Surwolf Compound Bow Review: Should You Buy?

In the realm of archery, the hunt for the perfect bow is a quest that every enthusiast embarks upon at some point. 

That journey may just come to an end with the Surwolf Compound Bow Kit. 

Boasting an impressive set of features and made with limbs originating from the USA, this kit is a tantalizing proposition for both beginners and seasoned archers alike. 

With an adjustable draw weight, a flexible draw length, and a speed that reaches up to IBO 320FPS, it's clear that the Surwolf is designed with precision, versatility, and speed in mind.

In this review, we'll be diving deep into the heart of the Surwolf, examining its construction, performance, and the array of hunting accessories that it comes with. 

We'll explore how this bow holds up in different hunting and target shooting scenarios, discussing its merits and potential areas for improvement. 

Whether you're a first-time archer looking for an all-inclusive kit or a veteran hunter seeking to upgrade, this review aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what the Surwolf has to offer. 

So, strap in and get ready for an in-depth analysis of this promising compound bow kit priced at a competitive $359.00.


  • Model Name: Compound Bow Set
  • Brand: Surwolf
  • Color: Black, Grey
  • Material: Carbon, Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation: Right Hand
  • IBO Speed: 320 FPS
  • Axle to Axle: 32″
  • Draw Weight: 30-70lbs (Adjustable)
  • Draw Length: 19″ -31″ (Adjustable)
  • Brace Height: 7.4″
  • Let-off: 80

One of the standout features of the Surwolf is its use of USA-made Gordon limbs. 

These limbs are wider in size, enhancing safety and providing unmatched power and consistency for archers of all skill levels. 

The cams and modules are made from 100% Aluminum, with no plastic components, ensuring full safety and lifetime durability. 

Plus, the high-end strings will squeeze all the speed out of every shot, maximizing your performance​1​

The Surwolf comes ready to shoot/hunt out of the box. 

The package includes a range of accessories:

  • 1x Compound Bow
  • 1x Five Pin Optical Bow Sight
  • 1x Arrow Rest
  • 1x Rubber Stabilizer
  • 1x Aluminum Alloy Stabilizer
  • 1x Arrow Puller
  • 1x Bow Release (Adjustable)
  • 1x Allen Keys
  • 1x Bowstring Wax
  • 1x Peep Sight
  • 1x Arrow Quiver
  • 20x 30 inch Carbon Arrow
  • 5x Target Paper
  • 1x Bow Wrist Sling
  • 1x Bow Stand
  • 1x Quick Disconnect Quiver.

Do note that the Surwolf is designed exclusively for right-handed archers. 

This means you will hold the bow in your left hand, pull the strings with your right hand, and aim with your right eye. 

This configuration makes the Surwolf perfect for outdoor hunting, target shooting training, practice, and competition sport games​​.

The Surwolf comes with a limited lifetime warranty on main parts after your registration within 30 days of purchase. 

And as a warm notice from the manufacturer, remember to read the manual carefully before shooting. 

Never dry fire (shoot without an arrow) as this could damage the bow and potentially cause injury to you and those around you​.

With these comprehensive features and specs, the Surwolf Compound Bow Kit seems to be a great investment for both beginners and experienced archers.

My Personal Experience

As a seasoned hunter, my journey with the Surwolf began on a chilly autumn morning. 

I had heard good things about the bow and was curious to see how it would hold up in the field. 

Having taken numerous bows into the wilderness over the years, I was skeptical but hopeful.

The first thing I noticed when I unboxed the Surwolf was its solid build and sleek design. 

The black and grey colors gave it a stealthy look that I instantly appreciated. 

Holding it in my hands, the bow felt reassuringly robust, but not overly heavy, a balance that is often hard to achieve. 

The Gordon limbs, wider in size and made in the USA, exuded quality, and the promise of power and consistency.

On my first hunting trip with the Surwolf, I was hunting deer in a dense forest. 

The adjustable draw weight was an absolute boon. 

I could set it to my preferred weight, which gave me the confidence and control I needed for a clean, ethical kill. 

The bow's draw length, adjustable from 19″ -31″, was another feature that allowed me to customize the bow to my liking, tailoring it to my height and draw style.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Surwolf is its speed. 

With an IBO of 320 FPS, the arrow flew quickly and accurately to the target. 

This proved invaluable in the field, where speed and precision can mean the difference between success and failure. 

The 80% let-off also meant that I could hold the bow at full draw for a while without straining my muscles, providing me with the time I needed to make sure my aim was true.

The Five Pin Optical Bow Sight included in the kit played a significant role in my success. 

It was easy to adjust and provided clear, accurate sight lines. 

The included stabilizers, both rubber and aluminum alloy, helped to reduce vibration and noise – crucial factors when you're stalking wary prey.

One particular hunt stands out in my memory. 

I was tracking a large buck through the underbrush. 

The Surwolf's 32″ axle-to-axle length made it maneuverable in the dense forest, while the adjustable draw weight allowed me to maximize my power for a larger game. 

When the moment came, I drew the bow, the aluminum cams and modules moving smoothly and silently. 

I took my shot, and the arrow flew true, bringing down the buck.

Despite its performance, the Surwolf demands respect. 

Dry firing, or shooting without an arrow, is strictly warned against. 

