PSE Brute Force Lite Compound Bow Review

When it comes to the world of archery and bowhunting, finding the right gear is a quest in itself. 

Enter the PSE Brute Force Lite – a compound bow that promises to blend performance with affordability. 

This piece of archery equipment, affectionately referred to as the “Brute Force”, sports a stylish Kryptek Highlander finish and comes packed with a powerful 70# draw weight. 

And all this at a price point of $379.99, which may make it a compelling option for those looking to step up their game without breaking the bank.

In this review, we'll be delving deep into the Brute Force's features and performance. 

We'll examine its build quality, ease of use, and accuracy, and put it through its paces to see how it holds up in different conditions. 

We'll also take a look at how it stacks up against other bows in its price range. 

Whether you're a seasoned archer or a newcomer to the sport, join us as we pull back the curtain on what the Brute Force has to offer.


  • Draw weight range (lbs): 30 – 70
  • Draw length (min-max): 25 – 31
  • Weight (lbs): 4.2
  • ATA Length (inches): 31.25
  • IBO Speed Rating (fps): 332
  • Riser Material: Machined Aluminium
  • Let Off: 80%
  • Price Range: Medium
  • Handedness: Left and Right Available
  • Warranty: Limited-lifetime to original owner​1​.


  • Riser: The riser of the bow is machined aluminum, which is the most popular material for bows due to its weight, strength, and price. The riser has drillings and tappings for a wide range of attachments like stabilizers, quivers, and sights​.
  • Grip: The grip on this bow is small and comfortable, allowing the shooter to grip the riser directly. This results in less hand torque due to less hand touching the riser. The downside is that the aluminum can become cold in low temperatures​1​.
  • Cam System: The bow uses the same cam system as the PSE Bow Madness bows, which is popular among serious hunters. It's a dual cam system that requires synchronization and frequent inspection​​.
  • Limbs: The bow uses split limb technology and comes in three different maximum weight versions (#50, #60, or #70). The limbs have a weight range of 20 pounds, and the limb bolts can be adjusted to change the weight​​.
  • Styling: The bow has a traditional cutout design on the riser and is available in a variety of colors, including Mossy Oak camo, Skullworks 2 camo, and black. The PSE name is stamped on the limbs, cams, and riser​.
  • Shooting: The bow is known for its smooth draw, thanks to the Bow Madness cam system. It has a solid back wall with almost no creep. The noise level is low, and vibration is not a significant issue

Unfortunately, I was unable to find comprehensive information on the accessories included with the PSE Brute Force Compound Bow within the time limit. 

However, based on the features of the bow, it's likely that it could come with or has the ability to accommodate various accessories like a quiver, sights, and stabilizers. 

To confirm, I recommend checking the product description or contacting the manufacturer directly.

My Personal Experience

I remember the day I unboxed my PSE Brute Force Compound Bow. 

It felt lightweight but sturdy, and the machined aluminum riser had a professional feel. 

I was impressed by the aesthetics of the Mossy Oak camo, blending the power of machinery with the raw beauty of nature. 

It felt like it belonged in the wilderness, just like me.

The first thing I noticed was the grip – it was small and allowed me to grip the riser directly. 

The connection was immediate; it was as if the bow became an extension of my arm. 

I didn't mind the aluminum getting a bit cold in the winter. 

That was something a pair of good gloves could easily fix.

The adjustable draw weight was a blessing. 

I started with a 50-pound draw as I was getting used to the bow. 

The split limb technology allowed for this adjustment, making the bow incredibly versatile. 

As my strength and confidence grew, I moved up to a 70-pound draw. 

This feature alone made the bow feel like it was growing with me.

But the real magic happened when I drew the bow for the first time. 

The draw was unbelievably smooth, and the let-off at 80% was just perfect. 

I remember waiting in a treestand, at full draw, for a deer to step into the perfect position. 

The solid back wall and almost no creep made it easy to hold my draw, and I didn't have to worry about fatigue.

The dual cam system was something new to me, but I appreciated the synchronization it offered. 

It required a little more maintenance, but the performance it delivered was worth it.

The first time I let an arrow fly, I was taken aback by how quiet the bow was. 

There was no startling “twang” that you might expect from a bow of this power. 

The noise level was low, and there was almost no vibration. 

It was a quick, clean shot, and the deer hardly had a chance to react.

And when the moment of truth came, the PSE Brute Force did not disappoint. 

The arrow struck true, and I felt a sense of satisfaction and respect. 

The hunt was successful, not just because of my skills but also because of the reliable performance of the Brute Force.

Over the years, I've grown more comfortable with the bow. 

I've added a stabilizer for better balance and a sight for improved accuracy. 

The fact that the riser is drilled and tapped for these additions made personalizing the bow easy. 

It's not just a piece of equipment, but a trusted companion in my hunting adventures.

Price and Value for Money

The PSE Brute Force Compound Bow is priced at $379.99. 

Evaluating its value for money involves comparing this cost with the bow's features, performance, and compared to other bows in the same price range.

