Karnage Dynamic RTH Compound Crossbow Review: Buy?

In the fascinating world of archery, the tools of the trade are just as essential as the skill of the archer. 

One piece of equipment that has caught our attention recently is the Dynamic – the Karnage Dynamic Ready to Hunt Compound Bow in God's Country Finish.

Priced at $231.14, this recurve bow promises to deliver a blend of superior performance, design, and affordability.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the key features of the Dynamic, exploring its aesthetics, build quality, performance, and the extra accessories that accompany it. 

We will also examine how it stacks up against other bows in its price range, and whether it delivers on its promise of a superior archery experience.

Whether you're a seasoned archer in search of a new piece of equipment, or a beginner looking to dive into the world of archery, this review aims to provide you with a detailed and balanced perspective on the Dynamic. 

Stay tuned as we draw back the curtain on this intriguing piece of archery equipment.


  • Model Name: Dynamic Compound RTH Extra Bow 70 LBS RH God's Country
  • Brand: Karnage
  • Color: Multicolor/Assorted
  • Material: Blend
  • Item Weight: 4.5 Pounds
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Archery Draw Weight: 50
  • Archery Draw Length: 28
  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: 39 x 20 x 5 inches
  • Package Weight: 3.92 Kilograms
  • Suggested Users: unisex-adult
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Manufacturer: Karnage
  • Part Number: AV02X21027R
  • Style: Compound
  • Included Components: Compound Bow – Adult.


  • Made for archers of all ages: The Dynamic is a maximum-versatility bow engineered for archers of all ages and skill levels.
  • Versatile: The bow's draw length can be easily adjusted from 20” to 30”.
  • Adjustable: The draw weight can be adjusted from 40 to 70 lbs, with an easy-to-hold 70% let off.
  • Lightweight Power: Despite weighing only 4.5 lbs, the Dynamic can fire arrows at an impressive speed of 310 feet per second​

The Dynamic compound bow comes in a convenient ready-to-hunt (RTH) package. 

Whether you're practicing in the backyard or embarking on your first hunt, the Dynamic accommodates a wide range of needs. 

It boasts an adjustable 20” – 30” draw length range and a 40 – 70 lbs. draw weight range. 

It's designed to hold steady at full draw with a comfortable 70% let-off before firing an arrow at an impressive 310 feet per second.

Despite its power, the Dynamic is lightweight, weighing only 4.5 lbs, and has a short 31” axle-to-axle length, providing maximum portability and maneuverability. 

It's equipped with several Trophy Ridge accessories including a Joker 4 four-pin sight, a green Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit, a 5 Spot arrow quiver, a Blitz stabilizer and sling, a peep sight, and a nock loop.

The Extra Kit that comes with the Dynamic features 5 Trophy Ridge Wrath Arrows precut to 29″ with install inserts with 100 grain field points, plus 5 loose inserts, a Trophy Ridge Release, and 3 Rocket Siphon Broadheads. 

This comprehensive set of features and accessories ensures you're ready for whatever your archery or hunting adventures bring your way​.

My Personal Experience

As an experienced hunter, I've used many bows over the years, but the Dynamic Compound RTH Extra Bow 70 LBS RH God's Country from Karnage holds a special place in my heart. 

Its multicolored, blended material design immediately caught my eye when I first saw it. 

The aesthetic was rugged and earthy, fitting perfectly with my outdoor hunting adventures.

Weighing just 4.5 pounds, I was initially skeptical about its performance – could such a lightweight bow really deliver the power I needed? However, my concerns were quickly dispelled the moment I took it for a test. 

Despite its light weight, the Dynamic Compound RTH Extra Bow demonstrated an impressive firing speed of 310 feet per second, a testament to Karnage's innovative design and engineering.

The bow's ambidextrous design is another feature that I appreciate. 

As someone who likes to switch hands occasionally, especially during long hunting sessions, it's been invaluable. 

I also appreciate that the bow is designed to be versatile, catering to users of different skill levels. 

Its draw length is easily adjustable from 20” to 30”, which has allowed me to fine-tune it based on my comfort and the specific hunting situation.

Its adjustable draw weight, ranging from 40 to 70 lbs, has also been a game-changer. 

On days when I'm feeling strong and energetic, I can crank it up to 70 lbs for maximum power. 

If I'm going for a more relaxed, long-haul hunting session, I can drop it down to 40 lbs for an easier hold. 

The 70% let-off makes it easy to hold at full draw, which has improved my accuracy significantly.

One of my most memorable experiences with the Dynamic Compound RTH Extra Bow was during a late fall hunt. 

The weather was a mix of drizzle and fog, and the chill was seeping into my bones. 

I was tracking a large buck, its tracks leading me deeper into the forest. 

I had been adjusting the draw weight throughout the day, finding the perfect balance for my energy levels and the challenging weather conditions.

Suddenly, the buck appeared through the mist, a majestic creature with a magnificent rack. 

Quietly, I adjusted the draw length on my Dynamic Compound RTH Extra Bow, took aim, and released. 

The arrow flew true, hitting the buck and ensuring a humane kill.

In those conditions, with other bows, I might have struggled with the draw weight or length. 

