Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown Recurve Bow Review

Welcome to our in-depth review of the Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown Recurve Bow, affectionately known simply as the Tigershark. 

This is a highly versatile bow that boasts an impressive range of draw weights and is designed for both beginners and professional archers alike.

In this review, we will be taking a close look at the Tigershark's key features, design, performance, and value for money. 

We'll also delve into its suitability for various archery pursuits, from hunting to target shooting, and consider how it stacks up against its competitors. 

By the end of this review, you will have a comprehensive understanding of what makes the Tigershark an appealing choice for archery enthusiasts of all skill levels. 

So, let's dive right in and explore what this bow has to offer.


  • Overall Length: 62″
  • Draw Weights: Available in 25lbs, 29lbs, 35lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs, 50lbs, 55lbs, and 60lbs, in increments of 5lbs.
  • Riser: Made of dymond wood, tiger wood, white oak, and padouk.
  • Limbs: Made of hard maple wood wrapped in fiberglass, blacked out and tapered at the ends for a sleek and streamlined look. They also feature reinforced limb tips for compatibility with Fast Flight/Flemish strings.
  • Availability: Both left and right-handed versions are available.

The Tigershark bow is the successor to the original Southwest Archery Tigershark and is designed by the engineers and developers of the original Samick Sage. 

The design combines four naturally sourced woods to create a beautiful bow that has seen a rapidly growing demand. 

The limb pockets have been eliminated to not only black out the limbs completely but also taper the ends of the limbs down, providing a sleek and streamlined look where the limbs meet the riser​.

Moreover, the Tigershark PRO variant offers a Precision Pin-Locking Technology to guarantee exact limb placement for improved performance and accuracy, as well as reduce the overall weight. 

Both the standard and PRO models come preinstalled with threaded bushings for various accessory upgrades, such as mechanical rests and plungers, sights, quivers, stabilizers, or bowfishing reels​.

The package includes a handcrafted riser (left or right-handed), one pair of matching limbs, a 14 strand Dacron string, and a stick-on adhesive arrow rest for the Tigershark Standard & one arrow shelf rug rest on the Tigershark Pro. 

Detailed step-by-step instructions with photos are also provided. 

If you don't already own a stringer tool, it's recommended that you opt to include one in your purchase as it's the only safe way to properly assemble and disassemble your bow​.

Finally, the Tigershark bow promises extraordinary quality at an affordable price. 

It's backed with an industry-leading warranty, where all Southwest Archery bows include a 1-year manufacturer warranty when registered online after purchase​​.

My Personal Experience

As an experienced hunter, my first encounter with the Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown Recurve Bow was nothing short of memorable. 

I had been using a different bow for several years and was initially skeptical about making the switch. 

But after a friend's glowing recommendation, I decided to give the Tigershark a try, and I haven't looked back since.

The first thing I noticed about the Tigershark was its build quality. 

As soon as I unboxed it, I could feel the craftsmanship that went into its making. 

The riser, made of a blend of dymond wood, tiger wood, white oak, and padouk, had a polished, sturdy feel that immediately spoke of quality. 

The limbs, made of hard maple wrapped in fiberglass, gave a sense of strength and resilience, assuring me of its durability in the face of rigorous hunting expeditions.

Assembling the bow was a breeze, thanks to the detailed instructions included in the package. 

I also appreciated the inclusion of the stringer tool, which ensured a safe and efficient assembly process. 

Once assembled, I was impressed by the sleek and streamlined look of the bow, with its blacked-out limbs and tapered ends. 

It wasn't just a functional hunting tool; it was a work of art.

Taking it out for the first time, I found the Tigershark to be incredibly versatile. 

The availability of different draw weights from 25lbs to 60lbs allowed me to fine-tune my setup based on the type of game and conditions of the hunt. 

I was particularly impressed by the Precision Pin-Locking Technology that the Tigershark PRO offers. 

It allowed for exact limb placement, significantly improving my performance and accuracy.

One of my most unforgettable experiences with the Tigershark was during a deer hunting trip. 

It was a cold, frosty morning, and I was stationed in my tree stand, waiting for the perfect moment. 

As a large buck stepped into view, I drew the Tigershark. 

The draw was smooth and the grip comfortable, even in the biting cold. 

As I released the arrow, the bow made hardly any noise, allowing me to remain undetected. 

The shot was accurate and powerful, resulting in a clean, humane kill. 

It was in that moment that I truly appreciated the Tigershark's performance and design.

The Tigershark has been my go-to bow for hunting ever since. 