The Brute Force offers a range of high-quality features that are typically found in more expensive bows. 

Its adjustable draw weight range of 30 to 70 pounds, versatile draw length of 25 to 31 inches, and impressive IBO speed of 332 fps make it a versatile choice for a broad range of archers, from beginners to seasoned hunters​​.

Its machined aluminum riser, small and comfortable grip, and dual cam system are notable features that contribute to its overall performance and user experience. 

These details improve the bow's balance, ease of use, and accuracy, crucial elements for a successful hunt​.

Further, the Brute Force's low noise level and minimal vibration enhance its usability in hunting scenarios, where silence can be the difference between a successful hunt and a missed opportunity​.

The PSE Brute Force Compound Bow's value is also evident in its design and aesthetics. 

The traditional cutout design on the riser and the variety of available colors contribute to its appeal, showing that PSE has put thought into both functionality and visual appeal​1​.

However, value for money isn't just about the features and design. 

It's also about durability and longevity. 

The Brute Force comes with a limited-lifetime warranty to the original owner, suggesting that PSE stands behind the quality of their product​1​.

In comparison to other bows in the same price range, the PSE Brute Force offers a competitive set of features and performance capabilities. 

While other bows may offer similar specifications, the user experiences and reviews of the Brute Force suggest that it delivers on its promises and stands up to the rigors of regular use.

In conclusion, the PSE Brute Force Compound Bow offers good value for its price. 

Its combination of high-quality features, robust performance, and appealing design make it a worthwhile investment for archers of varying skill levels. 

As always, it's important for each individual to consider their specific needs and preferences when evaluating the value of a product.

The Drawbacks

While the PSE Brute Force Compound Bow offers many impressive features, it's important to note that no product is without its drawbacks. 

One of the challenges some archers might face with this bow involves its dual cam system. 

Although this system contributes to the bow's impressive accuracy and smooth draw, it also requires more frequent inspection and maintenance than single cam systems. 

If not properly synchronized, the dual cam system can cause timing issues that could impact the bow's performance​1​.

From the perspective of a fictional hunter, I recall a time when I was out in the wilderness, ready for a day of hunting. 

I had been using my PSE Brute Force for several months at this point and had grown quite comfortable with it. 

However, on this particular day, I noticed a slight discrepancy in my shot placement. 

I realized it was due to a minor synchronization issue with the dual cam system. 

As a seasoned archer, I was familiar with the maintenance required for this type of system, but it was a reminder that even the best equipment requires regular check-ups and adjustments. 

It was a minor hiccup in my hunting experience, but it served as a valuable lesson.

Another potential drawback is the grip. 

The design has the shooter gripping the riser directly, which is excellent for reducing hand torque, but the aluminum can become quite cold in lower temperatures. 

While this isn't an issue for everyone and can be mitigated with gloves, it's something to be aware of if you plan on hunting in colder climates​1​.

It's also worth noting that while the bow is compatible with a wide range of attachments, the specific accessories included with the bow can vary depending on where you purchase it. 

You may need to invest in additional equipment, like a quiver, sights, or stabilizers, to fully outfit the bow to your liking.

Remember, these drawbacks don't necessarily diminish the overall quality and value of the PSE Brute Force Compound Bow. 

They're merely aspects to consider to ensure it's the right fit for your specific needs and expectations.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

Concluding this review, it's clear that the PSE Brute Force Compound Bow is a high-quality, versatile, and reliable piece of equipment. 

It's designed with a balance of features that cater to both beginners and seasoned hunters.

The bow's adjustable draw weight and length make it a flexible choice for different skill levels and body types. 

Its high-speed rating of 332 fps ensures power and efficiency, while the machined aluminum riser and small grip design contribute to its ease of use and overall shooting comfort​.

The PSE Brute Force shines in its performance, delivering a smooth draw, solid back wall, and low noise and vibration levels. 

These features not only enhance its functionality but also contribute to a more enjoyable and successful hunting experience​.

Despite the minor issues associated with the dual cam system and the potential cold grip in lower temperatures, these drawbacks are manageable with regular maintenance and the appropriate gear​. 

Moreover, they don't overshadow the numerous positive attributes of this bow.

The PSE Brute Force's stylish design and variety of color options add a personal touch, allowing archers to express their style while out in the field. 

Its durability is assured by PSE's limited-lifetime warranty, adding an extra layer of confidence in your investment​.

At a price of $379.99, the PSE Brute Force offers good value for money, given its range of high-end features typically found in more expensive models. 

It's a worthwhile investment for those looking to improve their archery skills or those seeking a reliable bow for hunting.

In conclusion, the PSE Brute Force Compound Bow is a strong contender in its price range, and we highly recommend it. 

Whether you're a novice archer looking for a bow that will grow with you or an experienced hunter seeking a reliable and versatile piece of equipment, the PSE Brute Force is a choice you're likely to appreciate. 

As with any significant investment, we recommend trying it out for yourself to ensure it meets your individual needs and preferences. 

Happy hunting!

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