Diamond Archery Carbon Knockout Compound Bow Review

In the world of archery, Diamond Archery has always been a brand synonymous with quality, precision, and innovation. 

The Carbon Knockout, their recent offering, is no exception. 

With a price tag of $799.00, this archery bow has quickly become a talking point among enthusiasts and professionals alike.

In this in-depth review, we'll be exploring every facet of the Carbon Knockout, from its build quality to its performance characteristics. 

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive evaluation, considering both its strengths and potential weaknesses. 

We will delve into its technical specifications, ease of use, durability, and how it stacks up against its competitors in the market.

Whether you're a seasoned archer looking to upgrade your gear or a beginner searching for a reliable bow, this review promises to provide valuable insights into the Carbon Knockout. 

Stay tuned as we ‘nock' on the doors of this remarkable piece of archery equipment.


  • Mass Weight: 3.2 LBS
  • Draw Length: 22.5″ – 27″
  • Draw Weight: 40, 50, 60 LBS
  • Speed: 302 FPS
  • Axle to Axle: 30″
  • Brace Height: 6.75″​​

Below, I delve into the features that make this bow stand out:

  • Aerospace-inspired carbon riser: This design is aimed at providing minimal weight and maximum strength, delivering ultimate comfort for the female archer. It's crafted for maximum maneuverability and the solid durability Diamond Archery is known for​.
  • Patented Binary Cam System: This generates perfect arrow flight and simple tunability. The two perfectly symmetrical cams work together to provide flat-line nock travel and maximum accuracy. This design allows for an ultra-smooth draw cycle and simple tuning that you can set and forget​​.
  • Effortless smooth draw: The Carbon Knockout provides an effortless smooth draw from beginning to end, offering an enjoyable shooting experience​​.
  • Do-it-yourself rotating modules: This feature allows for easy draw length adjustments. Unlike many bows that require a new cam or module to adjust draw length, with the Carbon Knockout, you simply remove the module screws, adjust to your draw length, re-tighten, and you're ready to shoot again​.
  • Premium Strings and Cables: Every model of the Carbon Knockout features the best strings and cables built to Diamond's standards, providing you with confidence in accuracy and durability​​.
  • Limb Draw Weight Adjustment: This feature allows for the adjustment of draw weight with a simple turn of a bolt, making it possible to adjust the draw weight by 10lbs or anywhere in between​​.
  • Carbon String Stop: Built from premium carbon, this feature absorbs and virtually eliminates all excessive string vibration and noise, making shooting more comfortable and less distracting​.

The Carbon Knockout also comes fully outfitted with Octane accessories, meaning you just need to add arrows and a release.

The included accessories are:

  • Octane Bantam 5-Arrow Quiver
  • Octane Stryker 5 Pin Sight
  • Octane Boost 5 Inch Stabilizer
  • Octane Octagon Rest
  • Diamond Wrist Strap
  • Carbon Peep​​.

Overall, the Carbon Knockout's features are designed with the female archer in mind, aiming to offer the ultimate archery experience, with cutting-edge technology, performance, and looks that they deserve​​.

My Personal Experience

As an experienced hunter, my first encounter with the Carbon Knockout was during a hunting trip in the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest. 

I was intrigued by the bow's promise of being lightweight yet powerful, and I was eager to see how it would perform in the field.

From the moment I first picked up the Carbon Knockout, I was struck by its weight—or rather, the lack of it. 

Weighing in at just 3.2 lbs, it was lighter than any other bow I had handled before, yet it didn't compromise on strength. 

The aerospace-inspired carbon riser ensured the bow was sturdy and robust, despite its feather-like weight. 

This, combined with the bow's sleek design, made it a joy to handle, even during long hunting sessions​.

The patented Binary Cam System was another standout feature that caught my attention. 

The first time I drew the bow, the pull was effortless, smooth from beginning to end. 

It was a stark contrast to some of the other bows I had used in the past. 

But what was truly impressive was the Binary Cam System's accuracy. 

The nock travel was flat-line, and the shot, when released, was accurate and powerful. 

It was as if the bow was intuitively working with me to hit the target​.

One instance that particularly stands out was during a hunting excursion early one morning. 

I spotted a deer about 30 yards away. 

I took a moment to adjust the draw length with the rotating modules—an effortless task, thanks to the do-it-yourself design. 

I then lined up the shot, and the arrow flew straight and true, hitting the deer right where I aimed. 

I was taken aback by the speed and accuracy of the shot, a testament to the Carbon Knockout's design and engineering​.

The Carbon Knockout also proved to be a reliable companion in the field, thanks to its premium strings and cables and the simplicity of its draw weight adjustment. 

The ease of adjusting the draw weight made it possible to adapt quickly to different hunting situations, adding to the bow's versatility​​.

The Carbon Knockout, with its innovative design and features, transformed my hunting experience. 

It proved to be more than just a tool—it was a reliable partner that heightened my confidence and accuracy in the field. 

Whether I was aiming at a moving target or waiting patiently for the perfect shot, the Carbon Knockout consistently delivered remarkable performance, making each hunting trip a memorable experience.

