ToPoint 62″ Beginners Recurve Bow Review: Should You Buy?

As an avid archery enthusiast, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to get my hands on the TOPOINT ARCHERY 62″ Recurve Bow Set, also known as the “Unison” by Topoint . 

With a price tag of $299.99, this beginner-friendly bow is marketed towards youths, kids, and young teens, but I was curious to see how it would fare in the hands of a more experienced user.

In this review, I will dive deep into my experience with the Unison, scrutinizing every aspect of its design, performance, and overall value. 

We'll start by delving into the specifications of this recurve bow – from the net weight and riser length to the materials used in the handle and limbs. 

I'll discuss the color options available and the impressive features it boasts, such as CNC machining and the inclusion of an ILF device.

Join me as we embark on this comprehensive exploration of the Unison, and find out if this recurve bow truly lives up to its promise as an ideal starter bow for beginners, or if it has the potential to impress even the seasoned archer.


  • Net Weight: 2.9 lbs
  • Riser Length: 21″
  • Handle Material: Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 with plastic wooden color grip
  • Limbs: Cost-effective limbs made of glass laminates surrounding a hard maple core
  • Color Options: Black, Purple, Blue, Red, Orange, Smoke, Green, Turquoise
  • Features: CNC machining, ILF (International Limb Fitting) device


The Unison's 2.9 lbs net weight is remarkable for a recurve bow of its size and functionality. 

This lightweight construction, paired with the comfortable grip provided by the handle made of aluminum alloy 6061-T6 and plastic wood, ensures that beginners and younger users can handle the bow with ease and minimal fatigue.

The riser, measuring at 21″, is made from aluminum alloy which makes it both lightweight and sturdy. 

This means that despite the bow's overall weight, it doesn't compromise on durability. 

The riser is an integral part of the bow and the Unison's riser stands up to the task.

The limbs are made from glass laminates surrounding a hard maple core. 

This construction enhances the durability of the limbs, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of repeated use. 

Furthermore, the maple core gives the limbs the flexibility they need to deliver a smooth and efficient draw cycle.

The Unison is available in a plethora of colors, from the traditional black to the vibrant turquoise. 

This variety of color options allows users to personalize their equipment, adding a touch of personality to their archery gear.

One of the standout features of the Unison is the use of CNC machining in its construction. 

This precision manufacturing technique ensures accuracy and consistency in the design of the bow, resulting in a product that performs as expected every time.

The Unison also comes equipped with an ILF (International Limb Fitting) device. 

This universal fitting system allows users to easily interchange limbs from different manufacturers, providing a high degree of customization and adaptability to the user's style and preferences.

Package Inclusions:

The Unison package is quite comprehensive, providing everything a beginner might need to get started. 

The package includes:

Unison 21″ riser

Endeavor 66″ Limb (2 pieces)



Clicker extension (4 pieces)

Screws (4 pieces)

Allen keys (2 pieces)

Nock set (4 pieces)

Recurve bow riser cover

Recurve bow limb cover (2 pieces)

These accessories not only offer value for money but also provide users with the necessary tools and parts for maintenance, adjustments, and even some degree of customization. 

The inclusion of the manual is especially beneficial for beginners, providing guidance and instructions on how to properly use and care for the Unison.

My Personal Experience

As an experienced hunter, I've had the pleasure of using numerous bows over the years, but my recent experience with the Unison has been particularly memorable.

There was this one chilly morning, just as the sun was starting to break over the horizon. 

I was tucked away in my usual hideout in the woods, waiting patiently for the deer that I knew frequented the area. 

I had the Unison at my side, its lightweight frame resting comfortably in my grip. 

I remember feeling the cool aluminum handle against my palm – firm, yet somehow welcoming.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted movement. 

A sizable buck had finally made his appearance. 

I slowly lifted the Unison, noting the perfect balance of the 21″ riser. 

It wasn't too light that it felt flimsy, but it also wasn't so heavy that it was a burden to hold for extended periods. 

It was a balance that I've come to appreciate over my time using this bow.

As I drew the string back, I noticed the smoothness of the draw cycle, a testament to the quality of the glass laminate limbs. 

The bow felt responsive, and I could feel the power it held, but it was also forgiving, allowing me to adjust my aim without straining my arm. 

The tiller adjustability came into play here, as I had previously fine-tuned the bow to my preferred draw weight.

Releasing the arrow, I was struck by the quietness of the shot. 

This is where the Unison truly shines for hunting. 

