Diamond Archery Deploy SB Compound Bow Review: Should You Buy?

In the archery world, the name Diamond Archery resonates with quality, precision, and innovation. 

As one of the industry's leading brands, they've been consistently crafting bows that meet the high demands of archery enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

One of their latest offerings, the Deploy SB compound bow, priced at $799.00, is no exception.

In this review, we will delve into the world of the Deploy SB, a compound bow that comes fully equipped and adjustable, boasting a robust and durable build that is designed to withstand the rigors of repeated use. 

This package comes complete with Diamond Archery's well-regarded R.A.K. 

(Ready, Aim, Kill) system, a pre-installed set of high-quality accessories that aim to enhance your archery experience.

We will be discussing a variety of aspects including its design, performance, durability, adjustability, and the value that the R.A.K. package adds to the overall experience. 

We'll also compare the Deploy SB with similar bows in its price range to give you a comprehensive understanding of where it stands in the market. 

Whether you're a seasoned archer or a beginner eager to step up your game, this review is your one-stop guide to understanding the Deploy SB. 

Stay tuned as we embark on this detailed exploration of Diamond Archery's Deploy SB compound bow.


  • Let-Off: 80 percent
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Brace Height: 6.75 inches
  • Axle-to-Axle Length: 31.5 inches
  • Speed: 330 fps
  • Draw Weights: 50, 60, 70 pounds
  • Draw Lengths: 26 to 30.5 inches
  • Finishes: Breakup Country, Mossy Oak Breakup Country​

The Deploy SB is a testament to Diamond Archery's dedication to blend speed, forgiveness, and shootability in a single package. 

The bow carries an IBO speed rating of 330 FPS, surpassing many premium bows on the market today. 

Its 6 ¾” brace height, a figure most archers will find pleasantly surprising, signifies a balance between performance and forgiveness.

The Deploy SB employs Binary Cam Technology, renowned for its ease of tuning and adjustability. 

The rotating modules in the cam system make draw length adjustment a breeze. 

The bow comes in 50, 60, and 70-pound versions, accommodating any archer's specific needs

In addition to these specifications, the Deploy SB also comes with some remarkable pros:

  • Blazing Fast 330 fps I.B.O. Speed
  • Solid back wall
  • Balanced & comfortable bow grip
  • Smooth Draw Cycle
  • Quiet
  • Available as a barebow or with a R.A.K. package

However, it's important to note that it's not as adjustable as other bows from Diamond Archery​​.

The R.A.K. Package: The Ready, Aim, Kill (R.A.K.) package that comes with the Deploy SB includes:

  • R.A.K. custom 4-pin sight.
  • Octane Capture arrow rest.
  • DeadLock Lite Octane quiver.
  • Comfort wrist sling.
  • Carbon peep.
  • 5″ Ultra-Lite Octane stabilizer.
  • BCY string loop​​.

In the following sections, we will dive deeper into each feature and specification, as well as the benefits of the included R.A.K. package.

My Personal Experience

As a seasoned hunter, I’ve had my fair share of bows pass through my hands over the years. 

But the Diamond Archery Deploy SB stands out in my memory for a few key reasons.

The first time I picked up the Deploy SB, I was immediately struck by its weight – or rather, the lack thereof. 

At just 3.2 pounds, this bow is light as a feather, yet it doesn’t compromise on strength or durability. 

This is a game-changer when you're out in the field for hours on end, tracking game through varied terrain. 

Lighter equipment means less fatigue, and less fatigue means more focus when it matters most.

During one particular hunting trip, I found myself trailing a whitetail deer through a dense forest. 

The underbrush was thick, and maneuverability was key. 

The compact 31.5-inch axle-to-axle length of the Deploy SB proved to be a great advantage, allowing me to navigate through the tight spaces without getting my bow snagged on branches or foliage.

The bow's speed is another standout feature. 

With a blistering IBO speed rating of 330 FPS, it delivers arrows with a swiftness that's truly impressive. 

I recall a moment when a deer bolted as I drew my bow. 

I released the arrow and watched as it connected almost instantaneously. 

The Deploy SB's speed was a decisive factor in that successful shot.

The bow's Binary Cam system also deserves a special mention. 

Its ease of tuning and adjustability meant that I could customize my draw length and weight to match my shooting style perfectly. 

This level of customization enhanced not just my accuracy, but my comfort and confidence in handling the bow as well.

The Deploy SB's R.A.K. package was the cherry on top. 

The 4-pin sight and Octane Capture arrow rest added to my shooting precision, while the comfortable wrist sling and 5″ Ultra-Lite Octane stabilizer enhanced the overall shooting experience. 

