Lightning Archery 62″ Takedown Recurve Beginners Bow Review

In a realm where precision meets passion, archery has long been lauded as a skill that combines focus, strength, and finesse. 

Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a beginner seeking an introduction to this captivating pursuit, finding the right equipment can make all the difference. 

Enter the Lightning Takedown Recurve – a high-quality, versatile bow that caters to both left and right-handed archers at a price point that won't break the bank.

In this review, we'll delve into the specifics of this recurve bow, exploring its material construction, included accessories, and unique features. 

We'll also assess its performance, discussing its handling, shooting smoothness, and speed. 

Lastly, we'll cover the customer service offered by Lightning Archery, highlighting the brand's commitment to satisfaction. 

This comprehensive analysis aims to provide you with the insights you need to determine whether the Lightning Takedown Recurve is the right bow for your archery needs.

Stay tuned as we take a closer look at this promising piece of archery equipment, priced at just $129.99, that is designed to enhance your shooting and hunting experiences, and to grow with you on your archery journey.


Let's explore the features and specifications of the Lightning Takedown Recurve Bow. We'll begin with a succinct “specs” section before delving into a more detailed discussion of its features, accessories, and user experiences.

  • Model Name: EDGE-PRO
  • Brand: Lightning Archery
  • Color: Wood
  • Material: Maple Wood, Fiberglass, Carbon fiber, Bamboo
  • Draw Weights: 25lb – 55lb (5lb increments)
  • Draw Distance: 28 inches
  • Brace Height: 7.5-8.3 inches
  • Bow Length: 62 inches
  • Handedness: Available in both Left Hand and Right Hand
  • Preinstalled threaded bushings for various accessory upgrades​​.

Detailed Discussion

The Lightning Takedown Recurve Bow stands out with its reliable construction and high-quality materials. 

The riser of the bow is made from a reliable wooden 8-piece bamboo core and sturdy fiberglass and wooden limbs. 

The blend of maple wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and bamboo ensures durability and a comfortable grip for the archer.

The bow comes with a powerful B50 material bowstring, designed to provide a smooth and reliable shooting experience. 

With this setup, archers can focus more on successfully achieving their goals, whether that's honing their skills in target shooting or hunting in the great outdoors.

Included in the set are several accessories, namely:

  • 1 pc Takedown Recurve bow
  • 3 sticks red and white turkey feather carbon arrows
  • 1 pc bow string (BowString Finger Saver)
  • 1 pc bowstringer tool
  • 1 pc bowstring brass nocks
  • 1 pc Arm Guard
  • 1 pc bow stringer
  • 1 pc Arrow Rest Fur
  • 2 BowString Silencer
  • A 23X23 inch target paper​​.

The packaging of the set is designed for convenience and portability, with pearl sponge grooves securing the recurve set and all the accessories placed reasonably. 

It's easy to carry, whether you're going out for hunting or training.

Despite all these promising features, the bow isn't without its critiques. 

Some users have found that the arrows included in the set aren't as durable as they would have liked. 

One reviewer, for instance, found that the fletching came off of two arrows, and the point of another got stuck in cardboard after only one day of use​​.

Additionally, there's a potential issue with the inserts for mounting sights. 

One user reported that these inserts moved with every shot after putting sights on the bow, requiring some modifications to fix the issue​.

On the other hand, this bow has received praise for being beginner-friendly, offering a good feel and balance, especially for left-handed shooters. 

One user even noted that after replacing the default strings with a D-97 replacement string, the bow's performance improved significantly, with no vibrations, hand shock, or string slap​​.

In conclusion, the Lightning Takedown Recurve Bow is a well-crafted piece of equipment with a range of features that are likely to appeal to both beginners and more advanced archers. 

However, those interested in purchasing it should take note of the potential issues with the included arrows and sight mounting inserts.

My Personal Experience

Having used the Lightning Takedown Recurve Bow extensively in a variety of hunting environments, I can attest to its reliability and overall performance.

I remember vividly my first hunting trip with this bow. 

The weather was crisp and cold, a typical early morning in the heart of fall. 

I had taken the Lightning Takedown Recurve Bow with me, intending to test its mettle in the field. 

The moment I held it in my hands, I noticed its smooth and comfortable grip. 

The wooden riser felt sturdy, and the balance was almost perfect, giving me the confidence I needed before embarking on my hunting journey.

As the day broke, I ventured into the woods, the crunch of leaves under my boots echoing through the silent forest. 

I appreciated the lightweight nature of the bow as I navigated through the thick underbrush. 

Even after hours of carrying it around, my arm didn't tire. 

It was as if the bow had become an extension of my body, always ready for action.

There was a moment when I spotted a white-tailed deer in the distance. 

I carefully nocked an arrow, the bowstring feeling taut and responsive under my fingers. 

I took a deep breath, drew the bow, and released. 

The arrow flew true and fast, a testament to the bow's excellent performance. 

The deer barely had time to react before the arrow found its mark. 

The Lightning Takedown Recurve Bow had proven its worth.

However, not all experiences were flawless. 

I remember one incident when I decided to mount a sight on the bow for more precision. 

I noticed that with each shot, the inserts for mounting the sight seemed to move, slightly shifting the sight's alignment. 

I had to modify the bow slightly to fix the issue, but it wasn't a deal-breaker for me.

One more anecdote that stands out is when I decided to replace the default bowstring with a D-97 string. 

The improvement was immediate and impressive. 

