Southland Archery Supply Wizard Archery Crossbow Review

In the world of archery, the constant pursuit of precision, power, and performance often leads us down the path of high-end, high-cost equipment. 

But what if I told you that you don't need to break the bank to get started on your hunting or target shooting journey? Enter the Southland Archery Supply (SAS) Wizard Archery 150lbs Short Stock Hunting Crossbow, a budget-friendly option that retails for just $129.99.

In this review, we're going to dive deep into the SAS Wizard Crossbow, exploring its features, performance, and overall value proposition. 

We'll look at how this inexpensive crossbow holds up in a variety of settings and tasks. 

From its build quality and design, to its power and accuracy, to its ease of use and assembly, we're going to put this budget-friendly crossbow under the microscope.

It's important to remember that this is a budget crossbow. 

It won't compete with high-end models in terms of power, precision, or advanced features. 

However, the question we're aiming to answer is this: does the SAS Wizard Crossbow deliver a satisfactory experience for its price point, and who exactly would benefit most from this affordable piece of archery equipment?

Stay tuned as we unpack the potential of this budget-friendly crossbow and evaluate how well it can meet your archery needs without emptying your wallet.

Features and Specs of the SAS Wizard Archery 150lbs Short Stock Hunting Crossbow:

  • Draw Weight: 150lbs
  • Speed: 210 feet per second
  • Power Stroke: 10.5″
  • Total Length: 30″ (Footclaw to Stock)
  • Width: 28″
  • Weight: 5.1 lbs
  • Arrow Type: 14″ aluminum bolt recommended
  • Limb: Compression molded fiberglass
  • Stock: Reinforced composite

The 150lbs draw weight is quite impressive for a budget crossbow. 

It's worth noting that this is the amount of force required to draw the bowstring back. 

This is not a crossbow for the faint-hearted or physically unprepared. 

However, for those able to handle this level of draw weight, it offers a satisfying level of power.

The crossbow boasts a maximum speed of 210 feet per second

While this might not match the speeds of higher-end models, it's a respectable figure for its price point. 

It's more than capable of propelling the bolt with enough force for hunting small to medium game or for casual target practice.

The power stroke, or the distance the bowstring travels from rest to full draw, is 10.5″. 

This impacts the speed and power of the bolt when fired. 

A longer power stroke generally means a faster and more powerful shot, so the 10.5″ power stroke of the SAS Wizard is decent in its category.

The length and width of the crossbow are quite compact, making it a relatively portable and maneuverable piece of equipment. 

It's easy to carry around in the field and doesn't feel too cumbersome or unwieldy.

The weight of the crossbow is also a plus point. 

At just over 5 lbs, it's light enough to handle and carry comfortably, but it still feels solid and sturdy in your hands.

The SAS Wizard Crossbow uses 14″ aluminum bolts, which are fairly common and easy to find. 

The crossbow comes with a few of these bolts to get you started.

The limb of the crossbow is made from compression molded fiberglass, which is a durable and lightweight material. 

It provides a good balance of flexibility and strength, essential for the performance of any crossbow.

Finally, the stock is made from a reinforced composite material. 

This means it's strong and durable, but it also keeps the overall weight of the crossbow down. 

The design of the stock is also worth noting, as it's compact and has a comfortable grip.

Overall, the SAS Wizard Archery 150lbs Short Stock Hunting Crossbow packs a surprising number of features and solid specs into its budget-friendly price. 

My Personal Experience

I remember the first time I took the SAS Wizard Crossbow to my local archery range. 

It was a balmy summer afternoon, and the range was alive with the twang of bowstrings and the thud of arrows hitting targets.

Assembling the crossbow the night before was simpler than I'd anticipated. 

The instructions provided by SAS were clear and easy to follow, which was a pleasant surprise given the budget-friendly price point. 

Holding the assembled crossbow, I was struck by its robust feel and compact design.

The range was relatively quiet when I arrived, giving me plenty of space to set up. 

I loaded a 14″ aluminum bolt onto the rail. 

The mechanism slid smoothly, and the safety catch engaged with a reassuring click. 

Despite its low cost, the Wizard had an air of simplicity and reliability that I appreciated.

I began at the 20-yard mark. 

The 150lbs draw weight was challenging but manageable. 

It offered a sense of raw power, which added an exciting element to the shooting experience. 

I aimed for the center of the target and released the bolt. 

It flew with surprising speed and hit the target with a satisfying thud. 

The crossbow's firing speed of 210 feet per second might not compete with high-end models, but it was more than enough for this distance.

Over the next couple of hours, I experimented with different ranges. 

The Wizard remained consistent and reliable up to about 30 yards, but beyond that, accuracy began to wane. 

This was expected given its specs, and I felt it was more than adequate for casual target shooting and practice.

Throughout the summer, the Wizard Crossbow was my constant companion at the archery range. 

It proved to be sturdy and durable, with the reinforced composite stock and compression molded fiberglass limb showing no signs of wear despite regular use and a few accidental knocks.

The SAS Wizard Crossbow may not have the strength or precision to take down big game, but it has shown me that for target practice and honing your skills, you don't need to invest in high-end equipment. 

For its price, it offers a satisfying and enjoyable shooting experience.

Price and Value for Money

One of the most attractive aspects of the SAS Wizard Crossbow is undoubtedly its price. 

At just $129.99, it's a highly affordable entry point into the world of crossbow hunting and target shooting. 

But the big question is, does its performance match its price, and does it provide good value for money?

In terms of raw specifications and features, the Wizard Crossbow holds its own against other models in the same price bracket. 