The DeadLock Lite Octane quiver kept my arrows within easy reach, and the BCY string loop provided a solid, reliable anchor point for each shot.

If there's one thing I wish could be improved, it's the bow's adjustability. 

While it's by no means inflexible, there are other bows from Diamond Archery that offer a greater range of adjustability. 

But, as a seasoned archer, I was able to find a setup that worked well for me with the Deploy SB.

All in all, my hunting experiences with the Deploy SB have been nothing short of stellar. 

It's a bow that combines performance, comfort, and reliability in a lightweight package, making it a top contender in my archery arsenal.

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $799.00, the Deploy SB by Diamond Archery falls within the mid-range category of compound bows. 

However, its impressive specifications and features, along with the inclusion of the R.A.K. 

package, offer value that could easily compete with higher-end bows.

The Deploy SB's high-speed IBO rating of 330 FPS, its lightweight and compact design, and its combination of speed, forgiveness, and shootability offer a performance level that is typically associated with more expensive bows. 

The versatility of draw weights (50, 60, and 70 pounds) and draw lengths (26 to 30.5 inches) also enhances its value by catering to a wide range of archers, from beginners to experienced bowhunters.

In addition, the R.A.K. package is a significant value add-on, bringing together a variety of high-quality accessories that would otherwise need to be purchased separately. 

This package includes a custom 4-pin sight, an Octane Capture arrow rest, a DeadLock Lite Octane quiver, a comfort wrist sling, a carbon peep, a 5″ Ultra-Lite Octane stabilizer, and a BCY string loop.

However, it's worth noting that while the Deploy SB is highly adjustable, it may not offer the same level of customization as other models from Diamond Archery. 

Depending on your specific needs and preferences, this might be a factor to consider when evaluating the bow's overall value.

In conclusion, the Diamond Archery Deploy SB offers substantial value for its price. 

Its performance, ease of use, durability, and the inclusion of the R.A.K. package all contribute to making it a worthwhile investment for any archer looking to level up their game. 

It is a bow that delivers more than what its price tag suggests, proving that high-quality archery equipment doesn't always have to break the bank.

The Drawbacks

Despite its many strengths, like any product, the Deploy SB does come with a few drawbacks. 

One of these, as mentioned earlier, is that while it offers a good degree of adjustability, it might not meet the needs of archers seeking the extreme customizability found in some other models from Diamond Archery.

I remember one time when I was out in the field with a fellow archer who was new to the sport. 

She was trying out my Deploy SB and, while she was able to find a comfortable draw weight and length, she felt that she could have used a little more adjustability in the bow to better match her specific shooting style. 

We eventually found a setup that worked for her, but it took a bit more time and effort than expected.

Another minor drawback I've noticed is the bow grip. 

While it's balanced and comfortable for most, some archers might find it a tad too smooth, especially when hunting in damp or wet conditions. 

There was this one early morning hunt when the dew was heavy. 

I found that the grip became slightly slippery, which is something to be aware of if you often hunt in similar conditions.

These minor issues certainly don't overshadow the overall performance and value of the Deploy SB, but they're worth keeping in mind to ensure the bow fits your specific needs and preferences.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

In conclusion, the Diamond Archery Deploy SB brings to the table a compelling blend of speed, forgiveness, and shootability. 

Its impressive IBO speed rating of 330 FPS, versatile draw weights and lengths, and light and compact design make it a standout choice in its price range.

The added value of the Ready, Aim, Kill (R.A.K.) package only enhances the Deploy SB's appeal. 

By including a custom 4-pin sight, an Octane Capture arrow rest, a DeadLock Lite Octane quiver, a comfort wrist sling, a carbon peep, a 5″ Ultra-Lite Octane stabilizer, and a BCY string loop, Diamond Archery ensures that archers have everything they need to begin shooting right out of the box.

While the Deploy SB might not offer the extreme adjustability found in some other models, and despite the slight issue with the grip in damp conditions, it's important to remember that no bow is perfect. 

These minor drawbacks don't detract from the Deploy SB's overall performance and value.

The Deploy SB's superior performance, ease of use, and the included accessories make it a worthwhile investment for both beginner and experienced archers alike. 

It offers high-end features and performance at a mid-range price, making it a cost-effective choice for those looking to take their archery game to the next level.

So, should you buy the Diamond Archery Deploy SB? If you're seeking a high-performing, versatile, and reliable compound bow that offers excellent value for money, then the answer is a resounding yes. 

The Deploy SB is a fine testament to Diamond Archery's commitment to quality and performance, and it's a bow that's sure to serve any archer well in the field or on the range.

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