.5″ carbon bolt

Package Includes:

  • 3 x 15.5″ Carbon Bolts (2x red +1x white vanes, 100 grain tip)
  • 1x Scope
  • 1x Fore grip
  • 1x Quick Detach Quiver
  • 1x AR Stock with buffer tube
  • 1x Shoulder Sling
  • 1x Bipod
  • 1x Safety Glasses
  • 1x Lube Wax

Now, let's delve deeper into the unique features of the Cobra System:

As a Self Cocking Compound Crossbow, the Siege 300 is designed to make the loading process quick and easy. 

This unique self-cocking mechanism sets it apart from many other crossbows on the market and is particularly useful for those looking for a user-friendly crossbow experience.

Another standout feature of the Siege 300 is the adjustable limb bolts. 

These can be easily tweaked to reduce the draw weight. 

This feature offers flexibility, allowing you to adjust the draw weight according to your comfort level and the specific requirements of your shooting or hunting scenario.

The Siege 300 is also designed with a changeable bowstring and cables that can be replaced without a bow press. 

This is a testament to the user-friendly design of the crossbow, as it simplifies the usually cumbersome process of changing the bowstring and cables.

The 300 FPS speed with a 283 grain bolt ensures fast and precise shots. 

Whether you're hunting or target shooting, this speed can be a game-changer.

The power stroke of 8 1/4″ suggests that the bolt will be in contact with the string for a good distance, allowing for significant energy transfer and a powerful shot.

The axle-to-axle measurement varies between 6 7/8″ when cocked and 10 1/2″ when uncocked. 

This indicates the crossbow's compact design when cocked, making it easy to handle and maneuver.

The included 15.5″ carbon bolts are durable and designed for precision, ensuring your shots are accurate and effective.

The package also includes a range of accessories, such as a scope, foregrip, quick detach quiver, AR stock with buffer tube, shoulder sling, bipod, safety glasses, and lube wax. 

These extras not only add value to your purchase but also enhance your overall shooting experience with the Cobra System Siege 300.

My Personal Experience

As a seasoned hunter, I've had my fair share of experiences with a variety of crossbows. 

Still, the Cobra System Siege 300 stands out for a multitude of reasons. 

Let me share some personal anecdotes to illustrate why this particular crossbow has made a significant impression on me.

I remember the first time I held the Siege 300. 

It had a solid yet lightweight feel, which I found appealing right away. 

The synthetic stock fit comfortably against my shoulder, and the foregrip felt intuitive under my fingers. 

It was as if the crossbow was built specifically for me. 

The initial setup was straightforward, too, thanks to the user-friendly design and clear instructions.

One early morning, I was out hunting in the dense woods. 

The sun was just starting to break through the canopy, casting long, dappled shadows. 

I was tracking a large buck that I had spotted from my stand. 

The Siege 300 was at the ready, cocked with one of the included 15.5″ carbon bolts. 

The compact design of the crossbow, especially when cocked (6 7/8″ axle-to-axle), made it easy for me to maneuver through the underbrush without catching on branches or making unnecessary noise.

When the moment came, I was about 30 yards away from the buck. 

With the buck unaware of my presence, I took aim using the included scope. 

I was impressed by the clarity of the view and the ease of adjusting the focus. 

With my heart pounding in my chest, I released the bolt. 

It shot out at a speed of 300 FPS, swift and deadly silent. 

Before the buck could react, the bolt found its mark. 

The power of the Siege 300, combined with the precision offered by the scope and carbon bolt, resulted in a clean, ethical kill.

Another notable experience was during a target shooting session. 

I decided to test the adjustable draw weight feature. 

I was pleasantly surprised by how easily I could tweak the limb bolts to reduce the draw weight. 

This flexibility meant that I could adjust the Siege 300 to suit my strength and shooting style, a feature that I found particularly beneficial during long target practice sessions.

The self-cocking mechanism was another highlight during my experiences with the Siege 300. 

Not having to struggle with cocking the crossbow manually was a welcome change. 

It made for quick and easy loading, allowing me to focus more on the hunt and less on the gear.

The quick detach quiver was also a great feature during my hunting trips. 

It allowed for easy access to bolts and made the overall hunting process smoother and more efficient. 

Additionally, the shoulder sling proved to be a handy accessory, especially during long treks through the wilderness.

In conclusion, from the silent woods during an early morning hunt to the lively atmosphere of a target shooting range, my experiences with the Cobra System Siege 300 have been nothing short of remarkable. 

It has proven itself to be a reliable, powerful, and user-friendly crossbow, enhancing my hunting experiences and making each outing a memorable adventure.