But with the Dynamic Compound RTH Extra Bow, I was able to make the necessary adjustments quickly and quietly, without alerting my prey. 

That day, I was grateful for the bow's versatility and performance – it truly lived up to its reputation.

Price and Value for Money

Considering the price of $231.14 for the Dynamic Compound RTH Extra Bow 70 LBS RH God's Country, I'd say that it offers excellent value for money. 

This is especially true when you consider the features and versatility it offers.

Firstly, the adjustable draw length and weight are features that are typically found on more expensive bows. 

Being able to easily adjust from 20” to 30” for draw length and 40 to 70 lbs for draw weight makes this bow suitable for a wide range of archers. 

This feature alone adds a great deal of value because it eliminates the need to buy different bows as your skills or strength change.

The ambidextrous design is another notable feature. 

It adds convenience and flexibility, allowing both left-handed and right-handed users to comfortably use the bow. 

This could also be beneficial if you're sharing the bow with someone else, or if you like to switch hands during your hunting sessions.

The high firing speed of 310 feet per second is also impressive, especially considering the bow's lightweight design. 

This combination of power and lightness is ideal for hunting, allowing for quick, agile movements and powerful, accurate shots.

Finally, the fact that the bow is suitable for all ages and skill levels means that it's a great investment for the long term. 

Whether you're a beginner just starting out, or an experienced archer looking for a reliable bow, the Dynamic Compound RTH Extra Bow has you covered.

In conclusion, given the bow's price of $231.14 and the range of features it offers, I believe it offers excellent value for money. 

It's a versatile, high-performing bow that can adapt to your needs, making it a worthy investment for any archer.

What are people saying?

Nick H., a first-time bow user, appreciates the build quality and materials of the Dynamic Compound RTH Extra Bow, mentioning the aluminum components like the riser, limb pockets, cams, string stop, and slide. 

He was impressed by the robust warranty and did not find a significant difference in quality between this bow and others priced two or three times higher. 

Despite initially struggling with the 70 lbs draw weight out of the box, he found that it became smoother with use.

Lara I., returning to archery after a 40-year break, finds the bow to be a great fit for her needs. 

She appreciates its compact size and accuracy once it's sighted in, as well as the included accessories and arrows. 

She and her husband liked the bow so much that they purchased a second one. 

She recommends the bow as a great option for beginners.

These reviews demonstrate that the Dynamic Compound RTH Extra Bow is seen as a quality, value-for-money option that's suitable for both beginners and those returning to the sport.

The Drawbacks

While the Dynamic Compound RTH Extra Bow is undoubtedly a high-quality, versatile bow, like any product, it has its minor drawbacks.

One personal anecdote comes to mind. 

On one of my hunts, I found that the included three-pin sight took a bit of getting used to. 

It was a foggy morning, and I was stalking a beautiful doe through the dense woodland. 

I had the perfect shot lined up, but I found it a tad tricky to get the pin alignment just right due to the fog and dim light. 

Ultimately, I did land the shot, but the experience made me consider upgrading the sight to one with an illuminated pin for better visibility in low-light conditions.

Also, as Nick H. mentioned in his review, the bow comes out of the box with the draw weight set at 70 lbs, which might be a bit challenging for beginners or those who aren't used to compound bows. 

However, the draw weight does become smoother with use, and it's adjustable, so it's a minor issue that can be easily addressed.

Overall, these are not deal-breaking issues, but they're worth keeping in mind. 

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Dynamic Compound RTH Extra Bow remains a reliable, high-performing bow that offers excellent value for its price.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

In conclusion, the Dynamic Compound RTH Extra Bow 70 LBS RH God's Country is a worthwhile investment for anyone interested in archery, whether for hunting or target practice. 

The bow is designed with versatility in mind, catering to users of varying ages and skill levels, which makes it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced archers alike.

One of the standout features is its adjustability. 

With a draw length that can be modified from 20” to 30” and a draw weight that can be adjusted from 40 to 70 lbs, the bow offers a customizable experience that can be tailored to your specific needs and comfort level.

Despite its lightweight design at only 4.5 lbs, the Dynamic Compound RTH Extra Bow does not compromise on power. 

It delivers an impressive firing speed of 310 feet per second, ensuring powerful, accurate shots. 

This combination of lightness and power makes it an excellent companion for hunting or extended archery sessions.

The bow's ambidextrous design enhances its usability, while the inclusion of accessories like the three-pin sight adds to its overall value. 

The strong materials used in its construction – alloy for the riser and limbs, aluminum for the limb pockets, cams, string stop, and slide – all add to its durability and longevity.

Although it has minor drawbacks, like the initial challenge with the draw weight and the potential need for an upgraded sight for low-light conditions, these issues are minor compared to the overall quality and value that this bow offers. 

Plus, the bow comes with a lifetime warranty on the major components, which is an added assurance of its quality and durability.

Given its impressive features, high performance, and excellent price point of $231.14, the Dynamic Compound RTH Extra Bow 70 LBS RH God's Country offers superb value for money. 

Whether you're just starting your archery journey or looking to upgrade your current gear, this bow is a worthy consideration.

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