Excalibur Assassin Extreme Crossbow Review: Should You Buy?

Excalibur Assassin Extreme Crossbow Review: Should You Buy?

The realm of hunting equipment has seen a revolutionary change with the introduction of the Excalibur Assassin Extreme crossbow.

A masterpiece of engineering and craftsmanship, this weapon combines the time-honored tradition of bowhunting with cutting-edge technology.

Priced at $1299.99, it may seem a steep investment, but every penny is justified when you hold this sleek, efficient, and powerful tool in your hands.

Having had the chance to test this piece of equipment extensively, I can tell you that the Assassin Extreme is not just a crossbow; it is a testament to Excalibur's commitment to unparalleled quality, performance, and innovation.

The succeeding sections of this review will dive deep into the crossbow's specifics, detailing its unique features, performance, and overall value.

As a preview, let me just say this: The Excalibur Assassin Extreme is a game-changer, and it's one piece of hunting gear that is poised to redefine your hunting experience.

Stay tuned, and get ready to be impressed.


  • Brand and Model: Excalibur Assassin Extreme
  • Price: $1299.99
  • Draw Weight: 325lbs
  • Velocity (@350 grains): 400 FPS
  • Weight: 7.5lbs
  • Stock Style: True Fit Bullpup
  • Length: 32″
  • Power Stroke: 15″
  • Arrow Length: 16.5″
  • Minimum Arrow Weight: 350 gr.

Included in the Package:

  • Ceasefire Decocking Hook


The Excalibur Assassin Extreme isn't just packed with features; it's brimming with thoughtful design elements that enhance user experience and performance. Let's delve into some of these features.

1. Whisper-Quiet Charger Crank™ System: Excalibur has set a new standard in the industry with the Charger Crank System, the world's first dead-silent integrated crank aid. This groundbreaking feature allows for a quick, quiet, and effortless draw with just 12 pounds of force. Furthermore, it offers an efficient de-cocking option that is one of the safest in the market.

2. Micro High-Output Express Limbs: Durability and performance are paramount in a good crossbow, and Excalibur delivers on both fronts. The Assassin Extreme features Micro High-Output Express Limbs that are robust, ensuring a long-lasting and high-performing crossbow.

3. Pro-Shot™ Match-Grade Trigger System: The new two-stage trigger system is akin to the best match-grade rifle triggers. It offers a light pull weight along with a crisp, clean, and consistent break, increasing your accuracy substantially.

4. R.E.D.S. Suppressors: The Excalibur Assassin Extreme also includes R.E.D.S. Suppressors, which drastically reduce shock, vibration, and noise. These suppressors contribute significantly to the crossbow's stealth, giving you an edge while hunting.

5. Integrated Accessories: The package includes several valuable additions like the TACT-100™ Illuminated Scope, 4-arrow quiver, 4 Proflight™ 16.5″ arrows, 4 100gr field points, and Ceasefire Decocking Hook. These accessories not only enhance the crossbow's functionality but also provide added value to your purchase.

My Personal Experience

My personal experience with the Excalibur Assassin Extreme was nothing short of remarkable.

I remember the first time I unboxed the crossbow; I was instantly impressed by the level of craftsmanship and the evident attention to detail.

But it wasn't until I had the chance to put it to the test that I fully appreciated the true value of this masterpiece.

I took the Assassin Extreme on a three-day hunting trip in the backcountry.

I was initially concerned about the weight, given the crossbow's robust features and my somewhat lengthy hiking route.

To my surprise, the 7.5-pound weight was hardly noticeable, making it easy to carry on long treks.

One incident that stands out occurred on the second day of the hunt. I was tracking a white-tail deer through a densely wooded area.

As any seasoned hunter would tell you, stealth is key in these situations. The Assassin Extreme's whisper-quiet Charger Crank System truly shone here.

I was able to draw the crossbow silently, without alerting the deer to my presence. The result? A clean, successful shot.

The R.E.D.S. Suppressors also played a significant role in maintaining a low profile during the hunt.

Each shot was remarkably quiet, with minimal vibration, which is a godsend in a hunting situation where every sound matters.

The TACT-100 Illuminated Scope was another game-changer.

On the last day of the trip, as dusk was falling, I spotted a potential target.

Despite the dim light, the illuminated scope allowed me to maintain accuracy, resulting in another successful shot.

I also found the Charger Crank System to be a great boon.

Drawing a 325lbs bow is no mean feat, but this system made it feel almost effortless.

Plus, it ensured flawless string alignment with every shot, significantly enhancing my accuracy.

