Southland Archery Spider Crossbow Review: Should You Buy?

In the world of crossbows, the notion that ‘you get what you pay for' is often echoed. 

However, the Southland Archery Supply (SAS) Spider 150lb Compound Crossbow – priced at a modest $233.99 – challenges this cliché. 

Despite its bargain-bin price tag, the Spider brings a surprising package of features to the table that make it a worthwhile contender in the budget crossbow market. 

But does it deliver?

In this review, we will delve into my personal experience with this affordable crossbow, exploring its strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of an active user. 

We'll be looking at key aspects such as build quality, performance, user-friendliness, and of course, value for money.

Expect an honest, no-holds-barred assessment of the SAS Spider 150lb, as we navigate the question: Can a budget crossbow truly satisfy the needs of an archery enthusiast? Stay tuned, as we unravel the intricacies of this budget beast.


  • Draw Weight: 150 lbs – A potent draw weight that assures power in each shot.
  • Arrow Speed: Up to 250 FPS (Feet per Second) – Quite impressive for a budget crossbow, ensuring your arrows reach their target swiftly.
  • Limbs: High-tech fiberglass – This material choice provides durability and flexibility, contributing to the crossbow's overall performance.
  • Construction: Aluminum barrel – Lightweight yet robust, adding to the crossbow's longevity without compromising on maneuverability.

Package Contents:

  • Crossbow: 1 x 150 lb. Spider Compound Crossbow – The centerpiece of the package.
  • 16″ Bolts/Arrows: 2 x Aluminum – Smaller arrows for those who prefer a lighter option.
  • 20″ Bolts/Arrows: 6 x Aluminum – Longer arrows for those who seek a bit more heft and reach in their shots.
  • Scope: 1 x 4×32 Scope – A basic but effective scope to enhance your precision.
  • Broadhead Tips: 3 x 3-Blades – These are designed to ensure maximum damage upon impact, increasing your chances of a successful hunt.
  • Quiver: Holds up to 6 arrows – A convenient accessory for carrying your ammunition.
  • Rope Cocking Device: Makes it easier to draw the crossbow, reducing the physical strain of a 150lb draw weight.

Now, let's dive deeper into these features.

The draw weight of 150lbs on the SAS Spider 150lb Compound Crossbow provides substantial power for each shot. 

This is particularly important for hunting, where a strong shot can mean the difference between a hit or miss. 

However, this also means that the crossbow might be difficult to load for those not accustomed to such a high draw weight. 

Thankfully, the package includes a rope cocking device, which can alleviate this issue by reducing the required pulling force.

The crossbow's arrow speed of 250 FPS, while not competing with high-end models, is quite impressive for its price range. 

This means your arrows will travel fast, reducing the chance for targets to move out of the path after the crossbow has been fired.

The high-tech fiberglass limb and aluminum barrel construction speak to the crossbow's durability. 

Fiberglass is both strong and flexible, reducing the risk of damage from repeated use. 

Meanwhile, the aluminum barrel is light yet robust, making the crossbow easier to handle without sacrificing longevity.

The inclusion of both 16″ and 20″ bolts offers flexibility based on your hunting needs and personal preferences. 

The 4×32 scope, although basic, should provide sufficient magnification and field of view for most hunting scenarios.

Finally, the package comes complete with a quiver for easy arrow storage and transportation, as well as 3-blade broadhead tips designed to maximize damage on impact. 

These features round out the package, making it a comprehensive option for any budding archer or hunter on a budget.

My Personal Experience

As an avid hunter, my first encounter with the SAS Spider 150lb Compound Crossbow was one of pleasant surprise. 

I remember unboxing it and immediately noticing the quality of the aluminum barrel and high-tech fiberglass limb. 

It felt solid in my hands, despite its budget-friendly price tag.

One crisp, autumn morning, I took the Spider out for its inaugural hunt. 

The woods were alive with the rustling of leaves and the distant sound of a creek flowing. 

I was on the lookout for a whitetail deer that had been frequenting the area. 

Nervous but excited, I carried the Spider, appreciating its lightweight build. 

The aluminum construction made it easy to maneuver through the dense underbrush without feeling overly burdensome.

Upon spotting a buck in the distance, I quietly loaded one of the 20″ bolts. 

The draw weight was hefty, living up to its 150lb name, but the included rope cocking device proved invaluable, making the loading process much more manageable. 

As I lined up the shot, I found the 4×32 scope to be basic but effective, providing a clear view of the deer.

The moment of truth came when I finally released the bolt. 

The crossbow's operation was smooth, and the bolt shot out at an impressive speed. 

I could barely see it as it cut through the air and reached its target. 

To my satisfaction, the bolt struck true, showcasing the power and precision of the Spider.

In the aftermath of the hunt, I found myself genuinely impressed with the Spider. 

Despite its budget price, it had performed admirably, even in comparison to some of my more expensive hunting gear. 

The versatility of the provided bolts, the effectiveness of the broadhead tips, and the overall quality of the crossbow made it a memorable and successful hunting expedition.

One area that did take some getting used to, however, was the hefty draw weight. 

Despite the aid of the rope cocking device, the 150lb draw still demanded significant effort, which could prove challenging for those new to crossbow hunting.

Overall, the SAS Spider 150lb Compound Crossbow provided a powerful, high-value hunting experience that exceeded my expectations for a budget crossbow. 

It proved that you don't always have to break the bank to have a successful and enjoyable hunting experience.

