Southland Archery Supply Honor Review: Should You Buy?

In the world of archery, the cost of equipment can often be a barrier to entry. 

However, budget options like the Southland Archery Supply (SAS) Honor crossbow, priced at an approachable $149.99, are challenging this narrative. 

But how does this affordable crossbow fare in the hands of an archer? That's exactly what we're going to explore in this review.

In the following sections, we'll delve into the various aspects of the SAS Honor crossbow, evaluating its performance, durability, design, and value for money. 

We'll also weigh in on its usability for both beginners and experienced archers. 

Remember, while the price tag is indeed appealing, it's important to keep realistic expectations considering this is a budget crossbow.

Our goal is not just to paint a glossy picture, but to provide an honest, comprehensive review that will give you a clear understanding of what you're getting for your buck. 

Whether you're a seasoned archer looking for a practice crossbow or a newbie on a budget, this review aims to provide useful insights for your purchase decision.

Stay with us as we embark on this journey, drawing from a hands-on experience with the SAS Honor crossbow, and let's discover if this budget-friendly option can truly hit the mark.


  • Draw weight: 175 pounds
  • Speed: Approx. 260 feet per second


  • The package includes a recurve crossbow, reflex red dot, quick detach quiver with three arrows, rail lube, rope cocker, and an ambidextrous auto safety.
  • It comes with an adjustable rear stock, enhancing its versatility for users of different sizes and preferences.

These specifications and features indicate that the SAS Honor crossbow is a comprehensive package, offering several components that would typically need to be purchased separately.

The draw weight of 175 pounds is substantial for a crossbow in this price range, suggesting that it could deliver decent power.

The speed of 260 feet per second, while not top-of-the-line, is respectable and should be sufficient for target practice and potentially for hunting smaller game.

The inclusion of a reflex red dot sight is a noteworthy feature, as it can assist with aiming and accuracy.

Similarly, the ambidextrous auto safety feature enhances the crossbow's user-friendliness and safety, which is particularly beneficial for novice users.

The adjustable rear stock allows for customization to the user's size and comfort, making the crossbow more adaptable.

My Personal Experience

One brisk autumn morning, I found myself nestled in the underbrush, the Southland Archery Supply (SAS) Honor crossbow in my hands. 

The forest was still, the only sounds being the occasional rustle of leaves and the distant call of a bird. 

As a seasoned hunter, I've had my fair share of crossbows over the years, but this was my first hunt with the SAS Honor.

Initially, I was skeptical. 

The price tag, though attractive, made me question the crossbow's capabilities. 

However, as I gripped the SAS Honor, I was pleasantly surprised by its comfortable feel and the weight distribution. 

It wasn't as heavy as some of my previous crossbows, which made maneuvering it through the dense undergrowth easier.

While waiting for my quarry, I took the time to appreciate the SAS Honor's design. 

The adjustable rear stock was a noteworthy feature, allowing me to find a comfortable setting that suited my frame. 

The recurve design, while simple, seemed robust and reliable. 

The included red dot reflex sight was a pleasant surprise at this price point, and I was eager to test its effectiveness.

Suddenly, a rustle to my right caught my attention. 

A small deer had made its way into the clearing. 

Carefully, I raised the crossbow, peering through the red dot sight. 

The sight, I noticed, was pretty accurate. 

It allowed me to aim with confidence, despite the limited light filtering through the trees.

I pulled the trigger, and the crossbow fired with a satisfying thud. 

The bolt flew straight and true, hitting the deer and bringing it down. 

The speed of the bolt, while not earth-shattering, was sufficient for this range and the size of the game.

As I approached the fallen deer, I couldn't help but be impressed. 

The SAS Honor had exceeded my expectations. 

Its performance, while not on par with high-end crossbows, was more than adequate for a successful hunt.

However, it's important to note that while the SAS Honor served me well on this hunt, it has its limitations. 

The draw weight and speed, although impressive for the price, might not be suitable for larger game or long-range shots. 

The build, while sturdy, might not endure the rough handling that more expensive crossbows can withstand.

But for an affordable, entry-level crossbow, the SAS Honor delivers. 

It offers a comfortable shooting experience, decent power, and a surprising level of accuracy. 

It might not replace my high-end crossbows, but for a casual hunt or some target practice, it certainly holds its own.

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $149.99, the Southland Archery Supply (SAS) Honor crossbow is undeniably affordable compared to many other crossbows on the market. 

However, when evaluating the value for money, it's essential to delve beyond the price tag and consider the performance, features, and overall experience that the product offers.

The SAS Honor crossbow, despite its budget-friendly price, packs a punch. 

With a draw weight of 175 pounds and a speed of approximately 260 feet per second, it offers a respectable level of power for a crossbow in this price range. 

This makes it suitable for target practice and potentially for hunting smaller game, a functionality that adds to its value.

