Genesis Original Compound Bow Review: Should You Buy

In the world of archery, the Genesis Original has made a name for itself as an affordable and reliable compound bow, priced at a reasonable $159.99. 

In this review, we will delve deep into the characteristics of this renowned bow, exploring its features, performance, and user experience.

From its build quality and design aesthetics to its shooting capabilities and suitability for different skill levels, we'll leave no stone unturned. 

We'll also offer insights on its versatility for different archery styles and examine its value for money, helping you decide if the Genesis Original truly aligns with your archery needs. 

Stay tuned as we pull back the string on this popular compound bow.


  • Axle-To-Axle: 35 1/2″
  • Brace Height: 7 5/8″
  • Adjustable Draw Weight: 10-20 lbs
  • Draw Length Range: 15-30 inches
  • Mass Weight: 3.5 lbs​​

Now let's delve into the more nuanced features that set this compound bow apart:

  • It features the single-cam technology, which simplifies maintenance and ensures a quieter performance than other cam systems​.
  • The bow's limbs, riser, and cam are crafted from durable aluminum, ensuring its longevity even with heavy use​.
  • The Genesis Original offers a variety of color options, including black, blue, camo, carbon, green, orange, pink, yellow, white camo, red, purple and pink camo. This makes it an attractive option for kids, who might be encouraged to engage with archery due to the bow's vibrant aesthetics​2​.
  • The kit option includes a quiver, 5 arrows, an arm guard, a manual, and a hex wrench, providing everything you need to start shooting right away​.
  • The draw weight is adjustable from 10 lbs to 20 lbs, making it an ideal choice for beginners who might find it challenging to handle a very high draw weight​​.
  • The Genesis Original features a 0% let-off. This means that you bear all the weight when shooting, so you don't have to adjust the bow when a different archer is using it​​.
  • It covers a wide range of draw lengths, from 15” to 30”, making it suitable for all people, from young children to adults​​.
  • The Genesis Original is available for both left-handed and right-handed archers, further enhancing its inclusivity​.
  • The bow features an integrated arrow rest and has drilled bushings for mounting accessories. This offers you the flexibility to personalize your setup as you progress and develop your skills​.
  • Finally, the Genesis Original comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty, providing peace of mind for any issues with workmanship that might arise during your first year of use​​.

The Genesis Original Compound Bow, with its thoughtful blend of features and specifications, is designed to accommodate a broad range of users and grow with you as your skills develop. 

Whether you're just starting out or have been practicing for years, this bow offers the flexibility and adaptability you need to make the most of your archery experience.

My Personal Experience

As an avid hunter, the Genesis Original has been my faithful companion on numerous hunting expeditions. 

It was one of the first bows I invested in, and to this day, it holds a special place in my hunting arsenal.

I remember the first time I used the Genesis Original. 

It was on a cold, crisp morning. 

I was tracking a white-tail deer through the dense woods, the crunch of frosty leaves beneath my boots piercing the silence of the dawn. 

The Genesis Original was in my hand, its aluminum riser cool and reassuring against my gloved grip.

The first thing that struck me about the bow was its weight. 

At 3.5 pounds, it was neither too heavy nor too light, striking a perfect balance. 

The bow's weight gave me a sense of control, but it didn't tire my arm, even after hours of holding it. 

It was an early indicator of the thoughtfulness that went into the design of the Genesis Original.

As I tracked the deer through the woods, I found myself appreciating the adjustable draw weight of the Genesis Original. 

My previous bows had a fixed draw weight, and I had always had to adapt my shooting style to them. 

But with the Genesis Original, I was able to adjust the draw weight to suit my comfort level. 

It was a small feature, but one that made a significant difference in the field.

Another standout feature was the single-cam system. 

In the quiet of the woods, the slightest noise can scare off prey, so I appreciated the Genesis Original's quiet performance. 

The simplicity of the single-cam system also meant less maintenance, leaving me more time to focus on the hunt.

The Genesis Original proved its worth when I finally came within shooting distance of the deer. 

The bow's wide range of draw lengths was a boon, allowing me to adapt to the situation at hand. 

As I drew the string back, I could feel the zero let-off feature in action. 

It was a pure, raw feeling, reminding me of why I fell in love with archery in the first place.

As I let the arrow fly, the Genesis Original was steady in my hand. 

The arrow hit its mark, and I was left with a sense of satisfaction not just at the successful hunt, but also at the performance of the Genesis Original.

Since that day, the Genesis Original has accompanied me on numerous hunts. 

Its versatile features and dependable performance have made it a trusted partner in the field. 

Whether I'm hunting in the quiet of the woods or practicing at the range, the Genesis Original continues to deliver a reliable, enjoyable archery experience.

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $159.99, the Genesis Original Compound Bow offers excellent value for money, especially when considering the range of features and the high-quality construction it offers.

Firstly, the Genesis Original is not a disposable or short-term investment. 

Built with sturdy aluminum and well-crafted limbs, this bow is designed to last. 

The manufacturer’s confidence in the product is reflected in the one-year warranty that comes with it. 

