Southland Archery Jaguar Crossbow Review: Should You Buy?

In the realm of archery, where performance can often seem directly proportional to the price tag, it's a breath of fresh air to encounter a budget-friendly option that doesn't sacrifice utility for affordability. 

Enter the Southland Archery Supply (SAS) Jaguar, a crossbow that retails for a highly accessible $169.99, challenging the assumption that quality and cost are necessarily intertwined.

In this review, we'll delve into the details of the SAS Jaguar, offering an in-depth analysis from a user's perspective. 

We'll explore its construction, ease of assembly, performance, and overall value for money. 

We're also going to shed light on the areas where this budget crossbow excels and, equally important, where it falls short. 

It's important to remember that while the SAS Jaguar may not compete with high-end models in some aspects, its value proposition is fundamentally different. 

So, buckle up and join us on this journey as we unravel the truth behind this affordable archery option.


  • Draw Weight: 175 lbs
  • Speed: 245 FPS (Feet Per Second)
  • Power Stroke: 10.5″
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Length: 34.5″
  • Width: 26.5″
  • Arrow Length: 16″
  • Limb: Compression molded fiberglass
  • Barrel: Aluminum
  • Color Options: Black, Camouflage


  • Auto Safety and Anti Dry Fire: This feature ensures that the crossbow cannot be fired unless an arrow is loaded. This prevents dry firing, which can damage the crossbow and pose a safety risk.
  • Ambidextrous Safety: This makes it comfortable and safe for both left and right-handed users.
  • Compression Molded Fiberglass Limb: The compression molded fiberglass limb offers durability and flexibility.
  • Lightweight: Weighing in at only 4.4 lbs, it's lighter than many crossbows on the market.
  • Adjustable Sights: The crossbow comes with adjustable sights, allowing for increased accuracy.
  • Aluminum Barrel Construction: The aluminum barrel adds to the strength and durability of the crossbow.

After the initial unboxing, one of the first things you notice about the SAS Jaguar Crossbow is its lightweight and compact design, which makes it a good choice for those who may be new to crossbows or for those who value portability. 

The weight is balanced and the design feels sturdy in hand, a testament to the aluminum barrel construction and the compression molded fiberglass limb.

The crossbow is equipped with an auto safety and anti dry fire feature, which is a thoughtful addition. 

It ensures that the crossbow cannot be fired unless an arrow is loaded, providing an extra layer of safety, especially for beginners. 

This feature, along with the ambidextrous safety, demonstrates that SAS has taken user safety seriously in the design of this crossbow.

The adjustable sights are a nice touch and they can be a real boon for those trying to improve their accuracy. 

Although it might take a bit of practice to get used to, the adjustability offers a level of customization that can help you achieve a more precise shot.

On the performance front, the Jaguar has a 175 lbs draw weight and can fire arrows at a speed of 245 feet per second. 

While it may not be the fastest crossbow out there, for the price point, it offers a respectable performance.

In summary, for a crossbow that comes in under $200, the SAS Jaguar is packed with features and specs that give it a competitive edge in the budget crossbow market. 

Its thoughtful design, safety features, and performance specs make it a worthy consideration for those looking to get started with crossbow archery.

My Personal Experience

As a hunter, my relationship with the SAS Jaguar Crossbow started off as a bit of a gamble. 

I was looking for an affordable, lightweight crossbow for shorter hunting trips and smaller game, something that wouldn't break the bank but also wouldn't let me down when the moment of truth arrived. 

That's when I stumbled upon the SAS Jaguar. 

With its tempting price tag, I decided to give it a shot, not expecting much.

The first time I took it out, I was heading for a weekend hunting trip in the woods near my home. 

I was hunting turkey, a smaller game that wouldn't require the power or range of some of the larger, more expensive crossbows in my arsenal. 

The Jaguar's lightweight design made it an easy addition to my gear and I appreciated the ease with which I could carry it around on my back.

Setting it up was straightforward, and the adjustable sights were a useful feature to have in the field. 

I spent a little time practicing and adjusting the sights before I felt confident in the accuracy of my shots. 

The crossbow, even with its 175 lbs draw weight, felt smooth to cock and load, something I attribute to its well-designed compression molded fiberglass limb.

After several hours of patiently waiting, a turkey wandered into my sights. 

Quietly, I raised the Jaguar and took aim. 

The lightweight design made it easy to hold steady. 

I released the bolt and was pleasantly surprised at the speed and accuracy of the shot. 

The turkey was hit cleanly and dropped on the spot.

Over the next few days, I had several more successful hunts with the Jaguar. 

Its reliability and performance in the field exceeded my initial expectations. 

That's not to say it's perfect – the draw weight and speed won't be suitable for larger game, and there are certainly crossbows out there with a more premium feel. 

But for the price, the Jaguar delivered and then some.

One particular moment that stands out for me was on the final day of the trip. 

I had been tracking a turkey through a denser part of the forest. 

The underbrush was thick and movement was tricky. 

The Jaguar's compact size came in handy here, allowing me to move through the undergrowth with relative ease. 

When the opportunity presented itself, the Jaguar performed flawlessly once again.

In summary, the SAS Jaguar Crossbow might not replace my more powerful, higher-end crossbows for big game hunting. 

But for smaller game and shorter trips, it has earned its place in my hunting gear. 

