Hammers 3 Dot Crossbow Mini Red Dot Sight Scope Review

In the realm of precision shooting, the right optic can make all the difference. 

Today, we're turning our focus to the Hammers Scope, a lightweight, compact 3-dot crossbow mini red dot sight scope, that is sure to catch the eye of any avid archer or crossbow enthusiast. 

Retailing at a very affordable $39.90, this device promises a balance of cost-effectiveness and performance. 

But does it truly deliver?

In this review, we'll delve deep into the world of the Hammers Scope, exploring its key features, ease of use, reliability, and overall value for money. 

We'll examine how it stands up to the rigors of field use, and compare it to other scopes in the same price range. 

From its 3-dot sight to its compact design, we'll leave no stone unturned as we seek to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what this scope brings to the table. 

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the world of archery and crossbows, join us as we take a closer look at the Hammers Scope. 

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  • 3 Dot Crossbow Sight RDA20CB
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Does not add much weight to the crossbow
  • Built-in rail mount works on both Weaver and Picatinny type of rails
  • Brand: Hammers
  • GTIN: 0857155008647
  • UPC: 0857155008647
  • eBay Product ID (ePID): 1958921185
  • Dexterity: Ambidextrous
  • Bow Type: Crossbow
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Red Dot Sight​​.

Detailed Specifications

  • High strength polymer housing is soft coated in black color
  • The mini red dot sight provides optimum performance under most everyday sport shooting conditions
  • The intensity of the 3-dot reticle has 5 level adjustment settings for proper contrast against the full range of background light
  • Windage and elevation are adjustable with a 1 MOA click value
  • Magnification: parallax-free 1X
  • Eye relief: Unlimited
  • Dot type: 3 Dot
  • Objective lens size: 24mm
  • Rail type: Fits onto Weaver and M1913 Picatinny bases
  • Center height: 25mm
  • Overall length: 78.5mm (3 inches)
  • Weight: 4.4 oz
  • Power source: One CR1620 Lithium cell (included)
  • Battery life: 200 hours (with light intensity set at 3.

The Hammers Lightweight Compact 3 Dot Crossbow Mini Red Dot Sight Scope RDA20CB is designed for easy installation on crossbows with Weaver style scope rails. 

Its lightweight and compact design do not add much weight to the crossbow, which is an advantage for users who do not want their equipment to be too heavy.

The sight is constructed with a high-strength polymer housing that is soft coated in black color, giving it a sleek and stylish appearance. 

The mini red dot sight is designed to provide optimal performance under most everyday sport shooting conditions, making it a suitable option for both hobbyists and professional users.

The sight features a 3-dot reticle, whose intensity can be adjusted across five levels to ensure proper contrast against the full range of background light. 

This allows users to customize the sight to their personal preferences and the specific conditions in which they are shooting.

Windage and elevation adjustments are made easy with a 1 MOA click value, giving users the ability to fine-tune their aim for accurate shooting. 

The sight's magnification is parallax-free at 1X, providing a clear and accurate view of the target without any distortion.

The sight is compatible with both Weaver and M1913 Picatinny bases, making it versatile and suitable for use with a wide range of crossbows. 

The sight has a center height of 25mm and an overall length of 78.5mm (3 inches), making it compact and easy to handle.

Despite its compact size, the sight is quite durable, weighing in at 4.4 oz. 

It operates on a single CR1620 Lithium cell, which is included with the sight, and the battery life is 200 hours when the light intensity is set at 3. 

This makes the sight a reliable choice for extended use in the field.

In conclusion, the Hammers Lightweight Compact 3 Dot Crossbow Mini Red Dot Sight Scope RDA20CB is a high-quality, versatile, and user-friendly sight that can enhance the accuracy and enjoyment of crossbow shooting.

My Personal Experience

As an avid hunter, I've always been on the lookout for equipment that can enhance my precision and overall huntingexperience.

When I first came across the Hammers Scope, I was intrigued by its features and affordable price.

The prospect of a lightweight, compact, 3-dot crossbow sight scope was enough to pique my interest.

After all, the ability to carry less weight without compromising on accuracy is an attractive proposition for any hunter.

I remember my first hunting trip with the Hammers Scope. 

The day was slightly overcast, the kind of weather that often makes sighting challenging. 

As I installed the scope onto my crossbow, I was pleasantly surprised by its compact size and lightweight feel. 

It fit perfectly on my crossbow's Weaver-style scope rail, adding hardly any weight to my already heavy gear.

The first thing that stood out to me about the scope was its high-strength polymer housing. 

It had a soft black coating that gave it a sleek, stealthy look, blending seamlessly with the rest of my gear. 

I could tell that the housing was sturdy and designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, an essential feature for any hunter.

One feature I found particularly useful was the 3-dot reticle with adjustable intensity. 

The forest was dappled with patches of sunlight filtering through the leaves, creating a mix of light and shadow that could have made sighting difficult. 

However, I was able to adjust the intensity of the 3-dot reticle to achieve a proper contrast against the fluctuating background light. 

This made sighting significantly easier and more accurate.

