TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow Review: Should You Buy?

Welcome to our in-depth review of the TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow, a premium piece of hunting equipment that promises a harmonious blend of power, precision, and cutting-edge technology.

Priced at $1,699.99, this crossbow is certainly a significant investment.

The question is, does it deliver value that matches its price tag?

In this review, we will take you through our personal experience of using the Viper S400, providing a hands-on perspective that's aimed at helping you make an informed decision.

We will explore the crossbow's design and construction, handling and comfort, performance in the field, and the overall user experience.

We will also discuss the unique features that set it apart from the competition, as well as any potential drawbacks we have discovered.

Whether you're a seasoned hunter looking for an upgrade, or a beginner crossbow enthusiast seeking a reliable starting point, our review aims to offer valuable insights into the TenPoint Viper S400.

Stay tuned as we delve into the nitty-gritty of this high-end crossbow.

TenPoint Viper S400 Specifications

Before we dive into a more detailed discussion about the TenPoint Viper S400, let's take a look at its basic specifications:

  • Speed: 400 FPS
  • Draw Weight: 250 lbs
  • Physical Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 32″ Length x 11.3″ Width (cocked) / 14.5″ Width (uncocked)
  • Power Stroke: 11 Inches
  • Axle-to-Axle Width: 11 inches (cocked) / 14.5 inches (uncocked)

Now that we've laid out the key specifications, let's delve deeper into what these numbers really mean for the user experience.

The Viper S400 boasts a commendable speed of 400 FPS.

This is a significant feature for hunters, as it contributes to the crossbow's power and the ability to take down game effectively.

Remember, speed not only helps with the initial impact but also with maintaining the trajectory and ensuring the bolt reaches the target before it can move.

The draw weight of 250 lbs is on the higher end of the spectrum, implying that it requires considerable strength to cock.

However, the S400 comes with an ACUslide cocking device which makes the task manageable and reduces the risk of injury.

Weighing in at 7.5 lbs, the Viper S400 is not the lightest crossbow on the market, but it's still manageable for most adults.

The weight distribution is well-balanced, which goes a long way in ensuring stability and comfort during long hunting sessions.

The dimensions of the crossbow lend it an impressive balance between size and power.

Its compact design is perfect for hunting in dense areas, allowing for easy maneuverability.

The power stroke of 11 inches combined with the narrow axle-to-axle width contributes to the power and speed, making the S400 a reliable choice for various hunting scenarios.

In the following sections, we'll explore how these features translate into performance and usability in real-world conditions.

My Personal Experience

The first time I took the TenPoint Viper S400 out for a hunting trip, I was heading into dense woodland, a perfect testing ground for the crossbow's compact design.

As I navigated through the undergrowth, the crossbow felt comfortable and well-balanced in my hands.

The weight of 7.5 lbs might seem a bit on the heavier side on paper, but in practice, it provided a reassuring stability without being cumbersome.

One particular incident stands out from that day.

I was tracking a deer, moving stealthily through the dense forest.

When I finally spotted it, the deer was about 35 yards away, partially hidden behind foliage.

This was the moment to test the Viper S400's precision and power. I took aim and let the bolt fly.

The crossbow's response was immediate, launching the bolt at a speed that left me impressed.

Within a split second, the bolt had found its mark.

I marveled at the crossbow's accuracy, the bolt had hit exactly where I aimed.

In another instance, I was out in the field just at the break of dawn.

The morning was chilly, and my fingers were cold despite my gloves.

I spotted a target at a significant distance. Cocking the crossbow could have been a struggle with the 250 lbs draw weight, especially with my cold, stiff fingers.

But thanks to the ACUslide cocking device, I managed to cock the crossbow with relative ease, without making much noise.

Then there was the time I was out hunting in a drizzle. The weatherproof construction of the Viper S400 was put to test.

Despite the damp conditions, the crossbow performed flawlessly, the wet weather didn't seem to affect its operation or accuracy.

The grip was secure, and the bowstring did not slacken, maintaining the tension needed for an effective shot.

Each of these experiences highlighted to me different aspects of the Viper S400's performance – its power, accuracy, ease of use, and resilience in various conditions.

