Southland Archery Supply Outrage Compound Bow Review

Welcome to our in-depth review of the Southland Archery Supply SAS Outrage 70 Lbs 31” ATA Compound Bow, a product that has garnered attention in the archery community. 

Affectionately known as the ‘Outrage', this bow stands out with its competitive price tag of $289.99, promising a blend of power, precision, and affordability.

In this review, we'll delve into the Outrage's key features, including its build quality, performance, and user experience. 

We'll explore who this bow is ideally suited for, and discuss its pros and cons based on our hands-on experience and extensive research. 

By the end, we hope to give you a comprehensive understanding of whether the Outrage is the right choice for your archery needs. 

Stay tuned as we draw back the bowstring and aim to hit the bullseye with this review.


  • Draw Length: Adjustable between 25″ – 31″
  • Draw Weight: Adjustable between 30 – 70 lbs
  • Axle to Axle: 31″
  • Let Off: 75-80%
  • Max Speed: 275 FPS
  • Brace Height: 7.5″
  • Net weight: 4.24 lbs
  • Recommended Arrow: 30″ Carbon and Aluminum arrow recommended​1​.

This bow has some distinguishing features, including:

  • Aluminum Riser: The riser is made from aluminum, making it both solid and durable while still being lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • Eccentric Dual Cam System: The dual cam system helps with adjustability and ensures accuracy. It is superior to a single cam system in terms of maintenance and speed.
  • Compressed ABS Limbs: These provide durability and longevity to the bow.
  • Split Limb Design: This design contributes to the bow's durability and makes it lighter than solid limb bows.
  • Right-Handed Design: The bow is designed for right-handed shooters, featuring an ergonomic plastic handle that is comfortable even in cold weather.
  • Color Options: The bow is available in three colors; black, autumn camo, and green camo.
  • Speed: The bow launches arrows at a speed of 270 FPS, making it an excellent choice for hunting​​.

The pro package of the Outrage includes a bow sight, quiver, arrow rest, peep sight, sling, D-loop, limb dampener, stabilizer, and wax, providing you with everything you need to start your archery journey. 

The bow's adjustability in draw weight (55 lbs to 70 lbs) and draw length (26” to 30”) makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of archers. 

Lastly, it features a 70% let-off, meaning that the bow bears 70% of the draw weight, reducing the physical strain on the archer​.

In the next section, we'll discuss in detail how these features contribute to the Outrage's performance and who this bow is best suited for.

SAS Outrage 70lbs Hunting Compound Bow Travel Hard Case Package with Carbon Arrows Quiver

My Personal Experience

One of the most memorable experiences I've had with the Outrage was during a hunting trip in the deep forests of the Pacific Northwest, where the landscape is as unpredictable as the weather. 

As an avid hunter, I was seeking a reliable, robust, and efficient compound bow that would meet my needs, and the Outrage proved to be a worthy companion on this journey.

From the moment I picked up the bow, I was struck by its solid yet lightweight construction. 

The aluminum riser gave it a firm, robust feel without making it too heavy to handle, and the ergonomic plastic handle was surprisingly comfortable, even in the cold weather conditions of that day. 

I vividly remember how the autumn camo color blended seamlessly with the environment, making me feel like a part of the wild.

The true test of the Outrage's capabilities came when I spotted a deer grazing some distance away. 

Adjusting the draw weight to 70 lbs, I took my stance, feeling the powerful draw weight balanced by the 70% let-off. 

The dual cam system ensured the draw was smooth and the bow was ready to unleash an arrow with pinpoint accuracy.

I remember the adrenaline rush as I released the string. 

The Outrage didn't disappoint – the arrow soared through the air, reaching a speed of 275 FPS, and hit the target spot on. 

The speed and accuracy of the bow were indeed as advertised. 

The deer didn't suffer, and I felt a sense of accomplishment for a clean, ethical shot.

In the aftermath, as I packed up my gear, I was thankful for the durability of the compressed ABS limbs and the reliability of the aluminum cams. 

The split limb design made the bow easy to transport, and the included accessories like the quiver and stabilizer proved their worth.

Overall, the Outrage proved itself to be an ally in the wild, a tool that combined power, precision, and comfort. 

It stood up to the challenges of the hunt and the unpredictability of the terrain. 

For any hunter seeking a reliable and efficient compound bow, I would recommend the Outrage without hesitation. 

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $289.99, the Outrage is a mid-range compound bow that offers exceptional value for money considering its features and performance. 

When it comes to archery equipment, it's important to remember that you're not just paying for the physical product, but also for the technology, craftsmanship, and performance it delivers.

The Outrage boasts a range of features often found in higher-priced compound bows. 

