Killer Instinct Max View MV-36 Crossbow Scope Review: Buy?

As the world of hunting and precision shooting continues to evolve, so too does the technology that enhances our experiences. 

The Killer Instinct Max View 2-7×36 MV-36 Crossbow Scope, hereafter referred to as the MV-36, is a testament to this growth. 

Priced at $159.99, this scope brings to the fore a blend of affordability and high performance that is certain to pique the interest of both seasoned hunters and beginners alike.

In this comprehensive review, we'll unravel the intricacies of the MV-36, delving into its features, design, performance, and most importantly, its value for your crossbow shooting pursuits. 

Specifically, we'll explore how it instantly calibrates to any crossbow shooting speeds between 340 to 460 FPS, a feature that sets it apart from its competitors.

Furthermore, we'll weigh its pros and cons, delve into user experiences, and assess its overall suitability for big game hunting and precision shooting. 

By the end of this review, our goal is to provide you with an insightful analysis that will help you decide if the MV-36 is the right scope for your crossbow shooting needs.

Stay tuned as we embark on this journey to understand the world through the lens of the MV-36 – it's time to zoom in on your hunting game.


  • Power: 2-7
  • Tube Diameter: 30mm
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 36mm
  • Max FPS for Drop Compensation: 450 fps
  • Calibration Range: Instant 2-110 yards up to 460 fps
  • Reticle: LDC Reticle 2-110 Yards
  • Increments: 5 Yard Increments Outside 40 Yards


  • The scope can be instantly calibrated to any crossbow shooting speeds between 340 fps to 460 fps. The user simply needs to rotate the Velocity Dial to match the speed of the crossbow and lock the Velocity Ring​​.
  • It features the new LDC Reticle that is optimized for long-range accuracy out to 150 yards, making hold-over shots easier to execute​​.
  • Exceptional optic clarity is provided by the 36mm objective lens, offering a wide field of view for spotting and tracking targets​​.
  • The reticle can be illuminated in red or green, allowing for better visibility in various lighting conditions​​.
  • It is ruggedly designed to be waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof, making it suitable for use in harsh weather conditions​​.
  • It comes with premium flip-up scope caps that protect the lenses when not in use​​.

The scope's key strength lies in its versatility, allowing for adjustments to suit varying crossbow speeds and shooting conditions. 

The red/blue illuminated reticle enhances visibility in low-light situations, and the speed rings accommodate any crossbow shooting between 270 fps and 450 fps with a crossbolt weight of 400 gr, making this a truly versatile crossbow scope​.

My Personal Experience

It was early morning, and the sun had barely started to peek over the horizon. 

I had been tracking a large buck for a couple of days, and it felt like today was the day. 

I had my crossbow loaded and mounted with the Killer Instinct Max View 2-7×36 MV-36 Crossbow Scope, my trusted companion for hunts like this.

The air was chilly, and a thick fog had set in. 

But I wasn't worried, not with the MV-36's fog-proof feature. 

It had never failed me before, and true to form, its clarity was unaffected by the conditions. 

I peered through the lens, scanning the terrain ahead.

Suddenly, there it was, standing proud and tall in the distance. 

I couldn't help but admire its majesty. 

But this was not the time for admiration. 

It was time for precision, focus, and calm. 

I knew I needed to make the first shot count.

That's when the MV-36's standout feature truly shone. 

My crossbow was set to shoot at 375 fps, and the scope calibrated almost instantly to match the speed. 

I rotated the Velocity Dial and locked the Velocity Ring. 

The reticle was set, the target was clear, and my crossbow was ready.

The buck was about 100 yards away, a challenging distance for most, but not for me, not with the MV-36. 

Its LDC Reticle, optimized for long-range accuracy, made the task seem almost effortless. 

I adjusted for the distance, took a deep breath, and lined up the shot.

One thing I've appreciated about the MV-36 is its illuminated reticle. 

In the dim early morning light, the red illumination stood out against the backdrop, helping me keep my focus where it was needed. 

It was a small feature, but one that made a big difference.

As I released the bolt, I felt a surge of adrenaline. 

The world seemed to slow down, and then, almost as quickly as it had started, it was over. 

The buck dropped, and I knew I had hit my mark.

I walked towards the buck, the thrill of the hunt still coursing through my veins. 

The sun was now up, casting a golden glow over the scene. 

I looked back at the MV-36 mounted on my crossbow, a sense of gratitude washing over me. 

It had delivered, as it always did.

That's the thing about the MV-36. 

It doesn't just perform, it excels. 

It brings together a range of features that make hunts like this successful. 

