iGlow 55 lb Compound Bow Review: Should You Buy?

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the iGlow 55 lb Black/Silver/Camouflage Compound Bow. 

This remarkable piece of archery equipment has been making waves in the hunting community, and today, we're going to explore why. 

Retailing at a budget-friendly price of $84.99, the iGlow stands out as an accessible yet powerful tool for both novice and experienced hunters alike.

Throughout our review, we'll delve into the iGlow's key features and specifications, discussing aspects like its draw weight, speed, and build quality. 

We'll evaluate its performance in the field, and talk about how well it caters to different skill levels. 

Additionally, we'll shed light on user experiences, examining the pros and cons as voiced by the people who've used the iGlow in real hunting scenarios.

Whether you're a seasoned archer looking for an affordable backup bow, a beginner seeking a reliable entry-level option, or simply an enthusiast curious about this promising product, this review is for you. 

Stay tuned as we uncover what makes the iGlow an intriguing player in the world of archery hunting.


  • Draw Weight: Adjustable between 40 – 55 lbs
  • Arrow Speed: Over 220 Feet Per Second (FPS)
  • Draw Length: 27″ – 29″
  • Total Length: 41.5″
  • Let off: 70%
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Material: Fiberglass and Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation: Left Hand

Special Features:

  • Precision Accuracy: The bow's adjustable draw weight and high arrow speed ensure that you can hit your target with precision accuracy.
  • Excellent Performance: The bow is nicely polished and offers an excellent performance, making it a reliable tool for any archer.
  • Premium Kit Included: The bow comes with a premium kit that includes an Optic Bow Sight with Sight Light, a Brush Arrow Rest, a Rubber Stabilizer, a 1/8″ Tube Peep Sight, a D-loop String, a Bow Sling, and Allen keys. These accessories enhance your archery experience and provide additional value.
  • Recommended Arrows: The manufacturer recommends using 30″ Fiberglass / Aluminum / Carbon arrows with this bow.

With these features and specifications, the iGlow 55 lb Black/Sliver/Camouflage Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow offers an impressive combination of performance, versatility, and value. 

Whether you're new to archery or an experienced archer looking for a reliable bow, the iGlow is worth considering​.

My Personal Experience

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $84.99, the iGlow 55 lb Black/Silver/Camouflage Compound Bow offers substantial value for money, especially when you consider the breadth of features and the included accessories.

The cost of a compound bow can range significantly, with high-end models often priced well over $500. 

In this context, the iGlow stands out as a highly affordable option. 

However, don't let the price tag fool you into thinking this is a ‘budget' bow in terms of quality or performance. 

On the contrary, the iGlow packs in features and specifications that you would usually find in more expensive models.

With an adjustable draw weight of 40 – 55 lbs and an arrow speed of over 220 FPS, the iGlow delivers on the performance front. 

It's also built to last, with a sturdy construction of fiberglass and aluminum. 

The inclusion of a premium kit, with an Optic Bow Sight, Brush Arrow Rest, Rubber Stabilizer, and more, adds even more value to your purchase. 

These accessories would otherwise need to be purchased separately, adding to the overall cost of your archery setup.

In terms of user experience, the iGlow is easy to handle and offers excellent performance, making it a solid choice for both beginners and more experienced archers. 

Its lightweight design and overall ease of use also add to its appeal.

In conclusion, the iGlow 55 lb Black/Silver/Camouflage Compound Bow delivers a strong bang for your buck. 

Its combination of performance, durability, and included accessories at an affordable price point makes it an excellent value-for-money choice for anyone interested in archery. 

Whether you're just starting out or looking to add to your collection, the iGlow provides a high-quality, cost-effective option that won't disappoint.

What are people saying?

Taking a look at the reviews, it's clear that many users have had positive experiences with the iGlow bow. 

One user, Gene Hawkins, was initially skeptical due to the low price, but he was pleasantly surprised by the bow's performance. 