It's been a reliable companion on my hunts, consistently delivering on its promises.

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Price and Value for Money

Priced at $1,699.99, the TenPoint Viper S400 is definitely on the higher end of the cost spectrum when it comes to crossbows.

However, when assessing value for money, it's important to consider not just the price tag, but what you're getting for that price.

The Viper S400 isn't a basic crossbow; it's a top-of-the-line model packed with advanced features and constructed with high-quality materials.

Its robust performance, combined with its durability, make it a long-term investment for any serious hunter.

The high speed of 400 FPS and a commendable draw weight of 250 lbs ensure that this crossbow packs a punch in terms of power.

The inclusion of the ACUslide cocking device, which makes the high draw weight manageable, is another high-value feature.

Its compact and ergonomic design, combined with its balanced weight, make it comfortable to handle even for extended periods.

This comfort factor becomes incredibly valuable during long hunting sessions.

Then there's the build quality. The Viper S400 is constructed to withstand various weather conditions, providing a level of durability that contributes to its long-term value.

While the upfront cost may seem steep, the Viper S400 offers a performance and quality that justifies its price.

For a serious hunter who spends significant time in the field and relies heavily on their equipment, this crossbow can be seen as a worthwhile investment that will deliver value over time.

However, if you're a beginner or a casual hunter, the Viper S400 might be more than you need.

Lower-cost options could potentially offer enough performance for your needs without the high investment.

The Drawbacks

As with any product, even one as well-crafted as the TenPoint Viper S400, there are a few minor drawbacks to consider.

One personal experience that comes to mind relates to the weight of the crossbow.

While at 7.5 lbs, the Viper S400 is manageable for most adults, during one of my extended hunting trips, I found that the weight started to feel a bit more significant as the day wore on.

While the balance of the crossbow mitigates this to some extent, it's something to be aware of if you plan on going on longer hunting excursions.

Another potential concern could be the initial setup and sighting in. As Dwain's review mentioned, it takes a bit of time to sight the crossbow to your liking.

While this is a one-time task and not a significant hurdle, for beginners, this might require some patience and practice.

Lastly, while the price point is justified by the high-quality materials and advanced features, it might still be a barrier for some, particularly beginners or more casual users.

It's worth noting that these drawbacks are relatively minor and do not significantly detract from the overall performance and value offered by the Viper S400.

It remains an excellent choice for serious hunters looking for a high-performing, durable, and reliable crossbow.

What are people saying?

The TenPoint Viper S400 has received glowing reviews from users who have had the opportunity to experience its performance firsthand. Here are some key points highlighted by users:

Dwain speaks highly of the crossbow's performance once it was sighted in, praising its tight groupings at forty yards.

He found it easy to cock and decock, and was impressed by its quiet operation.

The narrow profile was a highlight for him, and overall, he expressed excitement about taking it into the forest.

Eamon describes the Viper S400 as a “totally excellent crossbow,” emphasizing its high velocity bolts and the durability of its cables.

He found that the scope holds zero very effectively, and appreciated the lighter weight compared to previous models.

The upgrade to the ACUslide cocking system was a standout feature for him, and he was also pleased with the upgraded six-arrow quiver provided by TenPoint.

Eamon commended not only the product but also TenPoint's customer service.

Both of these reviews reinforce the Viper S400's reputation for high performance, ease of use, and quality construction.

The positive feedback on TenPoint's customer service also speaks to the company's commitment to their customers, adding further value to the crossbow.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

So, should you buy the TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow? As we reach the conclusion of our review, let's summarize the key points to help you make an informed decision.

The Viper S400 is a premium crossbow, combining power, speed, and precision with high-quality construction and advanced features.

Its robust performance, durable materials, and innovative design make it a reliable companion for serious hunters.

The crossbow's compact size, along with the well-distributed weight, ensures comfortable handling and maneuverability, even in dense environments.

In conclusion, if you're a dedicated hunter looking for a high-performance, reliable, and durable crossbow that delivers on its promises, the TenPoint Viper S400 comes highly recommended.

Its combination of power, precision, and user-friendly features make it an excellent choice that is likely to deliver value for your investment.

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