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $233.99, the SAS Spider 150lb Compound Crossbow stands as a remarkably affordable option in the crossbow market. 

The question that often arises with budget-friendly options is whether they offer genuine value for money or if they're simply a compromise on quality. 

In the case of the Spider, my experiences suggest it's a case of the former.

When you consider what's included in the package – the 150lb crossbow itself, a selection of 16″ and 20″ bolts, a 4×32 scope, broadhead tips, a quiver, and a rope cocking device – it becomes clear that you're getting a comprehensive starter kit for your money. 

For those new to crossbow hunting, this package offers everything needed to get started without having to make additional purchases.

The performance of the Spider further cements its value proposition. 

With a potent 150lb draw weight and a respectable arrow speed of up to 250 FPS, it delivers a level of power and speed that stands up well, even when compared to more expensive options. 

While it may not compete with high-end models in terms of features or materials, it performs admirably within its price bracket.

However, value for money isn't solely about price and performance; it's also about durability. 

The Spider's high-tech fiberglass limb and aluminum barrel construction suggest a focus on longevity. 

While time will tell how it stands up to extended use, my initial impressions are that this is a crossbow built to last.

Of course, it's important to mention that the Spider may not be for everyone. 

Its hefty draw weight, despite the included rope cocking device, can be challenging for beginners or those with less physical strength. 

Furthermore, the included 4×32 scope, while serviceable, may not satisfy those seeking high-level precision.

Overall, considering its price, the features it comes with, and its performance, the SAS Spider 150lb Compound Crossbow offers significant value for money, particularly for those new to the sport or those hunting on a budget. 

It may not have the luxury of top-tier models, but it delivers where it counts, providing a solid, affordable entry point into the world of crossbow hunting.

The Drawbacks

As with any product, the SAS Spider 150lb Compound Crossbow isn't without its drawbacks. 

One that stands out, as I mentioned earlier, is the significant draw weight. 

While the 150lb draw weight is a boon in terms of power, it can be a bit daunting, especially for beginners or those with less upper body strength. 

The included rope cocking device mitigates this to an extent, but it's still worth noting for potential buyers.

Here's a little anecdote that illustrates this: On a recent hunting trip, I took along a friend who was eager to try crossbow hunting. 

He's a fit individual, but when he tried to load the Spider for the first time, he found the 150lb draw weight to be quite a challenge. 

Despite using the rope cocking device, he struggled initially and needed some time to adjust. 

By the end of the day, he was able to manage it, but it was a steep learning curve that left his arms a bit sore.

Another minor point is the somewhat tricky nature of the open sights and scope mount. 

While not a deal-breaker, it's something that could take a little time to get used to.

Finally, while the included aluminum bolts and broadheads are serviceable, some users have commented that they are not of the highest quality. 

They are perfectly fine for beginners or for getting some practice in, but seasoned hunters may prefer to invest in higher-quality arrows and broadheads for serious hunting.

Despite these drawbacks, I believe that the SAS Spider 150lb Compound Crossbow still offers excellent value for its price, especially for beginners or those on a budget. 

These minor issues are worth keeping in mind, but they don't detract significantly from the overall positive experience of using this budget-friendly crossbow.

What are people saying?

The SAS Spider 150lb Compound Crossbow has been received positively by users, who commend its power, ease of assembly, and excellent customer service:

CC highlighted the crossbow's easy assembly and powerful, straight shooting. 

They chose to leave the scope off for their comfort distance, noting that the included aluminum bolts and broadheads will suffice for the season. 

CC had an issue with a missing rope cocking device, but praised the customer service for addressing the issue promptly and effectively.

Joshua expressed love for the crossbow, stating it's “a really great crossbow.” He mentioned a slight challenge with the open sights and scope mount but noted that the crossbow was easy to cock, even without the included rope cocking device. 

Joshua's consistent accuracy at 25 yards highlights the crossbow's precision, and he recommends it for anyone.

These user experiences further underline the value offered by the Spider, demonstrating its power, ease of use, and reliability in real-world scenarios. 

Users appreciate not only the product but also the prompt and effective customer service that accompanies it.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

In conclusion, the SAS Spider 150lb Compound Crossbow offers a compelling package for its price point. 

With its powerful 150lb draw weight, durable construction, and decent arrow speed, it punches above its weight in terms of performance.

The comprehensive package, which includes a variety of bolts, a scope, broadhead tips, a quiver, and a rope cocking device, provides everything a beginner would need to start crossbow hunting. 

This convenience, combined with the crossbow's impressive performance, makes it a great value proposition.

While it has its drawbacks – the hefty draw weight can be challenging for some, the sights and scope mount may take some getting used to, and the included bolts and broadheads aren't top-tier – these are minor in comparison to the positives. 

Indeed, the benefits of the Spider, particularly its power, ease of assembly, and superb customer service as reported by users, far outweigh these minor issues.

The personal experiences I've shared in this review, from successful hunting expeditions to introducing a friend to crossbow hunting, further attest to the Spider's capabilities. 

It's a crossbow that's not only affordable but also reliable and enjoyable to use.

So, should you buy the SAS Spider 150lb Compound Crossbow? If you're a beginner looking for an entry into the world of crossbow hunting, or an experienced hunter seeking a budget-friendly yet capable crossbow, the answer is a resounding yes. 

With its combination of performance, durability, and value for money, the Spider proves that an enjoyable and successful hunting experience doesn't have to break the bank.

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