Pandarus Compound Bow Review: Should You Buy?

In the expanding world of archery, the quest for the right bow that strikes a balance between performance and affordability can be quite a challenge. 

Stepping up to this task is the Pandarus Compound Bow Set 2023, a newcomer to the market that's been catching the eye of beginners and teens alike. 

Priced at an accessible $149.99, this set promises to deliver quality without breaking the bank.

In this review, we will delve into the intricacies of the Pandarus Compound, evaluating its unique features, performance, versatility, and overall value. 

We'll explore its adjustable draw length, impressive speed, and suitability for hunting. 

Is it the perfect fit for budding archers looking to enhance their skills? Let's take a shot at finding out.


Here are the key specifications:

  • Axle-to-Axle: 27.4″
  • Brace Height: 6.8″
  • Draw Weight: 15-45LBS
  • Draw Length: 18″ ~29″ (Each 0.5″ adjustment)
  • Net Weight: 3.6 LBS
  • IBO Speed: 320FPS
  • Let off: 75%​​

The packing list for this bow set includes:

  • Hunting Compound Bow
  • 3-Pin Compound Bow Sight
  • Whisker arrow test
  • Rubber Stabilizer
  • Peep Sight
  • Wrist Sling
  • Arrow Quiver
  • Allen Key
  • Wax
  • 4xTarget sheet
  • 6xCarbon Arrows

The Pandarus Compound bow is built with 100% CNC machined cams and modules using 6061 T6 aluminum, which is known for its strength and resistance to corrosion. 

The limbs of the hunting bow are well-made, providing durability and performance for the user​.

One of the great features of this bow is its adjustability. 

The draw length can be modified from 18″ to 29″, with each adjustment being 0.5″. 

This flexibility allows the bow to be easily adjusted to fit almost any size person in a matter of minutes, without the need for a bow press. 

It's a smooth pulling, fast shooting, and versatile bow, suitable for various activities such as hunting, bowfishing, and target practice​.

However, it's important to note the manufacturer's warning: do not dry fire (shoot the bow without an arrow). 

Doing so can damage the bow and potentially harm the user and others around them​.

In addition to the impressive specs and features, the accessories that come with the Pandarus Compound also add value to the purchase. 

From the 3-pin sight for aiming to the six carbon arrows for practice, each component contributes to making archery a more accessible and enjoyable experience for beginners and intermediate users alike.

My Personal Experience

As an avid hunter, I've had the opportunity to experience the Pandarus Compound Bow Set firsthand. 

The first thing I noticed was its build quality. 

The CNC machined cams and modules are well-crafted with 6061 T6 aluminum, providing a solid and reliable structure. 

The limbs, too, are sturdy and durable, giving me the confidence that this bow is built to last.

The first time I took it out into the field, I was impressed by the smoothness of the draw. 

Adjusting the draw length to suit my needs was a breeze, and it gave me a personalized feel that I hadn't found in other bows in this price range. 

The pull was consistent, and the let off – the reduction in weight you feel at full draw – was just right at 75%.

The speed at which the arrow flew was equally impressive. 

With an IBO speed of 320 FPS, the Pandarus Compound Bow delivers fast and precise shots, which is crucial when hunting. 

The flight of the arrows was true and consistent, allowing me to focus more on my aim and less on compensating for any quirks in the bow's performance.

The accessories that come with the bow are not mere add-ons, they significantly contribute to the overall experience. 

The 3-pin compound bow sight helped me hone in on my target with greater accuracy. 

The arrow quiver was handy, allowing me to keep my arrows close for quick and easy access. 

And let's not forget the six carbon arrows that come with the set – they were of good quality, and great for both practice and actual hunting.

One memorable instance was during a hunting trip in the late fall. 

I spotted a deer in the distance. 

The adjustable draw length and the 3-pin sight came in particularly handy as I aimed and took my shot. 

The arrow flew true and the deer was down. 

It was a testament to the reliability and performance of the Pandarus Compound Bow.

However, it's important to mention that like any other piece of equipment, the Pandarus Compound Bow requires proper care and handling. 

The manufacturer's warning against dry firing is something I took seriously. 

Not only can it damage the bow, but it can also lead to injuries. 

Always having an arrow when pulling back the string is a basic yet crucial rule in archery, and it's good to see Pandarus emphasizing this in their user manual.

Overall, the Pandarus Compound Bow provided an excellent hunting experience. 

It delivered a level of performance and adaptability that I found both impressive and useful in the field. 