I once accidentally did this, and the resulting shock to the bow served as a stark reminder to always check before drawing.

All in all, the Surwolf Compound Bow Kit has proven itself to be a reliable, versatile, and powerful tool in the field. 

Whether I'm hunting game or simply practicing my archery, it's a bow that I've come to trust and enjoy using.

Compound Bow Kit, Hunting and Target

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $359.00, the Surwolf Compound Bow Kit certainly doesn't fall into the category of budget bows. 

However, considering the quality of the construction, the features it offers, and the range of accessories included, it delivers considerable value for money.

The Surwolf is a bow designed with flexibility in mind. 

The adjustable draw weight and draw length are features that often come with higher-end bows, allowing users to tailor the bow to their specific needs and preferences. 

This is especially valuable for beginners who are still finding their comfort zone, as well as more experienced archers who want to fine-tune their equipment.

The use of quality materials in the construction of the Surwolf, such as the USA-made Gordon limbs and the 100% aluminum cams and modules, ensures durability and performance. 

You can expect this bow to last for years, even with regular use, which makes the upfront cost a worthwhile investment.

The inclusion of numerous accessories in the package also adds to the value proposition. 

From the Five Pin Optical Bow Sight and the arrow rest to the stabilizers and a set of 20 carbon arrows, the Surwolf kit provides almost everything you need to start shooting right out of the box. 

If you were to purchase these accessories separately, the cost could quickly add up, making the bundled offering a more economical choice.

One important aspect to keep in mind is the limited lifetime warranty on main parts offered by the manufacturer. 

This shows the company's confidence in their product and provides peace of mind to the consumer, adding to the overall value for money.

In summary, while the Surwolf Compound Bow Kit may require a somewhat significant initial investment, the quality, performance, and range of included accessories make it a worthwhile purchase for those serious about their archery. 

It offers great value for money, especially for those looking for a long-lasting, reliable, and customizable bow.

What are people saying?

Bradley, an archery enthusiast working towards hunting, compared the Surwolf favorably to a $1000 Hoyt package. 

He appreciated the ease of adjustment and comfort of the bow and found the included accessories to be satisfactory. 

He singled out the sight for its quality and backlight feature. 

While he noted that some accessories, like the rest and release, weren't as high quality as his fiancé’s Hoyt, he mentioned that they functioned well and could be upgraded in the future if necessary. 

Bradley was thrilled with his purchase and recommended others to give the Surwolf a try.

Nathanyal, a beginner to archery, praised the Surwolf for its ease of assembly and sighting. 

He recommended the bow for beginners due to its simplicity and ease of use. 

Although he felt the included arrows could be of better quality, he was overall extremely happy with his purchase. 

He humorously noted feeling like Robin Hood with the arrow quiver, and encouraged those who have never owned or used a bow to start with the Surwolf.

These reviews highlight the Surwolf's appeal to a wide range of users, from beginners like Nathanyal to more experienced archers like Bradley, who are looking for a solid, affordable bow for practice or hunting.

The Drawbacks

While the Surwolf Compound Bow Kit has a lot going for it, it's only fair to mention some drawbacks that potential buyers might want to consider.

One thing that I personally noticed during my hunting trips was the quality of the included arrows. 

Nathanyal's review pointed this out as well, and I have to agree with him. 

While they're serviceable for practice or casual target shooting, their quality doesn't quite match up to the bow itself. 

If you're planning to go hunting or compete in archery, you may want to consider investing in higher-quality arrows for the best performance.

Another minor gripe I had was with the included arrow rest. 

While it works perfectly fine, I found it a little less durable compared to some other models I have used in the past. 

This isn't a deal-breaker by any means, and it's an easy and relatively inexpensive part to upgrade if you feel the need.

Lastly, while the bow is adjustable and thus suitable for a wide range of draw lengths and weights, this might not be the best fit for archers with a very short or very long draw length. 

As with any bow, it's important to ensure the specifications match your physique and style before making a purchase.

Despite these drawbacks, it's important to remember that no product is perfect, and the Surwolf offers a lot of value and versatility for its price. 

These minor issues certainly haven't detracted from my overall positive experience with the bow.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

Having thoroughly examined the Surwolf Compound Bow Kit, I can confidently say that it's a product worth considering for both beginners and more seasoned archers. 

The bow's adjustable draw weight and draw length, combined with its high-quality construction, make it a versatile and reliable tool for both hunting and target shooting.

While the Surwolf does come with a few minor drawbacks, such as the quality of the included arrows and the arrow rest, these issues are relatively minor and easily addressed. 

Importantly, they don't detract from the overall value and performance that this bow offers.

The positive experiences shared by users like Bradley and Nathanyal further underscore the Surwolf's appeal. 

Whether you're a novice looking to get started in archery or a more experienced archer in search of a reliable, affordable bow for practice or hunting, the Surwolf Compound Bow Kit is a compelling option.

The bow's solid performance, coupled with the range of accessories included in the kit, offers great value for the price. 

Its quality construction promises durability and longevity, while the adjustable features allow for a personalized archery experience.

In conclusion, if you're in the market for a compound bow that offers a blend of performance, versatility, and value, the Surwolf Compound Bow Kit is definitely worth considering. 

Whether your goal is to hone your target shooting skills or venture into the wilderness for a hunt, the Surwolf is a companion that won't let you down.

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