The stealthiness of this bow, thanks to its design and materials, is simply unmatched. 

The arrow flew true, hitting the buck squarely and demonstrating the accuracy that the Unison's CNC machined construction offers.

It's important to note that setting up the Unison for this hunt was fairly straightforward. 

The ILF device made it easy for me to switch out the limbs to fit my hunting style. 

The clicker extensions and nock set that came with the package also proved to be highly useful in setting up my shot for precise targeting.

After the hunt, packing up was just as straightforward. 

The recurve bow riser and limb covers kept my bow protected as I made my way back, reflecting on a successful hunt aided by a bow that had quickly become one of my favorites.

In the end, it's the personal experiences that truly make or break a piece of equipment, and the Unison has definitely left a positive impression on me. 

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced archer, I believe the Unison has something to offer everyone. 

And for hunters like myself, it brings a blend of power, precision, and stealth that is truly valued in the field.

Price and Value for Money

Priced at $299.99, the Unison recurve bow sits in the mid-range category for archery equipment. 

However, when you consider the quality of the materials, the innovative features, and the comprehensive accessory package included, it becomes clear that this bow presents significant value for money.

The aluminum alloy riser, the glass laminate limbs with a hard maple core, and the CNC machined construction all speak to a level of quality that you would typically expect from more expensive equipment. 

These features not only provide a high-performing bow but also ensure durability, meaning the Unison is built to last and can withstand the rigors of regular use.

The versatility of the Unison also contributes to its value. 

With the ILF device, users can interchange limbs from different manufacturers, allowing for a level of customization that is usually associated with higher-end bows. 

This adaptability means that the bow can grow and evolve with the user, accommodating their developing skills and preferences over time.

Lastly, the accessory package is a significant part of the Unison's value proposition. 

From the riser and limb covers to the clicker extension, screws, Allen keys, and nock set, these extras provide everything a beginner needs to get started and maintain their equipment. 

The inclusion of these accessories saves users from having to make additional purchases, adding to the overall value of the Unison package.

In summary, the Unison offers a balance of quality, performance, versatility, and accessories that make it well worth the price. 

It provides value for both beginners who are looking for a comprehensive package to start their archery journey and more experienced archers who appreciate the bow's high-quality construction and customizable features.

The Drawbacks

While the Unison certainly has a lot to offer, no product is without its minor drawbacks. 

One such issue that I encountered relates to the plastic wooden color grip on the handle. 

While it does provide a good grip, I found it to be a tad slippery on warmer days when my hands got a little sweaty. 

This is a relatively minor issue and can be easily resolved with the addition of a grip tape, but it's worth noting for those planning to use the bow in warmer climates or during intense practice sessions.

Another slight downside is the learning curve associated with adjusting the tiller and draw weight. 

While the Unison offers a fantastic level of adjustability, the process can be a bit complex for beginners. 

I recall my first few attempts at adjusting these settings – I spent a good chunk of time fumbling with the Allen key and the locking bolt. 

However, once you've done it a few times, the process becomes much smoother, so don't let this initial hurdle deter you.

It's important to remember that these are minor issues and do not significantly detract from the overall quality and performance of the Unison. 

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

After spending considerable time with the Unison recurve bow, I can confidently say that it is a worthy investment for anyone looking to delve into the world of archery. 

Be it a beginner, a youth or young teen starting their journey, or even a more experienced archer, this bow provides a great blend of performance, quality, and versatility.

The lightweight design, the durable and high-quality materials, and the range of color options all contribute to making the Unison a joy to use. 

The CNC machining and ILF device are standout features that you typically find in higher-end models, and they significantly enhance the bow's performance and adaptability.

While it does have a few minor drawbacks such as the slightly slippery grip and the initial learning curve for tiller and draw weight adjustments, these do not overshadow the overwhelming positives. 

In fact, they provide opportunities for growth and customization, allowing users to personalize their equipment and improve their archery skills.

The comprehensive package, including a range of useful accessories, adds to the overall value proposition, making the Unison an even more appealing choice. 

For its price point of $299.99, you're not just buying a bow; you're investing in a complete archery experience.

In conclusion, the Unison recurve bow delivers on its promise as a beginner-friendly bow, yet it doesn't fall short in impressing even the seasoned archer. 

Whether you're picking up a bow for the first time or looking to add to your collection, the Unison is a choice that I believe will not disappoint. 

It's a bow that you can grow with, learn from, and most importantly, enjoy.

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