The Pro-Shot trigger was a joy to use.

The light pull weight and crisp, clean break were reminiscent of a high-quality rifle trigger.

I've used many crossbows over the years, but the Assassin Extreme's trigger system is by far one of the most impressive.

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $1299.99, the Excalibur Assassin Extreme falls into the higher-end category of crossbows.

It's not a small investment by any means, and it's crucial to consider whether the price translates into real value.

In my assessment, the Assassin Extreme is absolutely worth the investment. Here's why:

  1. High-End Performance: The Assassin Extreme is a top-tier performer. With a velocity of 400 FPS, a draw weight of 325lbs, and a power stroke of 15″, it offers the power and speed that seasoned hunters demand. Additionally, the accuracy provided by the Pro-Shot trigger system and the Charger Crank System is unparalleled.
  2. Innovative Features: The Assassin Extreme boasts several advanced features that aren't common in other crossbows. The whisper-quiet Charger Crank System, the R.E.D.S. Suppressors, and the TACT-100 Illuminated Scope are just a few examples. These features not only improve the hunting experience but also provide a competitive edge.
  3. Quality and Durability: With the Assassin Extreme, Excalibur has managed to create a robust and durable crossbow. The Micro High-Output Express Limbs and the True Fit Bullpup stock style contribute to its longevity, ensuring that the crossbow stands up to harsh conditions and heavy use. This quality and durability mean you'll be able to use the Assassin Extreme for years to come, which adds to its overall value.
  4. Value-Added Accessories: The package includes a range of useful accessories that would otherwise cost you extra. The included arrows, scope, quiver, and other additions provide a comprehensive package that allows you to get started right away.

When you factor in these elements, the Excalibur Assassin Extreme's price starts to make a lot of sense.

It's not just a crossbow; it's a comprehensive hunting solution that combines power, precision, and durability.

For those willing to invest in their hunting equipment, the Assassin Extreme offers an impressive return on investment, making it worth every penny.

The Drawbacks

While the Excalibur Assassin Extreme is a remarkable crossbow, no product is without its minor shortcomings. It's essential to consider these points to make an informed purchasing decision.

One drawback I noticed pertains to the Assassin Extreme's weight.

At 7.5lbs, it's relatively light for a high-performance crossbow, but it can still feel a bit hefty during extended periods of use.

On my second day of the hunting trip, I had to traverse a particularly rough terrain.

As the day wore on, the weight of the crossbow became slightly more noticeable.

However, it's worth noting that the weight contributes to the crossbow's stability and durability, which are crucial aspects for any hunter.

Another minor issue is the price.

While the Assassin Extreme provides excellent value for money considering its performance, features, and durability, the initial investment may be steep for some, particularly beginners or casual hunters.

Finally, the Assassin Extreme's high-end features might have a bit of a learning curve for beginners.

The advanced systems, while extremely beneficial once mastered, may take some time to get accustomed to.

I recall my initial trials with the Charger Crank System; it took me a few attempts to fully grasp the mechanism.

But once I got the hang of it, it made the drawing and shooting process significantly smoother.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I believe the Excalibur Assassin Extreme stands out as an exceptional crossbow.

The issues I experienced were minimal compared to the overall performance and value the crossbow offers.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

In conclusion, the Excalibur Assassin Extreme is a remarkable piece of hunting gear that offers a powerful blend of performance, innovation, and quality.

The advanced features, durability, and the included accessories make it a versatile and reliable crossbow that stands out in the market.

While the price tag might seem steep at first glance, the value it delivers is unquestionable.

The Assassin Extreme is a long-term investment designed to significantly enhance your hunting experience.

For serious hunters seeking to elevate their game, this crossbow is undoubtedly worth considering.

The minor drawbacks, such as the weight and initial learning curve, are far outweighed by the crossbow's benefits.

And even these issues can turn into strengths with a bit of time and practice.

For instance, the weight contributes to the crossbow's stability, and mastering the advanced features can result in a significantly improved hunting performance.

Based on my personal experience, the Excalibur Assassin Extreme is not only a crossbow that performs impressively well, but it's also a joy to use.

It combines the thrill and tradition of bowhunting with the convenience of modern technology, creating an exceptional hunting experience.

In summary, if you're looking for a high-end crossbow that delivers on all fronts and you're willing to make an investment in your hunting gear, the Excalibur Assassin Extreme is definitely a compelling choice.

It's a tool that is designed to not just meet, but exceed, the demands of modern hunting.

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