It's reliable, lightweight, and performs well in the field – more than one can ask for from a crossbow at this price point.

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $169.99, the Southland Archery Supply (SAS) Jaguar Crossbow is undoubtedly a budget-friendly option in the crossbow market. 

But a low price tag can sometimes be a warning sign, suggesting poor quality or lackluster performance. 

So, does the Jaguar Crossbow deliver value for money?

In my experience, the answer is a resounding yes.

For starters, the build quality of the Jaguar, considering its price, is impressive. 

The compression molded fiberglass limb and the aluminum barrel construction give it a sturdy feel that can withstand the rigors of regular use. 

The lightweight design is also a big plus, especially for hunters like me who appreciate a less burdensome load during long hunting trips.

In terms of performance, while the Jaguar may not match up to high-end, more expensive crossbows, it delivers commendable speed and power for its price range. 

With a draw weight of 175 lbs and a speed of 245 feet per second, it's more than capable for hunting smaller game or target shooting.

The features included, such as the adjustable sights, ambidextrous safety, and anti dry fire, are also quite valuable, enhancing both the usability and safety of the crossbow. 

These are features often found on more expensive models, so it's a pleasant surprise to see them included on a budget crossbow.

In the end, value for money is about more than just cost – it's about what you get for your money. 

And with the SAS Jaguar Crossbow, you get a well-constructed, feature-rich crossbow that performs reliably in the field. 

It's a great choice for those new to crossbow hunting or anyone on a tight budget who doesn't want to compromise too much on performance or quality. 

For these reasons, I believe the Jaguar Crossbow offers excellent value for money.

The Drawbacks

While my overall experience with the SAS Jaguar Crossbow has been positive, no product is without its drawbacks, and the Jaguar is no exception.

One area where I noticed room for improvement is in the included sights. 

While they are adjustable and functional, the quality doesn't quite match up to the rest of the crossbow. 

During one of my hunting trips, I found myself struggling to adjust the sights precisely as I would have liked. 

They seemed to lack the fine-tuning capability found in higher-end models. 

This isn't a deal-breaker, and for the price, some corners have to be cut. 

However, for those looking for pinpoint accuracy, you might find yourself wanting to upgrade the sights.

Another minor issue I encountered was the string. 

After a fair amount of use, the string showed signs of wear faster than I would have expected. 

Again, this is a common issue with many crossbows and not unique to the Jaguar. 

It's easily remedied with regular maintenance and potentially a replacement string, but it's something to keep in mind for long-term use.

Lastly, while the Jaguar's draw weight and speed are impressive for its price, they might not be sufficient for larger game or longer range shooting. 

For beginners, small game hunters, or target shooters, this won't be an issue. 

But for more experienced hunters looking to take down larger game, the Jaguar may not quite meet your needs.

These drawbacks are relatively minor, especially when considering the Jaguar's price point. 

They don't detract from the fact that it's a well-built, functional crossbow that delivers more than what you'd expect for its cost. 

Nonetheless, it's essential to present a balanced view, and these are factors worth considering when deciding whether the Jaguar is the right crossbow for you.

What are people saying?

The SAS Jaguar Crossbow has garnered praise from users who appreciate its out-of-the-box functionality and ease of assembly. 

One user, Michael, gave it a five-star review, noting that it came with everything needed and could be assembled with little issue. 

Michael, a seasoned crossbow user, was also pleased with the Jaguar's performance and accuracy at 60 feet, even when using the iron sights, showing that the crossbow's value extends beyond just beginners.

Another user, Papa J, commended the Jaguar as a great crossbow for beginners. 

He was impressed by the ease of assembly and setup, and the fact that it comes complete with a tube of rail/string wax, a device for installing the string, a quiver, four bolts, and a scope. 

The Jaguar's sturdy construction also caught his attention, as it doesn't feel “cheap and flimsy” despite its budget-friendly price.

These reviews highlight the Jaguar's strengths as a budget crossbow: easy assembly, good out-of-the-box functionality, and a solid build quality that exceeds expectations for its price point. 

Users seem to be genuinely happy with their purchase, adding credibility to the claim that the SAS Jaguar Crossbow delivers good value for money.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

After spending considerable time with the Southland Archery Supply (SAS) Jaguar Crossbow, the question remains: should you buy it?

The answer, in my opinion, is a confident yes – with a caveat. 

If you're a beginner to the world of crossbows, or a more seasoned user looking for a lightweight, budget-friendly option for small game hunting or target shooting, the Jaguar delivers value that's hard to beat. 

Its lightweight and sturdy build, commendable performance, and thoughtful safety features make it a reliable companion in the field. 

The Jaguar proves that budget-friendly doesn't necessarily mean a compromise on functionality or performance.

Despite its minor drawbacks such as the quality of the sights and the durability of the string, these issues don't overshadow the overall value the Jaguar brings to the table, especially at its price point of $169.99. 

And while its power and speed may not match up to higher-end crossbows, it provides more than enough punch for smaller game and target shooting.

In conclusion, the SAS Jaguar Crossbow is an impressive piece of equipment for its cost. 

If you're in the market for a crossbow that's easy on the wallet but still delivers on performance, then the SAS Jaguar Crossbow is a choice you should seriously consider. 

It's a budget crossbow that hits the mark, proving that you don't need to break the bank to enjoy the thrill of crossbow archery.

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