Its package also includes several additional items, such as a reflex red dot sight, a quick detach quiver with three arrows, and an ambidextrous auto safety feature. 

The inclusion of these accessories contributes to the overall value, as they are components that would typically be purchased separately.

Perhaps most notably, the SAS Honor crossbow offers an adjustable rear stock, a feature that enhances its versatility and adaptability, thus increasing its value for users of different sizes and preferences.

However, it's important to keep in mind that the SAS Honor is a budget crossbow, and as such, it has its limitations. 

It might not deliver the same level of power, speed, or durability as more expensive crossbows, and it may not be suitable for larger game or long-range shots.

But considering its price and the range of features it offers, the SAS Honor crossbow presents a good value for money, especially for beginners looking to get started with archery or for experienced archers in need of a practice crossbow. 

It delivers a decent performance and comes with a suite of useful features, all at a price that won't break the bank. 

It's a testament to the fact that you don't always have to splurge to enjoy the thrill of archery.

The Drawbacks

While the Southland Archery Supply (SAS) Honor crossbow offers a surprising amount of bang for your buck, it does come with a few drawbacks that are worth mentioning.

Firstly, the sight included with the crossbow package, while a nice inclusion, isn't the best in terms of quality. 

I experienced this firsthand during a hunting trip. 

I found that the sight wasn't always perfectly accurate, especially at longer distances. 

It's not a deal-breaker by any means, especially considering the crossbow's price point, but it's something to keep in mind if you're planning on making long-range shots. 

You might want to consider investing in a higher-quality sight if this is a major concern.

Secondly, while the crossbow is relatively easy to assemble, the instructions included aren't the most comprehensive. 

This might pose a challenge for beginners or for those who aren't familiar with assembling crossbows.

Lastly, the power and speed of the SAS Honor, though impressive for its price, might not be sufficient for larger game or long-distance hunting. 

While it served me well during my hunting trips for smaller game, it might not meet the needs of hunters who require more power and speed.

Despite these drawbacks, the SAS Honor remains a solid option for its price. 

As with any product, it's all about weighing the pros and cons and deciding what best fits your needs and expectations. 

With realistic expectations, the SAS Honor crossbow can certainly be a worthwhile investment for beginners and seasoned archers alike.

What are people saying?

The SAS Honor crossbow has garnered a variety of reviews from users, and while some do express reservations, the majority are overwhelmingly positive.

Conrad, for instance, highlights the crossbow's ease of assembly and good shooting performance. 

He acknowledges that the sight isn't perfect but affirms that this is to be expected at this price point. 

Notably, Conrad is confident that the SAS Honor could be easily used for hunting. 

He also debunks the misconception that the butt stock isn't adjustable, indicating that he will provide photos to demonstrate how it can be adjusted—a feature that he appreciates, despite it being different from most crossbows.

Eric, a seasoned bow hunter with 30 years of experience, gives the SAS Honor a perfect score for its price range. 

He praises the crossbow for its comprehensive package, noting that the included accessories alone would easily cost around $100. 

Eric also remarks on the crossbow's quiet operation and its accuracy, recommending it to those looking for an inexpensive hunting crossbow.

These testimonials suggest that the SAS Honor crossbow offers a solid performance and a good value for money, reinforcing the notion that this budget-friendly option is capable of meeting and even exceeding expectations. 

However, as always, individual experiences may vary, and potential buyers should consider a range of reviews to make a well-informed decision.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

After spending considerable time with the Southland Archery Supply (SAS) Honor crossbow, weighing its performance, features, and value for money, the question remains: should you buy it?

Despite its minor drawbacks, the SAS Honor crossbow has a lot going for it. 

For a crossbow at such an affordable price, it offers a surprising amount of power and speed. 

Its draw weight of 175 pounds and speed of approximately 260 feet per second make it more than capable for target practice and hunting smaller game.

The SAS Honor also scores high in terms of accessories. 

The inclusion of a red dot sight, quick detach quiver with three arrows, and an ambidextrous auto safety feature adds considerable value to the package. 

These are components that would typically be purchased separately, so their inclusion contributes to the overall value for money.

The adjustable rear stock is another feature that sets the SAS Honor apart from many other crossbows in its price range, enhancing its versatility and adaptability to users of different sizes and preferences.

While the sight isn't perfect and the assembly instructions could be clearer, these issues are relatively minor when considering the overall package. 

With some patience and potentially a small additional investment in a better sight, these issues can be mitigated.

In conclusion, if you're a beginner looking to dip your toes into the world of archery, or a seasoned archer in need of a practice crossbow, the SAS Honor is an excellent choice. 

Its performance, coupled with its range of features and budget-friendly price, make it a compelling option in the world of budget crossbows. 

The SAS Honor crossbow delivers a solid archery experience that won't break the bank, making it a product worth considering.

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