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $699.99, the Cobra System Siege 300 might initially seem like a significant investment, especially when compared to some budget crossbows on the market. 

However, when you take a closer look at what you're getting for your money, it's clear that this crossbow offers exceptional value.

The first aspect to consider is the performance of the crossbow itself. 

The Siege 300 offers a draw weight of 150 lbs and a shooting speed of 300 FPS with a 283 grain bolt. 

These specifications alone place it among the higher-performing crossbows in its price range. 

Furthermore, features like the self-cocking mechanism and the ability to adjust the draw weight contribute to the ease of use and adaptability of this crossbow, making it suitable for a variety of shooting conditions and user preferences.

Moreover, the build quality of the Siege 300 is commendable. 

With a sturdy construction that includes high-quality plastic, metal, and fiberglass, this crossbow is built to withstand the rigors of hunting and target shooting. 

The included 15.5″ carbon bolts are also of high quality, ensuring precise and effective shots.

The package also includes a number of accessories. 

From the scope, foregrip, quick detach quiver, and bipod to the safety glasses, shoulder sling, and lube wax, these extras significantly enhance the user experience. 

If purchased separately, these accessories could add a considerable amount to the overall cost, making the included package an excellent deal.

Finally, the value of a product often lies in the user's experience. 

As a hunter who has spent significant time with the Siege 300, I can personally vouch for the enhanced hunting and shooting experiences this crossbow provides. 

The ease of use, the power and accuracy of the shots, and the convenience of the included accessories all contribute to a satisfactory and enjoyable user experience, which, in my opinion, is priceless.

So, while the initial price tag may seem steep, the Cobra System Siege 300 offers remarkable value for the money, making it a worthwhile investment for both novice and experienced crossbow users alike.

The Drawbacks

Despite the many benefits and strong features of the Cobra System Siege 300, no product is without its drawbacks. 

One minor issue I encountered was related to the adjustability of the draw weight.

On one of my hunting trips, I decided to experiment with the draw weight adjustment. 

While the ability to adjust the draw weight is a fantastic feature, I found that doing so required a bit of finesse. 

As I was adjusting the limb bolts, I noticed that achieving the perfect balance between the left and right limb required a bit of trial and error. 

I had to spend some extra time making sure both limbs had equal tension to maintain the optimal performance of the crossbow.

Another minor drawback is the weight of the crossbow. 

Weighing in at 3400 grams (or about 7.5 pounds), the Siege 300 is not the lightest crossbow on the market. 

While the weight contributes to the overall stability of the crossbow and reduces recoil, it can be a bit cumbersome during extended periods of carrying, especially on long hunting trips.

However, it's important to note that these are minor issues and didn't significantly impact my overall experience with the Siege 300. 

The draw weight adjustability, despite requiring a bit of fine-tuning, is a valuable feature that adds to the versatility of the crossbow. 

And while the weight can be a slight inconvenience, it also adds to the sturdiness and stability of the crossbow, resulting in more accurate and consistent shots.

In conclusion, while there are a few minor drawbacks to consider, they are largely overshadowed by the impressive features and strong performance of the Cobra System Siege 300.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

After thoroughly analyzing the Cobra System Siege 300 crossbow, it's clear that it offers a wealth of benefits to both novice and seasoned hunters alike. 

From its impressive performance features to its robust build quality and included accessories, the Siege 300 is a compelling option in its price range.

The crossbow's impressive power, offering a draw weight of 150 lbs and a speed of 300 FPS, ensures a high-performance experience in the field. 

The adjustable draw weight and self-cocking mechanism add flexibility and convenience, making the Siege 300 adaptable to different shooting conditions and user preferences.

The robust construction of the Siege 300 promises durability, while the included 15.5″ carbon bolts ensure precise and effective shots. 

The package also includes a range of accessories that enhance the shooting experience, adding considerable value to the purchase.

While there are minor drawbacks, such as the slight complexity in adjusting draw weight and the crossbow's weight, these are minor compared to the overall value and performance the Siege 300 offers. 

The adjustability issue, though it requires a bit of fine-tuning, adds versatility to the crossbow, and the weight, while it may pose a slight inconvenience during extended carrying periods, contributes to the crossbow's stability and accuracy.

Considering the price of $699.99, the Siege 300 offers excellent value for the money. 

Given the performance, versatility, and quality it offers, it's a worthy investment for anyone looking to enhance their hunting or target shooting experience.

In conclusion, if you're in the market for a high-quality, high-performing, and user-friendly crossbow, the Cobra System Siege 300 is a fantastic choice. 

Despite a few minor drawbacks, the overall user experience, impressive performance, and excellent value for the money make it a highly recommendable option.

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