Vogbel Recurve Bow Review: Should You Buy?

In the world of archery, choosing the right equipment can make all the difference between hitting your mark or missing the target entirely. 

In this review, we'll be taking a closer look at the Vogbel Archery Recurve Bow and Arrows Set. 

Priced at £62.99, this set is aimed at adults and beginners who are interested in hunting, shooting practice, or simply taking up a new hobby.

Throughout this review, we'll dive into various aspects of the Vogbel set. 

We'll examine its design and construction, its performance and ease of use, and finally, we'll discuss the value it offers given its price point. 

Whether you're a left or right-handed archer, we'll assess how this takedown bow caters to your needs. 

So, if you're considering stepping into the realm of archery, or you're looking to upgrade your gear, stay tuned as we dissect what the Vogbel has to offer.


The Vogbel Archery Recurve Bow and Arrows Set is indeed a comprehensive package that is aimed at not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of archery enthusiasts and beginners alike. Here's a look at the key specifications and features:


  • Brand: Vogbel
  • Color: Available in black, blue, orange, red
  • Material: Nylon (riser), Fiberglass (limbs)
  • Item Weight: 1.63 kilograms
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Bow length: 50″
  • Draw weight: 30lb and 40lb options
  • Arrow length: 31″
  • Package weight: 3.5lb​1

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Riser
  • 2 x Bow limbs
  • 1 x Bow string
  • 1 x Arm guard
  • 1 x Finger guard
  • 1 x Arrows quiver
  • 2 x String nock
  • 4 x Archery target nails
  • 5 x Target faces
  • 9 x Mixed carbon arrows​​


  • Simple Design: The Vogbel is designed with simplicity in mind, making it suitable for right/left hand shooters and very easy to assemble and use.
  • High Quality: With draw weight options of 30lb and 40lb, the Vogbel features a high-strength nylon fiber riser and strong fiberglass limbs. The lightweight riser can be easily taken down, making the bow highly portable for hunting training. It has been quality tested and ensured for maximum durability.
  • Comfortable Grip: The riser is ergonomically designed with rounded edges and a fine finished wooden handle. This allows for a comfortable grip, enhancing your experience while aiming at your target during shooting competition games.
  • Complete Archery Set: This bow and arrows kit is a great gift choice for adult beginners. It's a comprehensive set that allows you to start your archery practice immediately without the need to spend time and money buying other accessories​​.

In the following sections, we'll dive into these features and specifications in more depth, discussing how they translate to performance, comfort, and overall value. We'll also discuss some tips for usage and care to ensure your Vogbel stays in top condition.

My Personal Experience

As someone who has taken this bow to the shooting range, I can personally attest to the Vogbel Archery Recurve Bow's appeal and efficiency. 

The first thing that struck me was its simplicity and elegant design. 

It was easy to assemble, and the ambidextrous nature of the design meant that both right and left-handers could use it comfortably.

I remember the day I took the Vogbel to the range for the first time. 

I was not sure what to expect, as it was priced quite reasonably compared to other recurve bows on the market. 

But the moment I picked it up, I was pleasantly surprised by its light weight and the comfortable grip the riser offered. 

It fitted into my hand like a glove, and the rounded edges were smooth and easy on the skin. 

The wooden handle had a fine finish that added to the overall aesthetic appeal of the bow.

Drawing the bow was a satisfying experience. 

The draw weight felt just right, neither too heavy nor too light. 

With my arm guard in place and finger guard offering additional protection, I was able to focus solely on my target, undisturbed by concerns about safety. 

The high-strength nylon fiber riser and strong fiberglass limbs offered a firm and sturdy feel that heightened my confidence as I let the arrow fly.

What was particularly impressive was the accuracy and speed the Vogbel offered. 

The mixed carbon arrows included in the set flew straight and true, and I found myself hitting closer to the center of the target more often than not. 

The high-quality bowstring played its part as well, providing a quick and clean release of the arrow.

Taking a break from shooting, I appreciated the practicality of the arrows quiver, arm guard, and finger guard. 

They were easy to use and offered the convenience and protection that a beginner or seasoned archer would appreciate. 

The target nails and target faces included in the package were also a nice touch, providing immediate opportunities for practice and honing my skills.

All in all, my day at the shooting range with the Vogbel Archery Recurve Bow was an experience filled with pleasant surprises. 

The bow's performance, combined with its ease of use, comfort, and the comprehensive package of accessories, made it a memorable day. 

It was clear that the Vogbel was not just a piece of equipment, but a well-thought-out kit designed to offer a complete and satisfying archery experience.

Vogbel Archery Recurve Bow and Arrows Set for Adults 30lb 40lb Takedown Bow  Left and Right Hand Longow Kit for Beginner Hunting Shooting Practice  (Black, 30lb) : Amazon.co.uk: Sports & Outdoors

Price and Value for Money

Priced at £62.99, the Vogbel Archery Recurve Bow and Arrows Set offers significant value for money, especially when considering the comprehensive nature of the set.

When you buy the Vogbel, you're not just getting a recurve bow. 