With a 150lbs draw weight and a firing speed of 210 feet per second, it's a capable piece of equipment that delivers a satisfying level of performance. 

Its sturdy construction with a reinforced composite stock and a compression molded fiberglass limb suggests that this crossbow can withstand the rigors of regular use, which is essential for any piece of hunting equipment.

However, it's worth noting that at this price point, you are inevitably making some compromises. 

The SAS Wizard Crossbow lacks the advanced features, greater power, and higher precision you would expect from more expensive models. 

There's no scope included, no advanced dampening or tuning systems, and the firing speed and accuracy can't compete with high-end crossbows.

Yet, it's essential to frame these considerations in the context of the price. 

You're not paying high-end prices, so it's unreasonable to expect high-end performance. 

What you're getting with the SAS Wizard Crossbow is a solid, reliable, and capable crossbow that is more than sufficient for beginners, casual users, or those on a budget.

In terms of value for money, it's hard to fault the SAS Wizard Crossbow. 

It delivers a level of performance that is impressive for its price point, and it's robust enough to endure regular use. 

If you're a beginner looking to get started with crossbow hunting, or if you're a more experienced user seeking an affordable backup or practice crossbow, the SAS Wizard Archery 150lbs Short Stock Hunting Crossbow could be an excellent choice.

What are people saying?

The SAS Wizard Crossbow has garnered some positive reviews from users who appreciate the crossbow's sturdy build and performance for the price. 

Here are a few highlights:

One customer highlighted the sturdy construction and was impressed with the speed and power of the bolts, even though he cautioned about the bolts' heads not being screwed in. 

He advised new users to watch a few videos on stringing the crossbow, which could make the process easier, and suggested looping the drawstring behind the trigger before clipping to the firing string. 

Overall, he found the product to be solid and a great buy.

Kathryn, another user, was thrilled with her purchase, calling the crossbow “totally awesome.” However, she echoed the sentiment about the quality of the aluminum bolts, describing them as “terrible.” Despite this, she felt the price of the crossbow was well worth what she received. 

She advised investing in 18″ carbon arrows, which she found to be a significant improvement over the included bolts, even if they cost as much as the crossbow itself. 

Despite some issues that others may have had, Kathryn believed these were most likely due to user mistakes, implying that with proper handling and use, the SAS Wizard Crossbow performs impressively.

These reviews demonstrate that while there may be some aspects of the SAS Wizard Crossbow that could be improved, like the quality of the included bolts, overall, customers seem to be satisfied with their purchase, especially considering the crossbow's affordable price point.

The Drawbacks

While the SAS Wizard Crossbow offers a lot of value for its price point, it's not without its drawbacks. 

It's important to keep in mind that this is a budget crossbow, and as such, it can't be expected to match the performance or features of higher-end models.

One of the main limitations is the quality of the included bolts. 

As several other users have pointed out, the aluminum bolts that come with the crossbow leave something to be desired. 

I had a small mishap where one of the bolt heads came loose during a practice session at the range, causing me to lose the bolt in the target. 

It wasn't a major issue and didn't cause any damage, but it was a reminder that the included bolts might not be of the highest quality.

The draw weight of 150lbs is also something to consider. 

While it can provide a satisfying sense of power, it might be challenging for some users, especially those new to crossbows. 

I recall a friend of mine trying out the Wizard during one of our range days. 

Despite being physically fit, he found the draw weight to be a bit much, and his shots were inconsistent as a result.

Finally, the accuracy and power of the crossbow start to diminish at longer distances. 

For target shooting at ranges up to around 30 yards, it performs reasonably well. 

However, beyond that, you might find your shots start to stray. 

On one particular afternoon at the range, I pushed the Wizard to its limits by attempting a 50-yard shot. 

Despite my best efforts, I struggled to hit the target consistently.

In conclusion, while the SAS Wizard Crossbow does have its drawbacks, none of them are deal-breakers, especially considering the affordable price. 

It's a solid, reliable crossbow that delivers a decent performance for casual target shooting and practice. 

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

As we reach the end of this review, the question that naturally arises is: should you buy the SAS Wizard Archery 150lbs Short Stock Hunting Crossbow?

The answer, in my opinion, hinges on what you're looking for in a crossbow. 

If you're a beginner or a casual user looking for an affordable way to get into crossbow shooting, then the Wizard is a compelling option. 

It's sturdy, reliable, and delivers a satisfactory performance within its limitations.

The 150lbs draw weight provides a genuine sense of power, and the firing speed of 210 feet per second is more than enough for target shooting at shorter ranges. 

Its assembly is straightforward, and its compact design makes it easy to carry and handle. 

The reinforced composite stock and compression molded fiberglass limb attest to its durability, which is crucial for any piece of equipment you plan to use regularly.

Yes, the SAS Wizard Crossbow has its drawbacks. 

The included bolts could be of better quality, and the draw weight might be challenging for some. 

Its accuracy and power decrease at longer distances. 

However, none of these are significant enough to overshadow the crossbow's overall value, especially considering its price point.

With a price tag of just $129.99, the Wizard Crossbow offers excellent value for money. 

It's a testament to the fact that you don't need to break the bank to get started with crossbow shooting. 

While it's not suitable for hunting larger game or competitive shooting, for target practice, casual shooting, or as a starting point in the world of crossbows, the SAS Wizard Crossbow is a worthwhile investment.

In conclusion, if you're seeking a budget-friendly crossbow that delivers a robust performance and provides a satisfying shooting experience, the SAS Wizard Archery 150lbs Short Stock Hunting Crossbow could well be the choice for you.

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