The new string completely eliminated any string slap, and the vibrations were almost non-existent. 

It was as if the bow had been upgraded to a whole new level, making the shooting experience even more enjoyable.

In conclusion, using the Lightning Takedown Recurve Bow has been a rewarding experience for me as a hunter. 

Despite a few minor hiccups, its performance and quality are exceptional, making it a reliable companion in the great outdoors.


Price and Value for Money

Priced at $129.99 the Lightning Takedown Recurve Bow offers significant value for money, especially considering the high-quality materials used in its construction and the range of accessories included with the purchase.

The bow is crafted from a reliable wooden 8-piece bamboo core, with sturdy fiberglass and wooden limbs. 

This solid construction ensures durability and longevity, making it a worthwhile investment for both beginners and experienced archers. 

The bow also includes a powerful daclon fabric bowstring, ensuring a smooth and powerful draw.

The Lightning Takedown Recurve Bow package includes several accessories, adding to its value. 

The set contains a takedown recurve bow, a bowstring, a finger guard, a plastic arrow rest, an Allen key, limbs bolts, and built-in security limbs bolt. 

These accessories are essential for any archer, providing everything needed to start practicing or hunting right away.

The bow's performance is another factor that contributes to its value. 

With a smooth handle, accurate shooting, and the ability to fire arrows at blazing speeds, it's an excellent tool for practicing marksmanship or for hunting. 

The ability to adjust the bow's weight also adds to its value, allowing users to tailor the bow to their strength and shooting style.

It's also worth noting that the bow's design allows for the installation of various accessories, thanks to its pre-installed threaded bushings. 

This means that as your skill level increases, the bow can grow with you, accommodating sights, stabilizers, and other accessories.

In terms of value for money, one potential drawback to consider is the reported issue with the sight mounting inserts. 

Some users have reported that the inserts move with each shot, requiring modification to fix the issue. 

However, this seems to be a relatively minor issue, and the overall value offered by the bow still remains high.

In conclusion, the Lightning Takedown Recurve Bow offers excellent value for money. 

Its high-quality construction, performance, and included accessories make it a solid investment for anyone interested in archery, whether for sport, hunting, or just for fun.

What are people saying?

Across the board, the Lightning Takedown Recurve Bow has received positive feedback from users.

Heather, an experienced archer who reviews bows on her YouTube channel, highly recommends the Lightning Takedown Recurve Bow to beginners. 

She applauds its excellent fit and finish, as well as the completeness of the package, which includes everything a new archer needs to get started. 

Heather highlights the easy assembly process with included instructions, and notes that the bow has a smooth draw and is accurately weighted. 

She considers it a great value at its price point.

Charlie, another user, was impressed by the smooth shooting experience provided by the bow right out of the box. 

He notes that the bow has very little vibration and is fairly quiet, which is a key attribute for hunters who require a stealthy approach. 

Even with zero tuning and using the included arrows, Charlie found the bow to be surprisingly accurate.

These positive reviews underline the quality and value offered by the Lightning Takedown Recurve Bow, making it a popular choice for those new to archery as well as seasoned archers looking for a reliable and well-crafted bow.

The Drawbacks

While the Lightning Takedown Recurve Bow has garnered positive feedback for its overall performance, it's not without its minor drawbacks.

A personal incident that comes to mind involves the sight mounting inserts. 

During one of my early practice sessions with the bow, I decided to mount a sight to enhance my accuracy. 

I noticed that with each shot, the inserts seemed to shift slightly, affecting the sight alignment. 

This required a bit of tinkering to secure the sight properly. 

It was a minor hiccup, and didn't dramatically affect my overall experience, but it's worth noting for those planning to use sights.

Another user reported a similar issue, and had to modify their bow to fix the problem. 

While this is a fairly small issue, it might be a slight inconvenience for those who prefer using sights in their shooting.

Additionally, some users have reported that the included arrows aren't of the highest quality. 

For instance, one user mentioned that the fletching came off two of the arrows on the first day of use. 

However, the manufacturer was quick to respond and issued a refund to cover the cost of new arrows.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Lightning Takedown Recurve Bow still holds up as a quality product. 

These small issues are not deal-breakers, but potential buyers should be aware of them when considering this bow.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

The Lightning Takedown Recurve Bow delivers impressive performance and quality, especially considering its reasonable price point. 

With its durable construction, smooth shooting, and comprehensive package that includes everything you need to start your archery journey, it has clearly won the hearts of many archers, both experienced and newcomers.

The bow's high-quality materials and thoughtful design, from the reliable wooden 8-piece bamboo core to the sturdy fiberglass and wooden limbs, ensure a durable, resilient bow that can withstand rigorous use. 

The takedown feature offers flexibility, allowing you to adjust the bow's weight as you grow in your skills, a feature not commonly found in bows at this price range.

The minor issues reported, such as the sight mounting inserts and the quality of the included arrows, are indeed drawbacks, but they don't overshadow the overall value and performance of the bow. 

In fact, they seem more like areas of improvement rather than deal-breaking flaws. 

It's also worth noting that the manufacturer's responsiveness in addressing issues and their dedication to customer satisfaction adds an extra layer of trust and value to the product.

In conclusion, the Lightning Takedown Recurve Bow stands out as a strong contender in its category. 

Whether you're a beginner just starting out in archery or an experienced archer looking for a reliable and well-crafted bow, this product is certainly worth considering. 

Its value for money, combined with its solid performance and features, make it a worthwhile investment for anyone interested in archery.

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