Excalibur Tact-100 Crossbow Scope Review: Should You Buy?

Welcome to our in-depth review of the Excalibur Tact-100, a product that has been making waves in the realm of crossbow accessories. 

Priced at $249.94, this crossbow scope has captured the attention of hunting and archery enthusiasts alike, who are drawn to its durability, lightweight design, and its impressive waterproof and fogproof features.

In this article, we'll be taking a comprehensive look at the Excalibur Tact-100, exploring its main features, assessing its performance, and evaluating its value for money. 

We'll dive into its unique adjustable 30mm tube and discuss the benefits of its illuminated red/green reticle. 

Throughout, we'll seek to answer the ultimate question: Does the Excalibur Tact-100 live up to its hype and is it worth your investment?

Stay tuned as we delve deep into the world of crossbow scopes, aiming to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision. 

Prepare for an enlightening journey that will navigate the intricacies of the Excalibur Tact-100's design, functionality, and overall impact on your hunting or archery experience.


  • Fast Point 100 Yard Illuminated red/green Multi-Reticle.
  • Adjustable speed dial for arrow velocity of 300 FPS to 450 FPS.
  • Multi-coated lenses for crisp, clear viewing.
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof for all-weather use.
  • 30MM tube for superior light transmission.
  • Flip-up lens caps and 30mm rings included.
  • Lifetime Warranty​.

The Fast Point 100 Yard Illuminated red/green Multi-Reticle feature sets the Tact-100 apart from other scopes in the market. 

This feature is perfect for target shooting or long-range practice, and it will give you the confidence to make the shot when it counts. 

This reticle ensures precision shooting at distances up to 100 yards.

The adjustable speed dial is another highlight of the Tact-100. 

This adjustable feature can match the arrow velocity from 300 FPS to 450 FPS, allowing you to fine-tune the scope to match the speed of your arrow for unparalleled accuracy.

The Tact-100 incorporates multi-coated lenses that provide crisp and clear viewing. 

These lenses are treated with multiple layers of coating to reduce glare and maximize the amount of light that reaches your eye. 

This results in brighter images, even in low-light conditions.

When it comes to durability and reliability, the Tact-100 shines. 

It is waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof, making it suitable for all-weather use. 

Whether you're hunting in the rain, in foggy conditions, or in rugged terrain, this scope is built to withstand the elements.

The 30MM tube is another feature that deserves mention. 

This larger tube size allows for superior light transmission, providing you with a brighter and clearer sight picture.

To protect your investment, the Tact-100 comes with flip-up lens caps and 30mm rings included. 

These additions will help safeguard your scope from potential damage, ensuring it remains in top condition for longer.

Finally, to top it all off, Excalibur provides a Lifetime Warranty on the Tact-100. 

This warranty provides peace of mind knowing that the manufacturer stands behind the quality and durability of their product​1​.

My Personal Experience

As an experienced hunter, I can attest that the Excalibur Tact-100 is more than just a crossbow scope – it's a game-changer. 

I recall one instance vividly; it was during the early days of deer season last year. 

The morning had a thick fog blanket that would usually signal a difficult hunting day. 

But with the Tact-100 mounted on my crossbow, the fog-proof feature came into play, providing clear and crisp views despite the challenging weather conditions.

One of the things that stands out about the Tact-100 is the Fast Point 100 Yard Illuminated red/green Multi-Reticle. 

I remember a specific hunting scenario where a deer emerged, roughly 80 yards away. 

With the illuminated reticle, I was able to quickly and precisely aim, taking into account the distance and my arrow's velocity, which I had already dialed in using the adjustable speed dial. 

The deer was perfectly in my sight, and the shot was a success.

The waterproof feature also proved invaluable during a late-autumn hunt. 

It started to rain, and in past experiences, rain would mean packing up and heading home. 

But the Tact-100 is built for such conditions. 

Even as the rain fell, the scope remained clear and the performance unhampered. 

It was during this hunt that I bagged one of my largest trophies, a testament to the Tact-100's ability to perform under pressure.

The scope's 30mm tube has also been a consistent highlight during my hunts, especially in low-light conditions. 

I remember a particular dusk hunt when the light was quickly fading. 

Thanks to the superior light transmission from the 30mm tube, I was able to maintain a clear view of my target. 

The multi-coated lenses provided a bright and clear image, allowing me to take a confident shot even as the sun was setting.

The flip-up lens caps and the 30mm rings provided with the scope are small additions, but as a hunter, it's often the small details that make the biggest difference. 

The lens caps protect the scope during transportation or when navigating through thick brush, and the rings ensure a secure mount on the crossbow.

Above all, the confidence in knowing that the scope comes with a Lifetime Warranty provides peace of mind. 

