TenPoint Siege RS410 Crossbow Review: Should You Buy?

In the world of archery, there's a profound sense of power and precision that comes with owning a high-quality crossbow.

Today, we'll be diving deep into the heart of such a marvel – the TenPoint Siege RS410 Crossbow.

With a hefty price tag of $1,799.99, it stands firmly in the high-end realm of crossbow equipment.

But does it justify this premium cost with its performance and features?

I've had the privilege of experiencing this crossbow firsthand, and I'm eager to share my insights.

In this review, we're going to unpack every facet of the TenPoint Siege RS410.

We'll take a look at its build quality and design, analyzing the materials used and its overall aesthetics.

We will then delve into its performance characteristics, examining its speed, accuracy, and ease of use.

This includes a thorough look at the trigger system, cocking mechanism, and overall balance of the crossbow.

We'll also discuss the practical aspects, such as its suitability for different types of hunting and target shooting, and the value it provides for its price.

Additionally, we'll touch upon the accessories that come with the Siege RS410 and how they enhance (or possibly detract from) the overall experience.

Lastly, we'll round up with a comparison to other high-end crossbows in the market, giving you a broader perspective on where the TenPoint Siege RS410 stands in the competition.

So, buckle up as we venture into the depths of the TenPoint Siege RS410 – a crossbow that promises power, precision, and premium performance.


  • Speed: 410 FPS (Feet per Second)
  • Draw Weight: 220 lbs
  • Crossbow Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 26.5″ L x 12″ W (cocked), 30″ L x 14″ W (uncocked)
  • Power Stroke: 13.5″
  • Kinetic Energy: 140 Ft-lbs
  • Axle-to-Axle Width: 7.5″ (cocked), 12″ (uncocked)

Now, let's break down these specs and delve into what they mean for the user experience.

Firstly, the speed of 410 FPS is truly impressive, placing the Siege RS410 among the fastest crossbows on the market. This high velocity translates into a flatter trajectory and more kinetic energy upon impact, which is crucial for both hunting and target shooting.

The draw weight of 220 lbs is relatively high, indicating the power of the crossbow.

However, with TenPoint's ACUdraw technology (which is generally part of their high-end models), the actual effort required to cock the bow would be significantly reduced, making it accessible even for those who may not have significant physical strength.

With a weight of 7.5 lbs, the Siege RS410 is not the lightest crossbow out there, but it's still manageable for most adults.

The slightly higher weight could contribute to stability during shooting, but it may also be a factor to consider for those planning long hunting trips where the equipment needs to be carried around for extended periods.

The dimensions and axle-to-axle width indicate a fairly compact design, especially when cocked.

This makes the Siege RS410 suitable for various hunting scenarios, including those that require maneuvering in tighter spaces.

Finally, the power stroke of 13.5″ and kinetic energy of 140 Ft-lbs are significant contributors to the high speed and power of this crossbow.

A longer power stroke usually means that the arrow stays in contact with the string for a longer distance, which in turn results in higher speed and energy.

In conclusion, the specifications of the TenPoint Siege RS410 reveal a powerful, fast, and compact crossbow, albeit with a somewhat higher draw weight and overall weight.

These features suggest a product designed for serious archers and hunters who prioritize performance and power.

My Personal Experience

It was early morning, just as the first light began to break through the treetops. The air was cool and crisp, carrying the quiet whispers of the woods.

In my hands, I held the TenPoint Siege RS410, its weight providing a comforting sense of sturdiness.

The day marked my first hunting trip with this high-end crossbow, and anticipation tingled in my veins.

As I carefully moved through the dense foliage, I immediately noticed the compactness of the Siege RS410. Despite its weight, the crossbow never felt unwieldy or burdensome.

The relatively small axle-to-axle width, especially when cocked, allowed me to maneuver through the underbrush with ease, a significant advantage in the thick, tangled forest where my hunt was taking place.

A rustle to my right caught my attention, and I found myself face-to-face with a mature whitetail buck, its antlers a majestic crown in the soft morning light.

My heart pounded in my chest as I slowly raised the Siege RS410, carefully aiming at the deer.

The ACUdraw system was a game changer. Drawing the 220 lbs of weight was surprisingly smooth and effortless, a contrast to the raw power I knew was contained within the bow.