Whether I'm pursuing deer in the deep woods or stalking turkey in open fields, it has proven to be a reliable partner. 

And with the one-year manufacturer warranty, I have the peace of mind knowing that the company stands behind their product.

In conclusion, the Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown Recurve Bow has not only met but exceeded my expectations as a hunter. 

Its combination of versatility, quality, and performance make it an excellent choice for any hunting enthusiast.

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $75.99, the Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown Recurve Bow offers exceptional value for money. 

In the archery market, it's not uncommon to find bows of similar quality and performance in a much higher price range. 

The Tigershark, however, manages to deliver a high-end experience at a fraction of the cost, making it accessible to both beginners and seasoned archers.

The value of the Tigershark extends beyond its price tag. 

The bow's construction from high-quality, naturally sourced woods, along with its sleek design and blacked-out limbs, give it a premium feel and look that's typically associated with more expensive models. 

The bow's durability further adds to its value, promising long-term use even with frequent and rigorous hunting or target shooting sessions.

Moreover, the versatility offered by the Tigershark, with its range of draw weights from 25lbs to 60lbs, makes it suitable for a wide array of archery activities. 

Whether you're a beginner practicing target shooting or an experienced hunter pursuing game, this bow can adapt to your needs. 

Its ability to accommodate various accessory upgrades adds to its value, allowing you to customize the bow for your specific requirements.

The inclusion of a one-year manufacturer's warranty also boosts the bow's value for money. 

This warranty not only provides a safety net for your investment but also reflects the confidence that Southwest Archery has in the quality and durability of their product.

In conclusion, considering its high-quality build, performance, versatility, and warranty, the Tigershark's price point represents excellent value for money. 

For those seeking to engage in archery without breaking the bank, the Tigershark Takedown Recurve Bow is a compelling choice.

The Drawbacks

While the Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown Recurve Bow offers a multitude of benefits, no product is without its drawbacks. 

As an experienced archer, I believe it's essential to consider these potential downsides to make a fully informed decision.

Firstly, while the Tigershark is available in both left and right-handed versions, the availability can sometimes be limited depending on the draw weight. 

On a couple of occasions, I've had fellow archers express their disappointment when they couldn't immediately find their preferred draw weight in the left-handed version. 

While this is more of an availability issue than a product flaw, it's something to keep in mind when purchasing.

Another slight downside is the weight. 

While the Tigershark's weight contributes to its sturdiness and stability, it can be a bit heavy for some archers, particularly younger ones or those with less physical strength. 

I remember a time when my teenage nephew tried out my Tigershark. 

He loved the feel and precision of the bow but found it a bit challenging to handle due to its weight.

Lastly, while the included instructions are generally clear and helpful, they might not be sufficient for absolute beginners. 

When I first assembled my Tigershark, having had prior experience with takedown bows, I found the process straightforward. 

However, a friend of mine who was new to archery found the assembly process a bit daunting and had to resort to online tutorials for additional guidance.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Tigershark remains a high-quality, value-for-money bow that delivers an impressive performance. 

As with any product, prospective buyers should consider their personal needs, preferences, and experience levels to ensure it's the right fit for them.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

After thoroughly analyzing the features, performance, value, and minor drawbacks of the Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown Recurve Bow, the question remains: should you buy it?

The answer, in my opinion, is a resounding yes.

The Tigershark offers remarkable quality and performance that rivals more expensive models in the market. 

It's designed with a blend of naturally sourced woods, providing not just aesthetic appeal but also durability and strength. 

With draw weights ranging from 25lbs to 60lbs, it caters to a wide range of archery needs, from beginner target practice to seasoned hunting expeditions.

Its value for money is indisputable. 

Priced at $75.99, the Tigershark offers features and quality typically found in higher-priced bows. 

The inclusion of a one-year manufacturer warranty further enhances its value, providing confidence in your investment.

While there are minor drawbacks, such as occasional availability issues for specific draw weights and potential weight concerns for younger or less physically strong archers, these are far outweighed by the bow's positives. 

And for beginners finding the assembly process challenging, remember that there are plenty of online resources and tutorials available to guide you.

My personal experience with the Tigershark, from hunting trips to target shooting sessions, has been overwhelmingly positive. 

It's a reliable, high-performing bow that has consistently met and exceeded my expectations.

In conclusion, whether you're a beginner looking for your first bow or an experienced archer seeking a reliable and high-performing bow, the Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown Recurve Bow is a fantastic choice. 

Its combination of performance, quality, versatility, and affordability make it a standout option in the world of archery. 

If you're considering making a purchase, the Tigershark is well worth your consideration.

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