Its adjustable draw length and weight, coupled with an efficient dual cam system, give the archer a high degree of flexibility and control. 

The quality of its construction, using an aluminum riser and compressed ABS limbs, ensures durability and longevity. 

Add in the impressive speed of 275 FPS and a 70% let-off, and you have a bow that caters to both the needs of novice and experienced archers alike.

Furthermore, the bow comes with a pro package that includes a bow sight, quiver, arrow rest, peep sight, sling, D-loop, limb dampener, stabilizer, and wax. 

When you consider the cost of these accessories if purchased separately, it's clear that the Outrage offers substantial value.

However, it's not just about the specs and the accessories. 

The Outrage is a bow that performs in the field, delivering on its promises of speed, accuracy, and ease of use. 

As a hunter, these are qualities that can make a significant difference in your experience and success.

While there are cheaper bows available on the market, they often compromise on performance, quality, or features. 

On the other hand, while higher-priced bows may offer additional features or premium materials, they may not provide a commensurate increase in performance for the average hunter.

In conclusion, given its price point, the features it offers, and its proven performance, the Outrage presents excellent value for money, making it a worthwhile investment for those keen on archery or hunting.

What are people saying?

Maverick The Engineer:

  • Calls the bow “The Cannon” and describes it as a great starter bow.
  • Highlights the bow's affordability, which allows room in the budget for additional accessories.
  • Warns about the strength needed to pull the string and the importance of safely adjusting the draw weight.
  • Emphasizes the danger of dry firing the bow and the need for periodic string replacement.
  • Notes the bow's power, comparing the force of the arrow to a handgun bullet and stressing that it should be treated with the same caution as a loaded rifle.

Roland Thompson:

  • Loves the bow as a first-time archer, appreciating its power and accuracy.
  • Prefers to buy his own accessories and mentions that adding a stabilizer and limb savers helped to manage the bow's vibrations.
  • Praises the bow's performance up to 30m and mentions the difficulty of keeping arrows out of the backstop at the range due to its power.
  • Notes that he initially reduced the draw weight to 53.5# but has since increased it back to 73#.
  • Plans to use the bow for hunting mule deer and elk.

The Drawbacks

No product is without its quirks, and the Outrage is no exception. 

While the adjustable draw weight is a major selling point, it's essential to remember that this adjustment isn't a casual affair. 

I recall a time when, caught up in the excitement of my early days with the Outrage, I attempted to adjust the draw weight on my own, without fully understanding the process. 

Let's just say it was a humbling experience, and I quickly learned the importance of closely following the manufacturer's instructions for adjustments.

Another point to consider is the bow's weight. 

Weighing in at 4.24 lbs, the Outrage is not the lightest option available on the market. 

During extended hunting sessions, some may find the bow's weight a bit cumbersome. 

I remember a particular multi-day hunting trip where, by the end, I could feel the strain in my arms from the extra weight.

Lastly, the bow is designed for right-handed shooters only. 

While this isn't a drawback for a right-handed archer like myself, it does limit the potential user base. 

This limitation also makes it challenging to share the bow with left-handed friends or family members who may want to give archery a shot.

These are not major issues, and with careful consideration, they can be managed or worked around. 

However, it's important to be aware of these points when considering the Outrage for your archery needs.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

The Southland Archery Supply Outrage 70 Lbs 31” ATA Compound Bow is a formidable piece of equipment that impresses with its robust performance, versatility, and value for money. 

It's packed with features and offers an adjustable draw weight that's rare in its price category, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned archers alike.

While there are minor drawbacks, such as the weight of the bow and its exclusive design for right-handed shooters, these do not detract from the overall quality and utility of the Outrage. 

The weight, though noticeable during extended use, can also be seen as a testament to its sturdy construction. 

As for the right-hand orientation, it's a common trait among many bows and merely requires potential buyers to be aware of this aspect.

The Outrage is an investment in a tool that's built to last, capable of standing up to the rigors of both target practice and hunting. 

Its powerful performance, coupled with its durable construction, ensures that this bow will serve you well in whichever archery pursuit you choose.

Moreover, the satisfaction of owning and using a bow like the Outrage extends beyond its technical specifications. 

It's about the thrill of hitting your target, the bonding experience of shared archery practice, and the quiet moments in nature while hunting. 

It's about the personal journey of improving your strength and skill, and the Outrage is an excellent companion for this journey.

In conclusion, if you're seeking a durable, powerful, and adaptable bow that offers excellent value for your money, the SAS Outrage 70 Lbs 31” ATA Compound Bow is a choice you won't regret. 

Its performance and price point make it a standout choice in the world of archery. 

Happy shooting!

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