The design of the crossbow distributed the weight evenly, providing a balanced feel that helped steady my aim.

As I released the trigger, the arrow whizzed through the air with a speed that was almost too quick for the eye to follow.

The crossbow's 410 FPS velocity held true, and the arrow found its mark with a resounding impact.

The buck, startled, took off into the trees, but it didn't get far.

As I made my way towards my quarry, I couldn't help but marvel at the precision and power of the TenPoint Siege RS410.

It was a hunting experience unlike any I had before, a perfect blend of modern technology and ancient skill.

From that day forward, the Siege RS410 has been my trusted companion on many hunts.

Despite its higher weight, the balance and compact design of the crossbow, along with its remarkable power and speed, have made it an irreplaceable tool in my hunting arsenal.

The price tag may be steep, but in the heat of the hunt, when the arrow finds its mark time and again, it's a cost that feels well justified.

TenPoint Siege RS410 Crossbow | TenPoint Crossbows - YouTube

Price and Value for Money

There's no avoiding the elephant in the room: the TenPoint Siege RS410 comes with a steep price tag of $1,799.99.

Such a significant investment naturally raises questions about its value for money. Is it really worth the cost?

In my experience as a hunter and a user of this crossbow, the answer is a resounding yes.

That being said, it's important to consider your individual needs and circumstances.

If you're a novice archer or if you only occasionally partake in crossbow activities, the Siege RS410 might be more than what you need.

But if you're a serious hunter or target shooter, if you value high performance and reliability, and if you have the budget for it, the TenPoint Siege RS410 offers considerable value for its price.

The initial investment may be high, but the returns—in terms of both performance and satisfaction—can be equally high.

The Drawbacks

No product is without its drawbacks, and the TenPoint Siege RS410 Crossbow is no exception.

While its performance and build quality are exceptional, there are a few aspects that may give some users pause.

One of the main concerns is the crossbow's weight.

While the weight contributes to the crossbow's stability when shooting, it can be a bit of a burden during extended periods of carrying or maneuvering.

The second drawback is the price. E

ven though we've discussed the value for money, there's no denying that the initial cost is high.

This might put it out of reach for beginners or casual enthusiasts who aren't ready to invest heavily in a crossbow.

Lastly, while the draw weight of 220 lbs is easily manageable thanks to the ACUdraw system, it still requires some physical strength and can be intimidating for beginners or younger users.

However, it's important to note that these drawbacks are relatively minor and situational.

For many users, especially those who are serious about their archery or hunting, the advantages of the Siege RS410 outweigh these potential issues.

But for others, especially those who are new to the sport or who have specific needs or constraints, these drawbacks might be worth considering.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

After having experienced the TenPoint Siege RS410 Crossbow firsthand, and having navigated its highs and lows, the question arises: should you buy it?

In my opinion, if you're a dedicated hunter or archer looking for a powerful, fast, and reliable crossbow, the answer is a definitive yes.

The Siege RS410 stands out for its exceptional performance. With a speed of 410 FPS and a draw weight of 220 lbs, it offers a level of power and speed that few other crossbows can match.

The ACUdraw technology makes the high draw weight manageable, and the overall design of the crossbow—compact yet sturdy—makes it suitable for a wide range of hunting scenarios.

Yes, it's heavier than some other crossbows, and yes, the price tag is steep.

But in the grand scheme of things, these drawbacks are overshadowed by the remarkable benefits this crossbow brings to the table.

The weight contributes to stability when shooting, and the cost, while high, is justified by the exceptional quality and performance of the product.

Moreover, the value of the Siege RS410 extends beyond its physical specifications.

The satisfaction of using a high-quality tool, the thrill of hitting your mark with pinpoint accuracy, the confidence that comes from knowing you're equipped with one of the best crossbows on the market—these are intangible benefits that add to the overall value of the product.

To conclude, the TenPoint Siege RS410 Crossbow is a high-end piece of equipment that delivers on its promise of power, precision, and premium performance.

While it may not be the right fit for everyone, for those who are serious about their craft and ready to invest in a top-tier crossbow, it's an option that's certainly worth considering.

It's a product that embodies the essence of what a high-quality crossbow should be—a tool that enhances your skills, ensures success in the field, and brings a sense of satisfaction that's hard to match.

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