You're getting a whole archery kit that includes a riser, two bow limbs, a bowstring, an arm guard, a finger guard, an arrow quiver, string nocks, archery target nails, target faces, and nine mixed carbon arrows. 

Essentially, it's everything you need to start practicing archery right out of the box. 

For someone just starting out in archery, having all these items included in one package eliminates the need to source these accessories separately, which could add to the cost and time.

The quality of the bow and its accessories is another factor that contributes to its value for money. 

The high-strength nylon fiber riser and strong fiberglass limbs are durable and designed to withstand the rigors of regular use. 

The mixed carbon arrows offer good flight performance, contributing to a satisfying shooting experience. 

The ergonomic design of the riser, with its comfortable grip, enhances user comfort and usability, which can be crucial for long practice sessions.

In terms of performance, user feedback and personal experience indicate that the Vogbel delivers a reliable and consistent shooting experience, which is crucial for honing your archery skills. 

The fact that the bow is suitable for both right and left-handed users also adds to its versatility and value.

Therefore, given the quality, performance, and comprehensive nature of the package, the Vogbel Archery Recurve Bow and Arrows Set offers good value for its price, making it a solid investment for beginners and those looking for an all-in-one archery set.

What are people saying?

Many users have shared their positive experiences with the Vogbel Archery Recurve Bow and Arrows Set, highlighting its quality, ease of use, and comprehensive nature of the package. 

Here are some key points from their reviews:

Nate purchased the set during a lockdown in 2021 as an outdoor activity he could do while social distancing with friends. 

He praised the set for including everything needed for a first-time shooting experience. 

He found the bow easy to assemble and of good quality for the price. 

His recommendation for those thinking of getting into archery is that the Vogbel is a good place to start, although he suggests getting an upgraded archery glove for an even better experience.

Pam appreciated that the Vogbel set comes with everything needed to get started in archery. 

She found the arrows to be of decent quality, although she pointed out an issue with the notching that could potentially affect the shot. 

Despite this, her overall impression of the set was positive.

These reviews highlight the Vogbel's value as an all-in-one archery set, especially for beginners. 

The suggestions and minor criticisms provide valuable insights that can help prospective buyers make an informed decision.

The Drawbacks

Despite its many strengths, the Vogbel Archery Recurve Bow and Arrows Set is not without its drawbacks. 

One aspect that I noticed during my time at the shooting range was related to the arrows included in the set. 

While the mixed carbon arrows generally performed well, I did find that their fletching was not always perfectly aligned, which can potentially impact the accuracy of the shot. 

This was a minor issue and was not consistent across all the arrows, but it's worth noting for those who may be seeking absolute precision in their shooting practice.

Another point, which was also mentioned by Pam in her review, is that the arrows' notches were misaligned. 

This is a minor issue that can be rectified with a bit of DIY adjustment, but it's an area where Vogbel could perhaps improve in their manufacturing process.

The gloves included in the set, while adequate for beginners, might not offer the comfort and protection that more advanced or frequent shooters would desire. 

As Nate suggested, investing in an upgraded archery glove might be a good idea if you plan to practice archery regularly.

Despite these minor drawbacks, it's important to remember that the Vogbel set is an entry-level kit designed for beginners and casual shooters. 

As such, it offers remarkable value for its price and is a great starting point for anyone looking to get into archery. 

The issues noted here did not significantly detract from my overall positive experience with the Vogbel, and I believe they are worth noting but certainly not deal-breakers.

Should You Buy? Concluding the Review

The Vogbel Archery Recurve Bow and Arrows Set, with its thoughtful design, quality materials, and comprehensive package, is an excellent choice for anyone looking to delve into the world of archery.

The set's ease of use, coupled with its ambidextrous design, makes it suitable for a wide range of users, regardless of their dominant hand. 

The bow's high-quality nylon fiber riser and strong fiberglass limbs contribute to a robust and durable build that can withstand regular use, and the comfortable grip of the riser ensures a pleasant shooting experience.

The inclusion of all necessary accessories, such as arm and finger guards, a quiver, target nails, target faces, and a set of mixed carbon arrows, means you can start practicing immediately after unpacking. 

This all-in-one nature of the package is particularly beneficial for beginners, saving them the time and expense of sourcing these items separately.

While there are minor drawbacks, such as the slight misalignment of the arrow's notches and the basic nature of the included glove, these are outweighed by the overall quality and value the Vogbel set offers. 

Furthermore, these minor issues can be easily rectified with minor adjustments or additional purchases, should you decide to upgrade your gear as you progress in your archery journey.

The positive feedback from users like Nate and Pam reinforces the value and appeal of this set, with comments highlighting its ease of assembly, good quality for the price, and the comprehensive nature of the package.

In conclusion, if you're seeking an affordable, high-quality, and comprehensive archery set, whether you're a beginner or a more experienced shooter looking for a casual practice bow, the Vogbel Archery Recurve Bow and Arrows Set is a fantastic option to consider. 

Despite minor drawbacks, its positives far outweigh any negatives, making it an excellent investment for anyone interested in the sport of archery.

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