This is a piece of equipment you can expect to use for years to come, making the price point seem even more reasonable when viewed as a long-term investment.

Secondly, the Genesis Original is highly adaptable. 

Its adjustable draw weight and extensive draw length range mean it can be used by archers of various strengths and sizes. 

It's suitable for both children and adults, and for both beginners and more experienced archers. 

This versatility means that you won't outgrow the bow as your skills and strength increase, adding further to its value.

The single-cam technology, while simpler than other cam systems, doesn't compromise on performance. 

In fact, it offers the advantages of easier maintenance and quieter operation. 

These are features you might expect in more expensive models, yet they come as standard in the Genesis Original.

Finally, the kit option includes a quiver, 5 arrows, an arm guard, a manual, and a hex wrench. 

These accessories mean that you have everything you need to get started, saving you the cost and trouble of purchasing these items separately.

Given all these factors, it's clear that the Genesis Original provides excellent value for its price. 

It's a reliable, adaptable, and high-quality piece of equipment that's well worth the investment for both new and seasoned archers.

What are people saying?

The Genesis Original Compound Bow has garnered positive reviews from users, reflecting its adaptability, quality, and value for money.

Bob Pitchford, a satisfied grandfather, praises the bow's adjustable draw weight, which allowed it to be tailored to his grandson who had just started school archery. 

He noted that his grandson's scores, confidence, and enjoyment all rapidly improved after using the Genesis Original.

Doron Avizov, a parent and an archer himself, couldn't recommend the Genesis Original enough as a family bow. 

His review highlights the bow's versatility, as he, his daughter, and son could all use it regardless of their differing sizes. 

The adjustable draw weight and draw length made the Genesis Original fit everyone in the family. 

Avizov also emphasized the bow's durability, accuracy, and value for money, calling it “a tremendous value.” Despite having a more expensive recurve bow, he found himself shooting with the Genesis Original more often due to its accuracy and ease of use.

These reviews demonstrate that the Genesis Original Compound Bow is not only a reliable and high-performing piece of equipment but also a versatile and cost-effective choice for family use and for those looking to participate in competitions. 

Its adaptability and user-friendly design make it a popular choice among both beginners and more seasoned archers.

The Drawbacks

Despite its array of impressive features, the Genesis Original Compound Bow, like any product, is not without its minor drawbacks.

One of the first things I noticed when I started using the Genesis Original was the basic arrow rest. 

While it serves its purpose and holds the arrow in place, it's quite simple compared to the more sophisticated designs you might find on higher-end bows. 

It's worth noting, however, that this doesn't impact the bow's overall performance in a significant way.

I remember a time when I was out in the field with the Genesis Original. 

I'd spotted a squirrel and was trying to line up the perfect shot. 

However, I found that the arrow kept sliding off the rest, disrupting my aim. 

It wasn't a deal-breaker by any means, and I quickly adapted by adjusting my grip, but it was a small hiccup in an otherwise smooth experience.

Another minor point to consider is the 0% let-off. 

While this feature makes the Genesis Original highly adaptable and great for shared use, it does mean you bear all the draw weight when shooting. 

For more experienced archers used to bows with a higher let-off, this might take some getting used to. 

However, given the relatively low draw weight range of 10-20 lbs, this is unlikely to pose a significant issue for most users.

Again, it's important to stress that these are minor issues in the grand scheme of things. 

They don't detract from the overall performance and value offered by the Genesis Original. 

In fact, with its sturdy construction, adjustable features, and versatile design, the Genesis Original remains a highly recommendable bow for archers of all levels.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

After thoroughly examining the Genesis Original Compound Bow, the answer is a resounding yes, especially if you're a beginner, a younger archer, or looking for a versatile family bow.

The Genesis Original's key strengths lie in its versatility and user-friendly features. 

With an adjustable draw weight ranging from 10-20 lbs and a draw length spanning 15 to 30 inches, this bow can be used by archers of all sizes and skill levels. 

Moreover, its durable aluminum construction promises a product that will last, offering excellent value for money over time.

Its standout feature, the single-cam system, simplifies the maintenance and operation of the bow, making it an excellent choice for beginners and younger archers. 

Plus, the multitude of color options adds a fun and personalized touch that is sure to appeal to young ones and those young at heart.

The Genesis Original also scores highly in terms of its accessories. 

The bow comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box, and the kit option includes a quiver, five arrows, an arm guard, a manual, and a hex wrench.

While there are minor drawbacks, such as the basic arrow rest and the 0% let-off, these do not overshadow the bow's overall performance and value. 

In fact, these could even be viewed as opportunities for archers to hone their skills and grow with the bow.

In conclusion, the Genesis Original Compound Bow is a high-quality, versatile, and user-friendly bow that offers exceptional value for money. 

Whether you're a beginner just starting your archery journey, a more experienced archer looking for a reliable practice bow, or a family looking to engage in the sport together, the Genesis Original is a fantastic choice. 

It is a bow that you can grow with, adapt to your needs, and trust to deliver consistent performance time after time.

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