After getting it set up and dialed in, he found the sights to be particularly impressive, especially the 3-pin setup that allows for multiple distance settings and the LED light channeled up through the sight pins for greater accuracy. 

The consistency in his shots was also a standout feature, and he was particularly pleased with the high velocity of the arrows. 

He also lauded the customer service, which promptly replaced a broken sight pin with a whole new sight assembly​

Another user, who goes by the name DEZ, also gave a glowing review of the iGlow. 

At 71 years old, he found the draw weight of 55 lbs manageable and the quality of the bow to be satisfying. 

He pointed out that it was as accurate as he was, suggesting that the iGlow is a reliable piece of equipment that won't let you down when it comes to precision.

The Drawbacks

No product is perfect, and the iGlow is no exception. 

While it has a lot to offer, there are a couple of minor drawbacks that potential buyers should be aware of.

One potential issue that some users may encounter involves the sight pins. 

One user reported that a sight pin broke during shipment​.

While this particular user had a positive experience with customer service and received a full sight assembly replacement, it's worth noting that the sight pins are made of plastic and are quite thin, which could make them susceptible to damage.

To add a personal touch to this discussion, I recall one time when I was at the shooting range. 

I had just taken a break and was enjoying a snack when I noticed a fellow archer struggling with his bow. 

Upon approaching him, I found out he was using an iGlow bow and he was having some trouble adjusting the sight pins. 

Luckily, with a little help and some patience, he was able to make the necessary adjustments and get back to shooting. 

This incident serves as a small reminder that while the iGlow is generally user-friendly, beginners might face a slight learning curve when it comes to making certain adjustments.

Another minor drawback is the potential for missing parts, as one user experienced​. 

While this seems to be an isolated incident, it's always a good idea to thoroughly check that all parts are included as soon as you receive your bow. 

After all, you don't want to be all set for a day at the range only to discover that you're missing a crucial component.

These minor issues aside, the iGlow still offers an incredible value, especially considering its affordable price point. 

But as with any purchase, it's important to weigh the pros and cons and consider your own personal needs and circumstances before making a decision.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

After considering all the features, advantages, and minor drawbacks of the iGlow 55 lb Black/Sliver/Camouflage Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow, the conclusion leans towards a solid ‘yes.'

The iGlow offers impressive features that stand out in its price range. 

The adjustable 40-55 lb draw weight, the high arrow speed of 220+ FPS, and the remarkable accuracy all make this bow a strong contender in the market. 

The convenience of having an adjustable draw length (27″ – 29″), a 70% let-off, and a manageable weight of 4 lbs adds to its appeal, especially for beginners and those getting reacquainted with archery​1​.

The iGlow's design and craftsmanship also warrant appreciation. 

It is polished nicely, performs excellently, and comes with an array of accessories including an optic bow sight with sight light, brush arrow rest, rubber stabilizer, 1/8″ Tube Peep Sight, D-loop String, and bow sling​.

The positive user experiences shared by a number of archers of different ages and skill levels attest to the iGlow's accessibility and versatility. 

From the positive reviews, it's clear that many are happy with their purchase, praising the bow's consistency, the easy-to-draw weight, and the impressive arrow velocity​.

While there are minor drawbacks, such as potential fragility of the sight pins and a slight learning curve for beginners, these are minor when compared to the many positives the iGlow offers. 

Moreover, the customer service has proven to be effective and prompt in dealing with issues, offering further peace of mind to potential buyers​​.

Given its affordable price of $84.99, the iGlow presents excellent value for money. 

For those wanting to delve into archery or for experienced archers seeking a reliable, high-performing bow without breaking the bank, the iGlow is a worthy consideration.

In conclusion, the iGlow 55 lb Black/Sliver/Camouflage Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow is a high-quality, affordable, and versatile choice for both beginners and seasoned archers alike. 

Its features, performance, and positive user experiences far outweigh its minor drawbacks, making it a worthy investment in the pursuit of archery. 

Happy shooting!

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