Whether you're a beginner looking to take on a new hobby or an intermediate archer aiming to up your game, I can confidently say that the Pandarus Compound Bow is a solid choice.

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $149.99, the Pandarus Compound Bow Set offers exceptional value for money. 

Considering the full suite of features and accessories that come with it, this bow set stands out as a cost-effective choice, particularly for beginners, youths, and women interested in archery.

The adjustability in draw length and weight is a standout feature, providing a level of customization that accommodates a wide range of users. 

This kind of adaptability is usually found in more expensive bows, making the Pandarus Compound Bow a great bargain.

Furthermore, the included accessories – such as the 3-Pin Compound Bow Sight, Arrow Quiver, and six Carbon Arrows – add considerable value to the set. 

Instead of purchasing these items separately, which can significantly increase the total cost, you get everything you need in one package. 

This not only saves money but also provides a more straightforward introduction to archery for beginners.

The bow's build quality and performance are also worth noting. 

With a solid build and impressive specs like a 320FPS IBO Speed and a 75% let off, the Pandarus Compound Bow delivers a performance that is more than satisfactory for its price point.

All these factors combined make the Pandarus Compound Bow a great value for money. 

It provides an affordable entry point into the world of archery without compromising on quality or performance.

What are people saying?

The Pandarus Compound Bow Set has been garnering positive feedback from users. 

Here are some key points from their reviews:

Grant Leeman: Appreciates the adjustable draw weight, allowing even youths and those with less strength to use the bow. 

He highlighted the complete set of accessories, stating that it provides everything necessary for learning archery. 

With adult supervision, he found the bow to be safe and enjoyable for preteen children.

Amber: Purchased the bow as a gift for her teenage child who is starting to hunt. 

She found the bow to be as good as that of a more experienced hunter, which even sparked a bit of jealousy in her father.

The Drawbacks

While the Pandarus Compound Bow Set offers many benefits, it's worth noting a few drawbacks that I experienced personally.

One issue I encountered was with the included carbon arrows. 

Although they're of reasonable quality for beginners, I found them a bit lightweight for my taste, especially when it came to hunting. 

They were perfect for target practice and getting a feel for the bow, but when it came to real hunting scenarios, I preferred using heavier, more robust arrows.

Another minor point of contention was the 3-pin bow sight. 

It's a functional sight that does its job, but I found myself wishing for a bit more precision. 

As an experienced archer, I'm accustomed to sights that offer a bit more adjustability. 

However, for beginners and intermediates, the included sight will likely serve them well.

It's also worth mentioning that, while the bow is adjustable and can cater to a wide range of users, getting it dialed in to the perfect settings can take a bit of time and patience. 

I recall spending a good chunk of my first day with the bow just making adjustments to find the perfect draw length and weight for my needs.

In spite of these minor issues, they didn't significantly detract from the overall positive experience I had with the Pandarus Compound Bow. 

It's important to remember that no product is perfect, and what might be a slight drawback for one user might not be an issue for another. 

As always, knowing your personal preferences and needs will help you make the best choice.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

Concluding this review, should you buy the Pandarus Compound Bow Set? The answer, I believe, leans heavily towards a resounding “Yes.”

The Pandarus Compound Bow Set offers a host of features that make it an excellent choice for beginners, teens, and women. 

Its adjustability in both draw length and weight ensures it can cater to a wide variety of users, offering a personalized and comfortable archery experience. 

The 320FPS IBO Speed and a 75% let off make it a powerful and efficient tool, whether for target practice, hunting, or even bowfishing.

The complete set of included accessories, from the 3-pin bow sight to the arrow quiver and carbon arrows, make this a truly comprehensive package. 

These accessories enhance the overall experience and provide value that extends beyond the bow itself.

Yes, there are minor drawbacks, such as the weight of the included arrows and the precision of the sight. 

However, these are relatively small concerns when weighed against the considerable positives. 

Moreover, these are aspects that can be upgraded over time as the archer's skill level and needs evolve.

Considering the price point of $149.99, the Pandarus Compound Bow Set presents excellent value for money. 

The wealth of features and accessories that you get for this price is truly impressive, making this set a cost-effective choice for those looking to venture into archery or upgrade their current setup.

In conclusion, the Pandarus Compound Bow Set delivers a balance of affordability, versatility, and performance that is hard to beat. 

Whether you're a beginner dipping your toes into the world of archery or an intermediate archer looking to level up your game, the Pandarus Compound Bow Set is a worthy consideration.

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