From its instant calibration and long-range accuracy to its optic clarity and ruggedness, it's a tool that doesn't just promise, but delivers. 

And for a hunter like me, that makes all the difference.

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $159.99, the Killer Instinct Max View 2-7×36 MV-36 Crossbow Scope is positioned at a mid-range point in the market for crossbow scopes. 

But does the price reflect its true value? Let's delve into this.

First and foremost, the MV-36 offers a multitude of features that can significantly enhance the hunting and shooting experience. 

The ability to instantly calibrate the scope to match crossbow shooting speeds between 340 fps to 460 fps is particularly noteworthy. 

This unique feature not only saves time but also enhances shooting accuracy, providing a clear edge over competitors in the same price range.

Moreover, the MV-36 comes equipped with an LDC Reticle optimized for long-range accuracy, making it an excellent choice for hunters needing precise shots at distances up to 150 yards. 

When you pair this with the scope's excellent optic clarity and adjustable illumination, it's clear that the scope is designed to maximize your shooting efficiency under varying conditions.

On the durability front, the MV-36's waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof design ensures that the scope can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it a reliable companion for any hunting trip. 

Additionally, it comes with premium flip-up scope caps, providing extra protection and reducing the need for additional expenditure on accessories.

While it's true that there are cheaper scopes on the market, these often lack the advanced features and robustness that the MV-36 provides. 

On the other hand, while there are also more expensive scopes available, the additional features they provide may not necessarily translate into improved shooting performance, particularly for average hunters.

In conclusion, considering its feature set, durability, and the enhanced shooting experience it provides, the Killer Instinct Max View 2-7×36 MV-36 Crossbow Scope represents excellent value for money. 

It's a worthy investment for any hunter seeking to elevate their hunting or shooting prowess without breaking the bank.

The Drawbacks

While the Killer Instinct Max View 2-7×36 MV-36 Crossbow Scope certainly packs in a number of commendable features and offers excellent value for money, it isn't without its drawbacks. 

Like any piece of equipment, it has its quirks that users may need to adapt to.

One of the minor issues I've personally noticed is the adjustment of the illuminated reticle. 

While the option to switch between red and green illumination is a great feature, I found that adjusting the brightness level to the perfect setting can be a bit finicky, especially when you're out in the field and have to react quickly to changing light conditions. 

It's not a deal-breaker by any means, but it does require a bit of getting used to and can make those first few uses a little challenging.

Another minor drawback relates to the included flip-up scope caps. 

While these caps are undoubtedly useful and protect the lens well, they can sometimes flip down during heavy movement or transportation. 

Again, this is a small issue and one that can be solved by simply ensuring the caps are securely flipped up before starting your hunt.

Despite these minor drawbacks, they hardly detract from the overall performance and value of the MV-36. 

In fact, with a little practice and familiarity, most users will likely find these issues negligible. 

The key is to spend some time understanding and adjusting to the scope's quirks – just like any new piece of hunting gear. 

Remember, perfection doesn't necessarily equate to a lack of flaws, but rather how those flaws are managed and mitigated.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

After thoroughly reviewing the Killer Instinct Max View 2-7×36 MV-36 Crossbow Scope, it's time to address the all-important question: should you buy it?

The answer, in my opinion, is a resounding yes.

The MV-36 is a reliable, high-performance scope that offers a range of features designed to enhance your hunting and shooting experience. 

The ability to instantly calibrate to any crossbow shooting speed between 340 fps and 460 fps, combined with the new LDC Reticle optimized for long-range accuracy, sets the MV-36 apart from its competitors. 

These features significantly improve shooting accuracy and efficiency, making it a powerful tool for any hunting or shooting endeavor.

Furthermore, the scope's excellent optic clarity, adjustable illuminated reticle, and rugged, weather-proof body ensure a high level of performance in various environmental conditions. 

This is complemented by the included flip-up scope caps, adding an extra layer of protection for your investment.

While there are minor drawbacks, such as the somewhat finicky brightness adjustment of the illuminated reticle and the occasional flip-down of the scope caps during heavy movement, these are minor issues that can be easily managed and do not detract significantly from the overall performance of the scope.

Moreover, priced at $159.99, the MV-36 offers excellent value for money. 

It combines advanced features and robust construction typically found in more expensive scopes, making it an affordable choice for hunters of all levels.

In conclusion, the Killer Instinct Max View 2-7×36 MV-36 Crossbow Scope is a well-rounded, high-performance scope that delivers in all aspects. 

Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a beginner looking to upgrade your gear, the MV-36 is a worthy investment that will undoubtedly elevate your hunting experience. 

Happy hunting!

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