Carbon Knockout Testimonial - Lightweight - YouTube

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $799.00, the Carbon Knockout is an investment, but its value for money is evident when considering the quality, performance, and the comprehensive set of features it offers.

Firstly, the Carbon Knockout's design and materials are top-notch. 

The aerospace-inspired carbon riser provides a lightweight yet robust structure that ensures durability and longevity. 

This aspect is a testament to Diamond Archery's commitment to quality, making the initial investment worthwhile for a bow that's built to last​1​.

Secondly, the performance the Carbon Knockout delivers is exceptional. 

The patented Binary Cam System offers perfect arrow flight and simple tunability, ensuring accuracy and power in every shot. 

The smooth draw and the ease of adjusting the draw length further enhance the shooting experience. 

These performance characteristics are typically found in higher-end, more expensive bows, making the Carbon Knockout's price seem even more reasonable​1​.

Moreover, the Carbon Knockout comes fully outfitted with Octane accessories. 

The inclusion of a quiver, sight, stabilizer, rest, wrist strap, and a peep sight adds significant value to the package. 

Purchasing these accessories separately could easily add hundreds of dollars to the cost of a bow, but they come standard with the Carbon Knockout. 

This makes the price point even more attractive, considering what you're getting in the package​1​.

While the Carbon Knockout's price may be on the higher side compared to entry-level bows, it's important to remember that with archery equipment, you often get what you pay for. 

The Carbon Knockout's blend of superior quality, performance, and accessories justifies its price, offering excellent value for money for both beginner and avid archers. 

This bow is a worthwhile investment for those serious about their archery, whether for hunting or target shooting.

The Drawbacks

No product is without its drawbacks, and the Carbon Knockout is no exception. 

While its quality and performance are exceptional, there are a few points that some archers, including myself, might find less than ideal.

Firstly, while the Carbon Knockout's draw length of 22.5″ – 27″ accommodates a range of archers, those with a longer draw length might find it limiting. 

During a hunting trip, I lent the bow to a friend who has a longer draw length than me, and he found the bow less comfortable to shoot due to this limitation. 

However, it's important to note that this bow is specifically designed for women, and the draw length should suit most female archers well​1​.

Secondly, while the Carbon Knockout comes with an impressive array of accessories, the quality of these might not meet everyone's needs or preferences. 

Some archers may wish to upgrade to higher-end accessories for a more personalized shooting experience. 

For instance, I found myself swapping out the Octane Octagon Rest for one that I was more accustomed to using. 

This is not a major issue, but it's something to consider if you have specific preferences for your archery gear​1​.

Lastly, the Carbon Knockout's price might be a hurdle for some, especially beginners who are just getting started in archery and may not be ready to invest in a higher-end bow. 

While the Carbon Knockout offers excellent value for money, as I've discussed earlier, its price point might still be a consideration for some archers.

These drawbacks, however, are relatively minor and don't detract from the overall excellence of the Carbon Knockout. 

Every archer has unique needs and preferences, and what may be a drawback for one might not be an issue for another. 

It's about finding the right fit for you, and for many female archers, the Carbon Knockout will be just that.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

If you're a woman archer, whether a beginner or an experienced one, looking for a bow that's lightweight, high-performing, and specifically designed to suit your needs, then the answer is a resounding yes.

The Carbon Knockout's superior design and quality, combined with its impressive performance characteristics, make it a standout choice. 

Its aerospace-inspired carbon riser ensures minimal weight and maximum strength, providing ultimate comfort during handling and shooting. 

The patented Binary Cam System guarantees perfect arrow flight and simple tunability, contributing to the bow's unmatched accuracy and power​.

Moreover, the bow's do-it-yourself rotating modules for easy draw length adjustments and the premium strings and cables built to Diamond's standards, provide confidence in accuracy and durability. 

These features contribute to a seamless and enjoyable shooting experience, making archery more accessible and enjoyable for women of all skill levels​.

The included Octane accessories further add value to the Carbon Knockout, providing you with a ready-to-shoot package right out of the box. 

While these may not meet the needs of every archer, they offer a solid starting point, particularly for those new to the sport​.

While the price may seem steep at first glance, the quality, performance, and included accessories offer excellent value for money. 

The Carbon Knockout is an investment, but one that will pay dividends in the form of enhanced performance and enjoyment in the field or on the range​.

The minor drawbacks mentioned, such as the limited draw length and the potential need for accessory upgrades, are worth considering. 

However, they don't overshadow the bow's overall appeal and exceptional features. 

Every archer has unique needs and preferences, and while the Carbon Knockout might not be perfect for everyone, it's a fantastic option for many, particularly women seeking a high-quality, high-performing bow​.

In conclusion, the Diamond Archery Carbon Knockout is more than just a bow; it's a game-changer, empowering female archers with a tool that's designed specifically for them. 

Whether you're hunting in the wild or honing your skills on the range, the Carbon Knockout promises to deliver an exceptional archery experience. 

And that makes it a worthy investment for any serious archer.

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