The parallax-free 1X magnification was another feature that came in handy. 

It gave me a clear, distortion-free view of my target. 

The unlimited eye relief provided comfort and ease, allowing me to maintain focus on my target for extended periods without straining my eye.

As the day wore on, I found the battery life of the scope to be impressive. 

Even with the light intensity set at 3, it didn't falter. 

The CR1620 Lithium cell powered through the day, ensuring that I never lost sight of my target due to a power issue.

The Hammers Scope enhanced my hunting experience in more ways than one. 

It made sighting and shooting more precise and comfortable, improving my overall performance. 

The day ended with a successful hunt, and I remember feeling grateful for the scope. 

It had proven to be an invaluable addition to my hunting gear, combining functionality, durability, and affordability in a way that few other scopes on the market could match.

In my subsequent hunts, the Hammers Scope has continued to be a reliable companion. 

Its features, coupled with its impressive performance, make it a product I would recommend to any hunter looking for a cost-effective, high-quality crossbow scope.

Price and Value for Money

Retailing at a very affordable $39.90, the Hammers Scope presents excellent value for money. 

Considering its array of features, its high-quality build, and its impressive performance, the scope offers a level of value that far surpasses its modest price tag.

When it comes to optics, the market offers a wide range of prices, from budget-friendly options to high-end scopes that could set you back hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. 

However, the price tag doesn't always reflect performance or reliability. 

The Hammers Scope is a shining example of this principle. 

Despite its budget-friendly price, it does not compromise on essential features or performance.

The scope's high-strength polymer housing, adjustable 3-dot reticle, parallax-free 1X magnification, and impressive battery life are features typically found in much pricier models. 

The ability to offer these high-end features at a fraction of the cost demonstrates the value proposition of the Hammers Scope.

Moreover, the scope's lightweight and compact design do not add much weight to your crossbow, a critical factor for hunters who need to carry their gear for extended periods. 

This convenience, combined with its easy installation and use, adds to the overall value of the scope.

In terms of durability, the scope holds its own against more expensive models. 

Its robust construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use, and its long-lasting battery ensures reliable performance even during extended use.

Therefore, whether you're a seasoned hunter or a beginner in the world of archery, the Hammers Scope offers an exceptional balance of cost and performance. 

Its affordability does not compromise its quality, making it an excellent investment for those seeking a reliable, functional, and budget-friendly crossbow scope.

The Drawbacks

While the Hammers Scope offers an excellent range of features and outstanding value for money, no product is without its drawbacks.

One minor issue I encountered during my hunting expeditions was the lack of an auto-off feature for the red dot. 

After an intense day tracking a particularly elusive deer, I forgot to manually switch off the red dot. 

The next morning, I realized my mistake, and although the battery life is quite impressive, this incident did drain it more than usual. 

An auto-off feature would have been a handy addition to prevent such occurrences and extend battery life.

Additionally, while the 3-dot reticle offers excellent visibility in most conditions, it might not be the optimal choice for every hunter. 

Some may prefer a different reticle design or the option to switch between multiple reticle types for various hunting situations.

Lastly, although the windage and elevation adjustments are easy to make, the absence of a locking mechanism means that heavy recoil or accidental bumps could potentially shift your zero. 

This is a minor drawback and one that I experienced when my crossbow slipped from my hands during a hunting trip. 

It was a small tumble, and while the scope remained intact thanks to its robust construction, I did have to readjust my zero.

Despite these minor issues, it's crucial to remember that the Hammers Scope is a budget-friendly model. 

Some compromises are to be expected at this price point. 

Nonetheless, these drawbacks do not significantly detract from the overall performance and value offered by the scope. 

Its benefits far outweigh these minor inconveniences, and with mindful usage, the scope continues to be a reliable and valuable tool for hunting.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

The Hammers Scope is an excellent addition to any hunter's arsenal, whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner stepping into the world of hunting. 

Its comprehensive range of features, combined with a highly affordable price point, makes it a compelling choice.

The scope's lightweight and compact design make it a pleasure to use, adding minimal weight to your crossbow. 

Its high-strength polymer housing ensures it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use, while the adjustable 3-dot reticle, parallax-free 1X magnification, and impressive battery life enhance its usability and performance.

The few minor drawbacks, such as the lack of an auto-off feature for the red dot and the absence of a locking mechanism for windage and elevation adjustments, are far outweighed by the scope's overall functionality and value for money. 

With mindful usage and careful handling, these minor issues can be easily managed.

Ultimately, the Hammers Scope delivers far more than what its price tag suggests. 

It offers a balance of cost, performance, and ease of use that is hard to match. 

Its high-quality features, combined with its impressive performance, make it a worthwhile investment for any hunter.

If you're looking for a reliable, functional, and budget-friendly crossbow scope that does not compromise on quality, the Hammers Scope is an excellent choice. 

Despite a few minor drawbacks, its benefits far outweigh these inconveniences, offering excellent value for money and enhancing your hunting experience. 

Therefore, the Hammers Scope comes highly recommended.

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