As a hunter, I put my gear through a lot, and knowing that Excalibur stands behind their product reassures me that the Tact-100 is a reliable, long-term investment. 

In my personal experience, the Excalibur Tact-100 has proven to be an exceptional scope, enhancing not just my hunting experiences, but also my results.

Price and Value for Money

When evaluating the Excalibur Tact-100, it's essential to consider not just its price but also the value it provides for that cost. 

Priced at $249.94, the Tact-100 might seem like a significant investment, especially when compared to cheaper models available on the market. 

However, when you factor in the features, durability, and performance of this scope, the price becomes more than justifiable.

The Tact-100's robust suite of features – from the Fast Point 100 Yard Illuminated red/green Multi-Reticle to the adjustable speed dial for arrow velocity and the multi-coated lenses for clear viewing – all contribute to its high value. 

Each feature has been thoughtfully designed to enhance the user's experience, whether you're a novice or a seasoned hunter.

The waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof features further add to its value, ensuring that the scope can withstand the rigors of hunting in various weather conditions. 

When you're out in the field, the last thing you want to worry about is your equipment failing. 

With the Tact-100, you're getting a product that's built to last.

Additionally, the larger 30mm tube for superior light transmission is another feature that is typically found in more expensive scopes, yet it comes standard in the Tact-100. 

This feature can significantly improve your hunting results, particularly in low-light conditions.

Finally, the inclusion of flip-up lens caps, 30mm rings, and a lifetime warranty adds incredible value to the Tact-100. 

These additions safeguard your investment and provide peace of mind, knowing that the manufacturer stands behind their product.

In conclusion, while the Excalibur Tact-100 might initially seem pricey, the quality, features, and durability it offers make it excellent value for money. 

It's an investment that can enhance your hunting experiences significantly, and based on its build and performance, it's a scope that is likely to serve you well for many hunting seasons to come.

The Drawbacks

Even the best products have their drawbacks, and the Excalibur Tact-100 is no exception. 

While it excels in many areas, there are a few areas where there could be room for improvement.

One of the potential drawbacks is the learning curve associated with the adjustable speed dial for arrow velocity. 

While this feature is incredibly useful once mastered, it can initially be a bit challenging to get the hang of, especially for beginners. 

I remember during my initial days of using the Tact-100, I had a few instances of trial and error before I could accurately dial in my arrow's speed. 

It took a few practice shots and a bit of patience to get it right.

Another potential downside is the price. 

While the Tact-100 offers excellent value for money given its features and performance, the upfront cost may be a barrier for some, especially those new to hunting or on a tight budget.

Lastly, while the Fast Point 100 Yard Illuminated Multi-Reticle is generally a great feature, it might be overkill for those who typically hunt at closer ranges. 

For hunters who typically shoot at ranges of 50 yards or less, they might not fully utilize this feature.

However, it's worth noting that these drawbacks are relatively minor, especially when weighed against the many benefits the Excalibur Tact-100 provides. 

The learning curve with the speed dial is short-lived, the cost can be justified by the quality and features, and the 100-yard reticle can still be helpful even for closer range shots, providing extra versatility.

In conclusion, while the Tact-100 is not without its drawbacks, these are minor when considering the overall functionality, performance, and quality of this crossbow scope.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

After delving into the features, personal experiences, and potential drawbacks of the Excalibur Tact-100, we arrive at the ultimate question: should you buy it?

Based on its robust features, performance, and value for money, the answer leans heavily towards a resounding “yes.” The Tact-100 is a high-quality, durable scope that's designed to enhance your hunting experiences. 

With its Fast Point 100 Yard Illuminated red/green Multi-Reticle, adjustable speed dial for arrow velocity, multi-coated lenses for clear viewing, and 30MM tube for superior light transmission, it's a powerhouse of a scope packed with features that will aid in precision shooting.

The waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof capabilities allow for reliable use in various weather conditions, adding to the scope's versatility. 

And the fact that it comes with flip-up lens caps, 30mm rings, and a Lifetime Warranty only adds to its appeal, making it a smart long-term investment.

Yes, there is a learning curve with the speed dial and the price might be a hurdle for some, but the value and performance that the Tact-100 delivers far outweigh these minor drawbacks. 

Moreover, the Fast Point 100 Yard Illuminated Multi-Reticle, while potentially excessive for close-range hunting, provides additional versatility for those occasional longer range shots.

In conclusion, whether you're an experienced hunter looking to upgrade your gear or a novice eager to get the best tools for the job, the Excalibur Tact-100 offers exceptional value. 

It's a premium scope that delivers on performance, durability, and features, making it worth every penny of its price tag. 

It's a purchase decision that you're unlikely to regret and an investment that will likely elevate your hunting experiences to new heights.

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